Hammer Films continues to move forward with new horror projects and we're now hearing that they've acquired the rights to a new script revolving around Jack the Ripper. Titled Gaslight, the script was written by Ian Fried and involves Jack the Ripper trying to catch a serial killer:

"Jack the Ripper, secretly imprisoned in a London insane asylum, is called upon to help Scotland yard solve a series of murders that share the iconic death brand: dual puncture wounds to the neck."

The script has been described as "in the vein of From Hell, the Alan Moore Victorian-age Jack the Ripper tale, and The Silence of the Lambs". It also sounds similar to the premise of The Raven, in which Edgar Allan Poe tracks down a serial killer who mimics his murders after Poe's stories.

After the success of The Woman in Black, Hammer should have no problem getting a number of new projects into production. In the last year, they picked up the rights to a steampunk zombie novel Boneshaker, and are looking into remakes/reboots of older properties including Dracula, Frankenstein, Quartermass, and a modern day Jeckyll & Hyde.

Source: Heat Vision