After making a scary splash on the festival circuit, Demián Rugna's Terrified (aka Aterrados) has been giving viewers ample amounts of nightmare fuel on Shudder, and it looks like a new English-language take on the film is now moving forward with Guillermo del Toro producing.

Back in late November, Screen Anarchy reported that del Toro was in discussions to produce a remake of Terrified for Fox, and now that news has been confirmed. While chatting with del Toro about his upcoming Pinocchio movie for Netflix, The Hollywood Reporter (via Bloody Disgusting) revealed that the Oscar-winning director is indeed "backing" an English-language remake of Terrified, with the original film's director, Demián Rugna, "on board to direct for Fox Searchlight."

For those unfamiliar with Terrified, here's the synopsis (via Shudder): "On an ordinary suburban street in Buenos Aires, voices are heard from kitchen sinks. Bodies are levitating. Evil is here. It is up to a doctor, her colleague, and an ex-cop to get to the bottom of this neighborhood nightmare."

We'll keep Daily Dead readers updated on the Terrified remake as more details are unveiled. In the meantime, you can read Christina Bergling's Telluride Horror Show review of the movie and watch the trailer below.

Source: THR via Bloody Disgusting
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