In January, Narragansett Beer honored the legendary Rhode Island horror author, H.P. Lovecraft, with Lovecraft Honey Ale, the first of a four-part beer line inspired by the author's written works. Now, having risen from the deep and inspired by the novella, The Shadow Over Innsmouth, the second commemorative beer is available in select stores for both horror hounds and the Deep Ones to enjoy.

Celebrating both the 125th anniversary of the storied Narragansett Beer company and the 125th birthday of the late, influential horror writer whose Cthulhu Mythos still resonates today with readers, writers, musicians, and other artists, Innsmouth Olde Ale is available to purchase in six-packs of 16-ounce tallboy cans that are generally priced at about $12.00. Innsmouth Olde Ale is available at retailers located mainly on the East Coast, though some shop owners in Portland, Oregon will be stocking their shelves with the new Lovecraft brew and it could pop up elsewhere, as well.

Stay tuned to Daily Dead for details on the two upcoming Lovecraft beers. In the meantime, you can learn more by visiting Narragansett Beer's website and also by reading the following details revealed by the brewery:

"Chapter 2 in the Lovecraft Series draws its inspiration from “The Shadow Over Innsmouth,” one of our favorite Lovecraft stories which chronicles one man’s ominous visit to the fictional sea town of Innsmouth, Massachusetts. The dark, malty Innsmouth Olde Ale represents the shadow that hangs over the blighted town of Innsmouth and its strange inhabitants that spawn from the “Deep Ones.”

The label illustration was designed by famed Lovecraftian and Rhode Island artist, Jason C. Eckhardt.

Roll out the Barrel: 7% Alcohol by Volume and 30 IBUs. The Innsmouth Olde Ale draws its balanced, robust, and slightly toasted features from a complex blend of Two-Row Pale, Crystal, Cara, Dark Munich, and Chocolate malts, Chocolate rye and finishes with just a touch of Summer and East Kent Goldings hops.

Quality Supreme: Brewed in collaboration with Sean Larkin, Head Brewmaster for Narragansett and owner of Revival Brewing, Innsmouth Olde Ale is made with a complex blend of malts and rye followed by just a touch of hops, producing a bold yet balanced English-style Olde Ale.

Taste & Enjoy: We created this ale as our interpretation of the select stock ales served at taverns and roadside inns both found in Olde England and Olde New England, much like how we imagine the very inn that the unnamed protagonist visits in Lovecraft’s story.

The History: Born in 1890, the same year that Narragansett Beer was founded, H.P. Lovecraft spent the majority of his life in Providence as a struggling author, only achieving literary fame posthumously. Commonly referred to as the “Father of Modern Horror,” he is often cited as an influence on other notable authors and artists from Stephen King to Metallica to Ridley Scott. H.P. Lovecraft is best known for creating Cthulhu, a fictional deity described as being part man, part dragon and part octopus. It is this creature that inspired the Cthulhu Mythos, a cultural lore and shared fictional universe of Lovecraft’s successors."

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