Something sinister awaits in the woods in our exclusive clip from Animal Among Us. Also in today's Horror Highlights: One Night in October trailer and release details and Machina Corpse's First Offerings Kickstarter details.

Exclusive Clip from Animal Among Us: "This November, Christian Oliver (“Sense8”, House of Good & Evil) and Larisa Oleynik (“Mad Men”, 10 Things I Hate About You) come face to face with hirsute terror in John Woodruff’s highly-anticipated horror throwback, Animal Among Us.

Fifteen years ago, two teenage girls were murdered at Merrymaker Campgrounds. The case was filed as an animal attack, the camp was condemned, and the killer never found. But something horrific still waits in those woods, ready to kill again.

Don Frye, Christine Donlon, Jonathan Murphy, Erin Daniels, Heather Tom, Jasmine Dustin, and Whitney Davis star in a film by John Woodruff. Written by Jonathan Murphy. Produced by Murphy, Woodruff and Cara Kidwell.

Friday the 13th meets Dog Soldiers in Animal Among Us, available on VOD and DVD November 19 from Uncork’d Entertainment."


One Night in October Trailer and Release Details: "The Purge meets Creepshow in Wild Eye Releasing’s One Night in October, coming to DVD and Digital October 15.

On a single night in October, three stories interweave as three different groups face unimaginable horror.

Jessica Morgan, Casey Norman, and Rachel Netherton star in a Christopher M.Carter film."


Machina Corpse's First Offerings Kickstarter Details: Press Release: "Machina Corpse, a spooky comics company, is co-created by comic creators Chandra Free and Stephen Emond, and we look to create a new home for our work and others and to build a community of fellow spooky-lovers. Our interests lie in odd, dark, funny, beautiful stories; personal passion projects from creative minds with ideas a little too twisted to publish elsewhere. We want to show there's an audience looking for creator-driven spooky comics. We want to pay each creator a page rate and publish creator-owned material with transparency and partnership through the process.

What we hope to accomplish with our Kickstarter: Free and Emond are creating Machina Corpse's First Offerings themselves to lay Machina Corpse’s foundation. In addition to helping build our company, our audience will receive our First Offerings, a 36-page comic book, with 12 pages by Free, 12 by Emond, and another 12 of bonus art, behind the scenes information and a look to the future of Machine Corpse. This will be available as a PDF and print comic, and we'll be offering other incentives such as Free’s comic, Lonely, BK, is about Seline, a woman who struggles with relationships, friends, the city, and being a hungry vampire. And Emond's title 1983, is a sequel to an upcoming graphic novel involving a family and a demon that nests in broken souls.

First Offerings will be available before the end of the year."

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