Continuing our Haven Season 4 coverage from Comic-Con, we have our round table interview session with Colin Ferguson and Adam Copeland. In the fourth season, Colin Ferguson plays a brand new character and he gives us a little tease of what's in store for Audrey when he arrives. Adam Copeland plays Dwight on the show and he told us about his character having a bigger presence this season:

Colin, Tell us about your experience crossing over from Eureka to Haven. Was it an easy transition?

Colin Ferguson: I’ve known these guys for a pretty long time. I was at their first premiere party when they did the pilot back in the day. The fact that a role came up that I could slide into was great.

When you come off a show that you’ve done for six years, you build such a rapport with your crew, executives, and the other actors. It becomes a real family. It was a great transition for me because I knew everybody, and I knew that they were all nice and friendly people.

Can you tell us a little bit about your character? Is he going to be a regular on the series and can you give us any hints about what to expect?

Colin Ferguson: I’m doing a long term arc. Audrey and I do our stuff together for the first set of episodes, and there is a strange connection between the two of us. She can’t figure out if it’s a physical attraction, another connection, or if I’m even good.  I’m sort of a problem in a bunch of different ways. Ultimately, I will deal with these guys and go toe to toe with Dwight at some point. With all of this, I carry my own agenda, so it’s a fun part to play that’s for sure.

Adam, I know you said we are going to be seeing a lot more of Dwight in the upcoming season. Are we going to learn more of his backstory? It seems like there is a lot we haven’t learned about him.

Adam Copeland: There are a lot of layers which are fun to flesh out and discover because I truly find out when they tell me. I’ve always said that Dwight is the rudder on the ship and even more so this year. He is more of the moral compass on the show as well.

Especially this season, everyone kind of goes off in different directions. Essentially, Dwight is a good guy who has had a very hard life, and I think the audience feels that. I’ve always said it’s got to get rough before it gets real, and I think Dwight definitely knows that.

With everyone else in Haven, it seems they all have love interests, and Audrey has all the guys.  Adam, would you like for your character to have a love interest of any kind?

Adam Copeland: That is one of the final layers we haven’t really seen with Dwight. I think at some point you will want to see that poor guy be happy. He lost his daughter because she had the same trouble as him and he blames himself for that. I mean there are so many things that either will end horribly or maybe he rides off into the sunset, and makes everybody feel good about it in the end. I think it might be more fun to play that tragic character.


Haven Season 4 will premiere on September 13th. Check out the link below to read yesterday's feature. You can also learn more about Emily Rose and Lucas Bryant’s experience on the Season 3 set: