October 25th will mark 40 years since the night HE came home to Haddonfield. As previously announced, to commemorate 40 years of The Shape's long-running franchise, Trancas International Films is teaming up with HorrorHound Ltd. for a massive celebration this weekend at the Pasadena Convention Center, and now the full guest list has been revealed, including special guests from all 11 films in the franchise! 

Check out the full announcement for the H40 convention below, and visit the convention's official page on HorrorHound's website for more information!

"PASADENA, California – Every five years, since 2003, fans from the Halloween franchise travel across the globe to celebrate one of the most endearing, imposing, and enduring horror movie franchises of all time. John Carpenter’s Halloween premiered in cinemas and on drive-in screens 40 years ago, changing the landscape of horror cinema forever. The movie served as the launching pad for a series of films that would go on to span ten entries to date – and this fall, the original Halloween stars Jamie Lee Curtis (“Laurie Strode”, Nick Castle (“The Shape, Michael Myers”), and co-creator John Carpenter (the original film’s director and composer), return to deliver the most terrifying sequel yet! To celebrate this storied 40-year old film franchise, this October 12-14th at the Pasadena Convention Center, the Halloween-based convention, H40: 40 Years of Terror is set to make waves in the convention industry.

For this special anniversary convention event, Trancas International Films is teaming up with HorrorHound Ltd., the promoters responsible for the mid-west event HorrorHoundWeekend, to deliver what will be the biggest Halloween convention to date. Celebrity guests (including directors, stars, and crew) from all eleven Halloween films are set to be in attendance as the H40 convention expands into a larger convention space than ever before. More space means more exciting vendors – including notable Halloween licensors – and a number of not-to-be missed events, such as a special Horror’s Hallowed Grounds filming location tour, special gallery offerings, cast Q&As, exclusive H40 and Halloween merchandise offerings, and for the first time ever at the Halloween “Terror” event – professional photo opportunities (thanks to CPO).

GUEST LIST: The initial guest list for H40 has officially been revealed. What can fans expect? How about a nice collection of classic actor and actresses, plus behind-the-scenes men and women who helped make the legacy that is known as the Halloween franchise. Hailing from the 1978 original Halloween, we can expect to find Nick Castle (Michael Myers himself), alongside stars PJ Soles, Charles Cyphers, John Michael Graham, and Will Sandin ... not to mention a first-time-convention guest: David Kyle (David played Judith's boyfriend in the opening moments of the film). Tommy Lee Wallace (who also played Michael in a key scene from the film) is also set to attend. Set photographer Kim Gottleib-Walker rounds out the initial guest reveals for the original Halloween. Moving on to Halloween II, we have such names as Dick Warlock (who played Myers in the film), in one of his final convention appearances. Moving on to Halloween III: Season of the Witch, along with director Tommy Lee Wallace, we have star (and fan fave) Tom Atkins. For Halloween 4: The Return of Michael Myers we have a few Myers actors of note - Tom Morga, Erik Preston (young Michael), and George P. Wilbur (who also played Michael in Halloween 6). For Halloween 5 we have Michael actor Don Shanks. A. Michael Lerner (another Michael) will be in attendance, for his role as the titular character in Halloween: The Curse of Michael Myers. Next up is a pair of first time convention guests - Donna Keegan (who performed as Jamie Lee Curtis' stunt double in many films, including H20 and Halloween: Resurrection) as well as Gary J. Clayton, who played young Michael in Resurrection. Brad Loree is set to attend H40 (Brad played Michael Myers in Resurrection), while Rob Zombie's Myers himself, Tyler Mane and Daeg Faerch (young Michael) will be joined by a first-timer ... Chase Wright Vanek, who played young Michael in Zombie's Halloween II. Last, but certainly not least, is the NEW Michael, from the upcoming Blumhouse-produced Halloween - James Jude Courtney, making his convention debut!

We have so many more guests to announce – plus officially-licensed Halloween vendors, and the official ticketing launch date will soon be revealed (and with it, a special 24-hour launch day discount sale) .... VIP package information is coming VERY soon as well as event and programming schedules and plans, and special surprises revolving around the upcoming Halloween film. Make sure you keep an eye on the official H40 Web site at www.Halloween40.com – plus as the official Facebook page at www.facebook.com/Halloween40.

Be sure to check out the official Web site for the upcoming Halloween film, which is set to hit theaters this October 19th (directed by David Gordon Green), by visiting www.HalloweenMovie.com. The official trailer for the film (which stars Jamie Lee Curtis, Judy Greer, Andi Matichak, and Will Patton) is now online.


To secure hotel rooms for this exciting event, you can currently visit: reservations.arestravel.com/hotel/list/1637/m1240.

To inquire about vendor opportunities, please email weekend@horrorhound.com for details.

Trancas International Films is a motion picture production and distribution company based primarily in Los Angeles but operating worldwide. In addition to numerous other films in its library, Trancas, along with its subsidiary, Compass International Pictures, has been involved with each film in the iconic Halloween franchise, including this fall’s upcoming Universal Pictures release “Halloween” starring Jamie Lee Curtis. Trancas has production and distribution deals with companies including Miramax, Dimension Films, Blumhouse, Lionsgate and Anchor Bay Entertainment.

HorrorHound is a magazine publishing house and convention organizer based out of Cincinnati, Ohio. Since 2005 HorrorHound Magazine has established itself as the best-selling genre magazine in America. Launching their own convention in 2007, HorrorHound Weekend (with annual events in Indiana and Ohio) have grown into the largest horror convention in country, drawing over 20,000 attendees annually to their mid-west events. For more information on HorrorHound, please visit www.horrorhound.com"

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