You're apt to see some scary good costumes on Halloween, but if you've ever wondered if somebody's costume is a little too convincing, perhaps teetering on the edge of being real, then you should really dig Paul Davis' short film, The Body. Following a no-nonsense hitman as he drags his plastic-wrapped victim through London on All Hallow's Eve, this short is a tasty horror comedy treat that's available to view for free today.


A professionall killer (Alfie Allen, GAME OF THRONES) discovers he can get away with anything on Halloween night, including dragging his latest victim around as a prop amidst a sea of oblivious London partiers.

THE BODY stars Alfie Allen, Hannah Tointon, Christian Brassington and Jack Gordon. It is the second short film by Writer/Director Paul Davis (HIM INDOORS/BEWARE THE MOON) and is Co-Written and Produced by Paul Fischer (RADIOMAN) for Ten Cent Adventures."

Available to view for a 24-hour period:

  • Derek Anderson
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