Timeless titans of the horror genre—including Bela Lugosi, Boris Karloff, Vincent Price, Peter Cushing, and Christopher Lee—are featured in a new 9-disc, 26-film DVD set fittingly titled Horror Hall of Fame, coming this October from Mill Creek Entertainment.

Fright fans can keep an eye out for the Horror Hall of Fame DVD set (featuring over 35 hours of film footage) when it's released on October 17th. We have the cover art and full list of films below, and to learn more, visit Mill Creek Entertainment's website. Will you be adding this set to your home media collection this fall?

"Hungry for Horror? Stay glued to the edge of your seat with a 26 film bundle including some of the greatest works from the masters of Horror.

Bat, The - 1959 - Vincent Price
Before I Hang - 1940 - Boris Karloff
Black Room, The - 1935 - Boris Karloff
Boogie Man Will Get You, The - 1942 - Boris Karloff
Creatures the World Forgot - 1971 - Brian O'Shaughnessy
Curse of the Mummy's Tomb, The - 1964 - Ronald Howard
Devil Commands, The - 1941 - Boris Karloff
Die! Die! My Darling! - 1965 - Donald Sutherland
Five - 1951 - William Phipps
Gorgon, The - 1964 - Christopher Lee
House on Haunted Hill - 1959 - Vincent Price
Jackals, The - 1967 - Vincent Price
Last Man on Earth - 1964 - Vincent Price
Mad Magician, The - 1954 - Vincent Price
Man They Could Not Hang,. The - 1939 - Boris Karloff
Man Who Turned To Stone, The - 1957 - Victor Jory
Man With Nine Lives, The - 1940 - Boris Karloff
Maniac - 1963 - Kerwin Mathews
Never Take Candy From a Stranger - 1960 - Patrick Allen
Revenge of Frankenstein, The - 1958 - Peter Cushing
Scream of Fear - 1961 - Christopher Lee
Shock - 1946 - Vincent Price
Snorkel, The - 1958 - Peter van Eyck
Stop Me Before I Kill! - 1961 - Ronald Lewis
Terror of the Tongs, The - 1961 - Christopher Lee
Two Faces of Dr. Jekyll, The - 1960 - Christopher Lee"

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