Tonight's episode of The Walking Dead is the mid-season finale and the last episode we'll see this year. With a title like Made to Suffer, we don't think Rick's first encounter with Woodbury is going down without casualties on both sides. Get ready for tonight's episode with our photo gallery and preview videos. 

The Walking Dead Season 3 will return in February, so our coverage of the series will likely slow down a little bit between now and then. With that being said, we still have plenty of features planned, including a number of upcoming interviews with the cast and crew. For behind-the-scenes details on The Walking Dead Season 3, check out our recent interviews:

The Walking Dead Episode 3.08: Made to Suffer- Andrea steps up as the people of Woodbury are thrown into uncharted territory. At the prison, a new threat arises. Written By: Robert Kirkman Directed By: Billy Gierhart

*Spoiler Warning* Video 3 Link: First Footage of a New Character from Episode 3.08*

Photo Sources: Daily Dead / IMDB