After its well-received run at the box office (bringing in more than $100 million globally), a sequel to Happy Death Day had been teased by the cast and crew, but now it really is moving forward at Blumhouse, with the first casting news heralding the return of familiar faces from the first film [spoiler warning if you haven't seen Happy Death Day].

Deadline reports that in Happy Death Day 2, Jessica Rothe will reprise her role as Tree Gelbman, a college student who relived her own gruesome murder in a time loop on her birthday—a vicious cycle that stayed in motion until Rothe could either uncover her killer or die trying.

Rothe will be joined in the sequel by Israel Broussard, who will reprise his role as Carter Davis, Tree's classmate, confidante, and eventual love interest in the first film. Newcomers to the cast will reportedly include Suraj Sharma as "Samar Ghosh, a science enthusiast and geek who enjoys coding in his spare time" and Sarah Yarkin as "Dre Morgan, a science geek and tom-boy with a sleepy feline gaze who is Samar’s partner-in-crime."

Christopher Landon will return behind the camera to direct the sequel, which was previously described by Rothe as having a Back to the Future vibe in an interview with Collider:

"Chris has done this incredible thing where the sequel, the way he described it to me, elevates the movie from being a horror movie – and I wouldn’t even say it’s just a horror movie because it’s a horror, comedy, rom-com drama – into a Back to the Future type of genre film where the sequel joins us right from where we left off, it explains a lot of things in the first one that didn’t get explained, and it elevates everything."

No release details are known at this time, but we'll be sure to keep Daily Dead readers updated as more info is revealed. In the meantime, are you looking forward to a Happy Death Day sequel?

Source: Deadline
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