Designed to look like it would be right at home within the pages of the Necronomicon, artist Anthony Petrie's new Army of Darkness screen print has been unveiled by Grey Matter Art ahead of its July 12th release.

Featuring Deadite slayer extraordinaire Ash and his evil clone (as well as an undead, skeletal legion), Petrie's Army of Darkness screen print is limited to 225 items, priced at $45.00 apiece, and will be released online this Thursday, July 12th at 1:00pm EST on Grey Matter Art's website. We have additional details and a look at Petrie's eye-catching artwork below!

"Army of Darkness" by Anthony Petrie

Grey Matter Art under license from MGM, is proud to present a new officially licensed, limited edition screen print for the classic Sam Raimi directed horror film, "Army of Darkness" by the very talented artist, Anthony Petrie. We were absolutely blown away by Anthony's concept to make this look like a page taken right from the Necronomicon, and we thought this would be a perfect follow up to his Evil Dead 2! Also, we will be inserting 9"x12" original drawings by Anthony into random orders. To be eligible, you must purchase on the day of the sale. Below are details regarding the poster and release information.

"Army of Darkness" by Anthony Petrie
24" x 36" hand-numbered screen print - $45.00
Edition of 225
Printed by D&L Screen Printing

"Army of Darkness" will be released on Thursday, July 12th at 1PM (est). at

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