I’ve had the good fortune of attending a few of Hero Complex Gallery’s shows over the years, but their latest exhibition, “Blacklight 2,” might be something of an all-timer. Featuring 50 incredible pieces of pop culture-themed artwork from a variety of talents that include Vance Kelly, Bruce White, Dan Mumford, Luke Preece, Jeany Ngo, HagCult, Matthew Johnson, Duke Duel, and many more, fans can now order many of the badass Blacklight-reactive and/or Glow-in-the-Dark posters and other multi-media creations over at HCG’s website. And for those curious about some of the artwork in “Blacklight 2,” here’s a look at several brilliant pieces genre fans would undoubtedly love adding to their poster collections.

“Wake Up Old Friend, It’s Our Time” by Dan Mumford

“Black Phillip” Red Variant by Vance Kelly

“After Midnight” by Pitchgrim

“Bride of the Monster” by Bruce White

“Darkness” by Mark W. Richards

“Part Man. Part Machine. All Cop” Variant by Vance Kelly

“They Mostly Come at Night…Mostly” Blacklight Variant by Luke Preece

“He Sold His Soul For Rock ‘N Roll” by HagCult

“Tarman – Hypno Brains” by Matthew Johnson

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