While many theaters are still closed, it's been great to see a resurgence of drive-in attendance and an abundance of horror movies both old and new on the big screen. Grindhouse Releasing has been at the forefront of all of this, kicking off their Evil Dead tour back in June, and not only do they continue to expand to new locations, but they have other horror movies as part of double features you won't want to miss.

If you haven't seen the original Evil Dead on the big screen, I highly recommend it! I had a chance to catch the new 4K restoration during my visit to the Midway Drive-In and it was breathtaking. Little did Sam Raimi and his crew know that we'd be seeing this movie on drive-in screens nearly 40 years later, but it's a testament to how great this film really is.

We've included the next month of announced screenings below, courtesy of Grindhouse Releasing, but we've also been told that Lucio Fulci's The Beyond will be paired with the North American theatrical premiere of the new Norwegian horror film Lake of Death on August 30th at the Mahoning Drive-In.

And it has recently been announced that Night of the Living Dead will be screening with Evil Dead at select drive-ins as well, so stay tuned for more specifics on when and where those screenings will be taking place.

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