As those who watched the latest episode of The Walking Dead know (and potential spoiler warning for those who haven't) Rick Grimes and company received a surprise visit from a herd of shipwrecked walkers at Oceanside, and Greg Nicotero recently shared some new images of the incredibly detailed (and gruesome) walkers.

Posted on his Instagram page, Nicotero's images feature two water-logged walkers (including one dubbed "Barnacle Betty") that show what happens when the living dead spend some time below the surface of the salty sea.

The images showcase the amazing makeup effects work done by Nicotero's KNB EFX Group, calling to mind a more nightmarish version of Captain Barbossa's crew from Pirates of the Caribbean: The Curse of the Black Pearl.

You can see the new images below (via Instagram), and in case you missed it, check out photos and preview videos from The Walking Dead Season 7 finale, which was directed by Nicotero.

Source: Instagram
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