It was recently revealed that a TV adaptation of George A. Romero's comic book series, Empire of the Dead, is in the works at Demarest, and at the St. Louis Wizard World Comic Con, the legendary filmmaker offered an update on the developing project.

In an on-stage talk hosted by Blastr Editor-At-Large Aaron Sagers, Romero, who is currently co-writing the TV show adaptation of his Empire of the Dead comic book series, expressed interest in getting behind the camera should the series move forward in production:

"Well, I think I'll hopefully be directing a couple of them [Empire of the Dead episodes]... We don't have a production deal yet, but our fingers are crossed and it looks good... But I hope to direct a couple, and I'm writing the pilot, and probably at least most of the first season if it flies."

Romero also talked about what prompted him to write the Marvel limited comic book series, which was initially published in January 2014 and will conclude with its 15th issue this August:

"All of a sudden, there are just too many zombies running around... So I just took a break and decided to do this Empire of the Dead instead as a comic series. There are zombies in it, but there are zombies and vampires. I've been doing it almost two years, and took a break from film stuff."

To read the full set of highlights from Romero's on-stage discussion with Sagers at Wizard World St. Louis, visit:

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