In today's Horror Highlights, we have an update and a video for Clive Barker Presents: Reel Fear Horror Contest, as well as Ghost Brothers clips, The Ranger casting details, info on the Final Girls Berlin Film Festival, and a new zombie-themed song on Coolzey and Soce the Elemental Wizard's new EP, Coolsay Too.

Clive Barker Presents: Reel Fear Horror Contest: "Are you more of a slasher fan, or would you prefer a paranormal thriller? Do you like blood and guts, or do the twists and turns of psychological horror keep you on the edge of the seat? Well, now’s the chance for you and genre fans everywhere to greenlight your next favorite horror flick.

Public voting for the “Clive Barker Presents: Reel Fear Horror Contest” from Project Greenlight Digital Studios and Shudder officially opens today!

Filmmakers have submitted one-to-three minute pitches for their original horror film concepts on Ten semi-finalists have been selected, and through April 25, the public can vote on their favorite concept.

The audience winner automatically moves on to the next round, where five finalists will each receive funding to direct a short scene representative of their abilities. In June, those finalists will also be granted a spot in the second annual Shudder Labs, Shudder’s creative retreat for developing genre filmmakers. The contest’s winner will take home $300,000 to make the horror film of their dreams, with Clive Barker (Hellraiser) as his or her mentor."


Ghost Brothers Clips & Episode Details: "Beginning this Friday, April 21 at 10/9c, the GHOST BROTHERS return to the home of paranormal programming at Destination America with all-new premieres of the hit ghost hunting series that brings humor, good manners and a healthy dose of southern charm to the spirit world.

Featuring TV’s first African American ghost hunters, GHOST BROTHERS features Dalen Spratt, Juwan Mass, and Marcus Harvey, budding paranormal enthusiasts on a mission to find out if legendary haunted locations are the real deal. Taking a passionate hobby of theirs to the next level, these charismatic characters blend their natural curiosity with comedic flair, bringing a fresh and funny approach to paranormal investigations.

“Rose Hall” premieres Friday, April 21 at 10/9c on Destination America
The Great House of Rose Hall in Montego Bay, Jamaica entices the Ghost Brothers to investigate claims that the spirit of a former owner, Annie Palmer haunts a long closed sugar plantation. Annie Palmer, or as locals refer to her as the White Witch of Rose Hall, is believed to have been a sadistic monster who brutally murdered her three husbands, practiced dark voodoo and tortured her slaves. The White Witch was eventually killed by a powerful voodoo priest but according to witnesses, the spirit of Annie Palmer and her victims have never left Rose Hall. Her body is still buried on the property causing many locals and visitors to believe that the White Witch has forever cursed the mansion- as pure evil never dies. The Ghost Brothers are on a mission to find out if the White Witch and those she murdered still reside at the property.

“Cocke County Memorial Building” premieres Friday, April 28 at 10/9c on Destination America
The Cocke County Memorial Building in Newport, Tennessee entices the Ghost Brothers to investigate claims of unsettled spirits that may still be lingering after they died in a plane crash in 1964 and were then kept in this building. Body parts of thirty-nine victims of the plane crash were housed in this makeshift morgue, including four blood doctors who were on board heading to a conference. The doctors' documents were mysteriously confiscated from the crash site by the FBI and the information taken was never disclosed to the public. After hearing stories of apparitions and a dark energy that has caused visitors to turn on each other, the Ghost Brothers are on a mission to reach the victims and find out what really caused their plane to inexplicably blow up and disintegrate in midair.

“Poasttown Elementary School” premieres Friday, May 5 at 10/9c on Destination America
The Ghost Brothers travel to Middletown, Ohio to investigate the long abandoned Poasttown Elementary School. Visitors report having strange experiences that include seeing apparitions of children, shadow figures and some even claim to have been pushed by an unseen force. Some believe that the cause of the hauntings is connected to a horrific train accident that occurred nearby in 1910. Prior to the school's construction on this property, train crash victims were laid out on the site where the school is currently built. The Ghost Brothers' mission is to try to determine who or what is haunting the school and if it's possible that the train victims have remained to tell their story.

“House of Wills” premieres Friday, May 12 at 10/9c on Destination America
The House of Wills, a former funeral home in Cleveland, Ohio, catches the attention of the Ghost Brothers. Built in the early 1900's as a Masonic temple, it was designed with elements to trap energy of those who came through it. It was later bought by a successful African-American businessman, John Walter Wills, who turned it into a thriving funeral home business. After his death the building fell into disrepair and people claimed to see apparitions and experience a malevolent energy roaming the building. The Ghost Brothers are on a mission to get answers and find out who or what could be behind the activity, and to find out if it's connected to those who had funerals here, Mr. Wills or something else.


The Ranger Casting Details: Press Release: "(LOS ANGELES, CA – April 20th, 2017) Larry Fessenden’s Glass Eye Pix and Andrew van den Houten’s Hood River Entertainment have announced the cast of Jenn Wexler's THE RANGER, which began principal photography this week in New York. Jeremy Holm (House of Cards, Mr Robot), Chloe Levine (The Transfiguration, The OA), Amanda Grace Benitez (All Cheerleaders Die) star alongside Granit Lahu, Jeremy Pope, and Bubba Weiler.

THE RANGER follows a group of teen punks who get in trouble with the cops. The punks escape to the woods to hide out where they come up against the local authority, an unhinged park ranger with an axe to grind, hell-bent on preserving the serenity of his forest.

Wexler currently has three movies on the festival circuit as a producer, Robert Mockler's LIKE ME which premiered at SXSW 2017, Ana Asensio’s MOST BEAUTIFUL ISLAND which premiered and won the Grand Jury Prize at SXSW 2017, and Mickey Keating's PSYCHOPATHS, set to world premiere this week at the Tribeca Film Festival. She also produced Keating's DARLING which world premiered at Fantastic Fest and was released in 2016. THE RANGER marks her feature directorial debut.

THE RANGER was written by Jenn Wexler and Giaco Furino. Andrew van den Houten and Ashleigh Snead produce for Hood River Entertainment and Larry Fessenden and Heather Buckley produce for Glass Eye Pix, along with Wexler."


Final Girls Berlin Film Festival: Press Release: "Berlin, Thursday, April 20 - Final Girls Berlin Film Festival is dedicated to showcasing horror directed, written, and produced by women filmmakers from around the world. The festival is committed to carving out space for female visions in horror- whether it's monstrous, heroic, or some messy combination of the two. We wish to highlight underrepresented voices and are excited to welcome works by queer, non-binary, and POC filmmakers.

"Women’s genre output is severely underrepresented in horror communities and we want to do our bit in changing that," says festival programer Sara Neidorf. "Many believe that women who love genre films are a minority but that’s simply not true: women make up half or more of horror audiences, and it’s high time they have a chance to watch films that aren’t dominated by the male gaze or filled with one-dimensional, disposable female characters. It's time to celebrate films that represent us, instead of objectify us," says festival programer Eli Lewy.

"The first edition of the festival in February 2017 was positively exhilarating and this, along with the positive audience feedback we received, made us want to have another edition as quickly as humanly possible," says festival programer Lara Mandelbrot. "We took a tiny break and are now ready to assault you with more female-driven horror offerings! The June edition will take place at Berlin’s oldest cinema, Moviemento. Expect 3 days filled with eerie art, riveting talks, informative panels, and lots of horror films made by women," says Sara Neidorf.

We are still accepting submissions and invite you to submit your horror short or feature if you believe you fit our description. Our regular deadline is April 22nd and our late deadline is May 3rd, so don't miss your chance!

Submit your film to Final Girls Berlin Film Festival here:

Our 1st edition was packed with diverse submissions like THE ITCHING, a bizarrely touching claymation film which premiered at Sundance, STATIC, a psycho thriller about an old man and his TV set, BEAUTIFUL EYES, a dark comedy about a morbid preteen surrounded by odious people, FLESH, an avante-garde, punk rock take on internalized racism, and THE EFILIST, a deeply disturbing philosophical film about the evils of natalism.

We also had some creeptastic feature films like DARK CIRCUS, a stylized occult flick directed by Berlin’s own Julia Ostertag, artist Cindy Sherman’s OFFICE KILLER, a decidedly kooky spin on the slasher with sublime character actress Carol Kane, and Lynne Ramsay’s WE NEED TO TALK ABOUT KEVIN, an unflinching look at the potential nightmares of motherhood.

Stay tuned for more updates from us in the future, including our program announcement, exciting guests, and rad merch info!

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New Zombie-Themed Song on Coolsay Too EP: Today sees the release of a new digital EP from Coolzey & Soce the Elemental Wizard, including "Would you kill me if I Turned", Coolzey's collaboration with Schaffer The Darklord that features "a hip-hop conversation between two close friends about if they would do the ultimate solid if they were bit and turned pure evil!"

To learn more about the new EP and the zombie-themed track, visit:

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