They've given fans the chance to cuddle up with Jason Voorhees and a very creepy clown in their Horror Buddies pillow figures line, and now Horror Decor is giving fans of the cult horror film, Motel Hell, the opportunity to cozy up with The Farmer. His chainsaw may remind you of Leatherface, but the pig's head The Farmer wears is a stylistic touch all his own.

Set to be available for purchase on Monday, May 19th, The Farmer is the first pillow figure in the Horror Buddies line to have its signature weapon included. Artist Matt Ryan created The Farmer exactly as he's depicted in a crucial scene from director Kevin Connor's 1980 film: denim overalls, flannel shirt, bloody chainsaw, and crudely made pig's head mask:

"We here at Horror Decor are ready to reveal the latest member of our Horror Buddies family, The Farmer! This pig-mask-wearing, chainsaw-wielding maniac has escaped from his meat shed and is gearing up to turn you into beef jerky, uh, I mean, his new pal! Unlike the previous Horror Buddies we have released, this guy wouldn’t go without his trusty chainsaw, so we made sure it was a prominently featured in this design. The artwork has once again been provided by the now Horror Buddy expert, Matt Ryan! The height is approximately 21”, is priced at $50 plus shipping and will be available for purchase Monday, May 19th at"

Source: Horror Decor
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