While King Ezekiel, Jerry, and Shiva stole the show on episode 8.04 of The Walking Dead, there were still plenty of amazing practical effects at play on set, including the Toxic Waste Walkers brought to life by Greg Nicotero's KNB EFX Group.

While fleeing from a growing horde of hungry walkers on the latest episode of The Walking Dead, Carol, Ezekiel, and Jerry had to traverse a creek contaminated by some type of toxic waste, which in turn had transformed walkers into an even more gruesome version of the living dead.

This unsettling "what if?" scenario gave Nicotero's top-notch effects crew the opportunity to crank up the creepy factor on their already nightmarish creations, giving fans perhaps the most creative take on the living dead since their work on the water-logged beach walkers from season 7.

You can view Nicotero's photo and comments on the Toxic Waste Walkers below (via Nicotero's Instagram) and check here for other updates on The Walking Dead's eighth season, including photos and preview videos for the next episode.

From Instagram: "Toxic Waste walkers! When discussing how to distress the wardrobe and skin I suggested bleaching it and Kevin took it to another level. Amazing work by my team week after week!"

Derek Anderson
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