Comet TV has released their lineup of programming for April 2017, and your favorite or soon-to-be favorite movie just might be on the list! Also in today's Highlights: a new trailer for The Black Room, The Thing-Inspired print from Sleep Terror Clothing, Breakdown Lane release details, the LA premiere of The Eyes, and the debut of the Zombie Lake soundtrack.

Comet TV's Lineup for April Announced: Press Release: "ONLY AIRING ON in April.



Stargate SG-1 is back on COMET! Your favorite gate-hopping action series returns with back-to-back episodes Monday through Thursday at 8/7C, with encores of both episodes airing at 10/9C.




Frogs (1972)

Saturday, April 22 at NOON/11AM C

Die, Monster, Die (1965)

Saturday, April 22 at 2/1C

Empire of the Ants (1977)

Saturday, April 22 at 4/3C

Contamination .7 (1993)

Saturday, April 22 at 6/5C

Reptilicus (1962)

Friday, April 7 at 10am/9C

Wednesday, April 12 at 4/3C

Countless Dracula (1972)

Friday, April 7 at 6/5C

The Crow (1994)

Friday, April 7 at 8/7C

Saturday, April 8 at 8/7C

Friday, April 14 at 6/5C

Sunday, April 23 at 4/3C

Deep Space (1987)

Saturday, April 8 at 6/5C

The Immortalizer (1989

Sunday, April 9 at 6/5C

The Amityville Horror (1979)

Monday, April 10 at 6/5C

Robot Holocaust (1987)

Saturday, April 8 at 4/3C

Tuesday, April 11 at 6/5C

Thursday, April 27 at 6/5C

The Crow II: City of Angels (1996)

Friday, April 14 at 8/7C

Saturday, April 15 at 8/7C

Sunday, April 23 at 6/5C

The Spell (1977)

Saturday, April 15 at 2/1C

Initiation of Sarah (1978)

Saturday, April 15 at 4/3C

Tuesday, April 18 at 6/5C

Dolls (1986)

Sunday, April 16 at 4/3C

Wednesday, April 19 at 6/5C

Scream, Blacula, Scream (1973)

Sunday, April 16 at 6/5C

Gattaca (1997)

Friday, April 21 at 8/7C

Saturday, April 22 at 8/7C

Wednesday, April 26 at 6/5C

Sunday, April 30 at 4/3C

Ghoulies (1985)

Monday, April 24 at 4/3C

Ghoulies II (1987)

Monday, April 24 at 6/5C

UFO (Documentary, 1956)

Monday, April 24 at MIDNIGHT/11C

Cherry 2000 (1988)

Friday, April 28 at 8/7C

Saturday, April 29 at 8/7C"


Watch the New Trailer for The Black Room: "THE BLACK ROOM will be opening in theaters April 28th and on VOD May 9th via Cleopatra Entertainment. The film was written and directed by cult filmmaker Rolfe Kanefsky and stars Natasha Henstridge (SPECIES), Lin Shaye (A NIGHTMARE ON ELM STREET, INSIDIOUS), Dominique Swain (LOLITA, FACE/OFF) and Lukas Hassel (IN SICKNESS).

In the film, Paul and Jennifer Hemdale have just moved into their dream house. But their happy marriage is about to be put to the test as they slowly discover the secret behind the black room in the cellar."


Sleep Terror Clothing's The Thing-Inspired Print: From Sleep Terror Clothing""I don't know what the Hell's in there, but it's weird and pissed off, whatever it is."

The horror movie print is inspired by the creature from John Carpenter's "The Thing".

Printed on archival, acid-free matte paper.

The Thing print comes in 2 sizes 8"x10" or 16"x20".

Comes rolled in newspaper and shipped in a tube.


To learn more, visit Sleep Terror Clothing online.


Breakdown Lane Release Details: Press Release: "Breaking Glass Pictures is excited to release the upcoming zombie horror, action-thriller BREAKDOWN LANE on DVD and VOD May 16, 2017.

CAST: Whitney Moore (Birdemic, Sex School), Aric Cushing (There’s No Such Thing as Vampires, The Yellow Wallpaper, Hotel Caesar), Nicole Zylstra (Hug-O-Gram, Ghosts of Christmas Past).

DIRECTORS: Robert Conway (The Covenant, Exit to HellKrampus Unleashed), and Bob Schultz (Below Zero (producer), Herschell Gordon Lewis’ BloodMania (producer), & On the Count of 3 (producer).

SYNOPSIS: When Kirby Lane's SUV stalls in the desert, she must overcome the elements...and the lurking undead that surrounds her. Her only companion is Max, the Emergency Car Service rep trapped in his office by the zombie apocalypse, and the lone voice guiding her home.

Beginning May 16, BREAKDOWN LANE will be available on the following platforms: iTunes, Amazon Instant, Google Play, PlayStation, Xbox, Vudu, and through local cable/satellite providers."


Theatrical Release Details for The Eyes: Press Release: "WORLD PREMIERE OF INDIE FILM THE EYES.

Starring Nick Turturro and Vincent Pastore with cast, crew and special guests in Los Angeles on April 7, 2017.


1625 N. Las Palmas Avenue, Hollywood, CA 90028

World Premiere of The Eyes -- Join the cast and other special guests to celebrate the premiere of the suspense thriller The Eyes. The film stars Nick Turturro (“Blue Bloods”, Paul Blart: Mall Cop 2), Vincent Pastore (“The Sopranos”), Danny Flaherty (“The Americans”), Megan West (“This is Us”), Ana Isabelle (“Seasons of Love”), Greg (“Klarity”) Davis, Jr. (“Toni Braxton: Unbreak My Heart”), Steven Hauck (The Amazing Spiderman 2) and Carly Steel (“Entertainment Tonight” correspondent). The film was written by Robert T. Roe and directed by Robbie Bryan.

SYNOPSIS: Some say we are only as sick as our secrets but what if our government really knew those secrets?  What if they’ve watched every move we’ve made and our secrets aren’t really hidden?  In The Eyes, six strangers with unspeakable pasts wake up imprisoned in an abandoned warehouse and discover they are being forced to participate in an evil experiment. Five must die. One can live. And THEY have two hours to decide amongst themselves who survives. The clock is ticking and if they don’t decide… they ALL die.  The Eyes shows us that someone is always watching."

The Eyes will be hitting theaters in the following cities over the next several weeks:










Zombie Lake Soundtrack Details: From The Omega Productions"The world premiere release of "Zombie Lake" by Daniel White in CD - the soundtrack from the most famous (and hilarious) french horror movie!

The album will be remastered for the first time ever, with the help of Daniel Lesoeur, producer of the film and director of Eurociné. It will contain 22 (+ bonus) tracks, included sound design (the "bird's song") and quotes like "Promizoulin!".


01 - Ouverture ("Atlantide Story") / Opening ("Atlantide Story")
02 - Mélodie Diurne Pour Un Oiseau / Diurnal Melody For A Bird
03 - Séquence Aquatique (#1 - With SFX) / Aquatic Sequence (#1 - With SFX)
04 - Première Attaque / First Attack
05 - "Le Lac ! Le Lac ! Oh Le Lac !"
06 - Séquence D'Amour (#1) / Love Scene (#1)
07 - Séquence Nudiste (With SFX) / Nudist Sequence (With SFX)
08 - Séquence D'Amour (#2) ("Eromantic Violins") / Love Scene (#2) ("Eromantic Violins")
09 - Séquence Aquatique (#2) / Aquatic Sequence (#2)
10 - Séquence D'Amour (#3) (''Vox Intima") / Love Scene (#3) (''Vox Intima")
11 - Terreur Paysanne (#1 - With SFX) / Peasant Terror (#1 - With SFX)
12 - "Promizoulin !"
13 - Séquence Aquatique (#3 - With SFX) / Aquatic Sequence (#3 - With SFX)
14 - Terreur Paysanne (#2) / Peasant Terror (#2)
15 - Horreur / Horror
16 - Séquence D'Amour (#4) / Love Scene (#4)
17 - Séquence Aquatique (#4) / Aquatic Sequence (#4)
18 - Symphonie Nocturne Pour Un Oiseau / Night Symphony For A Bird
19 - Séquence Aquatique (#5) / Aquatic Sequence (#5)
20 - Séquence D'Amour (#5) / Love Scene (#5)
21 - Séquence Aquatique (#6) / Aquatic Sequence (#6)
22 - Terreur Paysanne (#3) / Peasant Terror (#3)
23 - Bande-Annonce Française (Audio) / French Trailer (Audio)

The CD will be limited at 500 copies, in jewel case. Pre-orders start now at Bandcamp.


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