Having a huge appreciation for the horror genre that he has helped bring to nightmare-inducing life on both the big and small screens for decades, special effects guru Greg Nicotero is no stranger to celebrating iconic horror movies on The Walking Dead through the many walkers that appear on the show, and to celebrate his upcoming 19th-directed episode of the AMC series, Nicotero unveiled a new photo that features an homage to 1982's Creepshow.

As reported on by Bloody Disgusting, Nicotero shared the Creepshow-esque photo on his Instagram page, giving fans a sneak peek at a walker in a fairgrounds ticket booth that hearkens back to the poster for Creepshow, which featured a one-eyed corpse as a ticket-taker.

You can view Nicotero's photo below, as well as the original Creepshow poster for comparison. Rick and Michonne's trip to a living dead carnival will be shown on the next episode when it airs on AMC this Sunday, March 5th at 9:00pm ET. In case you missed it, check out photos and preview videos that tease what lies ahead.

Poster via IMDb:

Source: Instagram via Bloody Disgusting
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