Coming back again, probably for more paramedics, is The Complete History of the Return of the Living Dead from Plexus Books. The re-issue gives fans deep insight into The Return of the Living Dead franchise. Continue reading for more details. Also in today's Highlights: a new clip from The Possession Experiment and details on the upcoming comic series Invisible Hands.

The Complete History of the Return of the Living Dead Reissue Details: "The Complete History of The Return of The Living Dead.

The Return of the Living Dead film series has become one of the most successful zombie movie franchises of all time. Now more popular than ever, the films boast a loyal following of die hard enthusiasts. For the first time ever, the cast and crew of all five films in the cult horror-comedy franchise reveal the stories behind the movies’ making in their own words, going into detail about life on the sets of some of the most fraught productions in cinema history, and the feuds, controversies, legal battles, and sackings that plagued the filmmakers. This eye-catching, comprehensive and unique book is the ultimate celebration of The Return of the Living Dead franchise and all those who contributed to its creation.

This reissue offers an in-depth look into the most influential horror franchise, and is a great book for all gore and horror film aficionados."

To learn more, visit Plexus Books or Amazon.


Watch the Recently Revealed Clip from The Possession Experiment: Momentum Pictures announced that they will release The Possession Experiment on VOD, Digital HD, and DVD on December 6th, 2016.

Directed by Scott B. Hansen from a screenplay he co-wrote with Mary J. Dixon, The Possession Experiment stars Chris Minor, Jake Brinn, Nicky Jasper with KT Fanelli, and Bill Moseley.

Synopsis: "THE POSSESSION EXPERIMENT tells the story of Brandon (Minor), who has always been drawn to the supernatural. So when asked to pick a topic to base his final world theology class project on, he decides to explore the dark world of exorcisms. Teamed up with three classmates, the group investigates a multiple homicide that they eventually discover was an exorcism gone horribly wrong. Brandon becomes obsessed with the event, and in a strange turn of events, decides the only way to research this topic is to undergo an exorcism himself."


Upcoming Invisible Hands Comic Series: Press Release: "American Gothic Press, the comic book publishing arm of Famous Monsters, will be releasing a new science fiction mini-series, INVISIBLE HANDS, beginning in March 2017.

The series, adapted from Laszlo Tamasfi’s award-winning script, is a fragmented and philosophical tale that begins when a mysterious man with severe head trauma disrupts the life of a doctor and his cohort. The doctor, Leonard Gray, soon discovers connections between the man, David Wasp, and a corrupt corporate leader conducting twisted experiments on the human brain.

“The Silver Scream Festival really stood out from other conventions,” Tamasfi says, “not only because it had comics categories, but because it was hosted by the team behind Famous Monsters of Filmland, which I'm a huge fan of.” Tamasfi met artist Michael Malatini online and wrote INVISIBLE HANDS with Malatini’s art collaboration in mind. “We set out to do a really strange anthology book with a lot of crazy ideas, and it was reassuring to know that we weren't out of our minds.”

Holly Interlandi, American Gothic Press’s Editor-in-Chief, claims the decision was ultimately a shoe-in. “We received so many entries in the Graphic Novel Script category, but INVISIBLE HANDS was something I’d never seen before,” she says. “It was both anthology and mini-series and tackled science and religion in a way that a lot of writers would feel nervous about. I knew we had to publish it.”

A prologue to the series was first published in AGP’s FAMOUS MONSTERS PRESENTS TALES FROM THE ACKER-MANSION, a hardcover anthology of graphic short stories dedicated to Famous Monsters’ late founder Forrest J Ackerman.

The first issue of INVISIBLE HANDS, an oversized issue that includes a reprint of the prologue, will be solicited in the January edition of Diamond Previews for a March 2017 release date."

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