Dexter: Hidden Darkness allows players to help "The Bay Harbor Butcher" solve mysteries and complete his own secret missions, and Daily Dead has teamed up with BlooBuzz and Showtime to provide readers with a downloadable promo code for 1 free steak (worth $6.99) in the mobile game. Also: details on the Betrayal at House on the Hill: Widow's Walk board game, a Beyond the Woods trailer, and an update on the Raising Cain Blu-ray.

Dexter: Hidden Darkness Mobile Game: "Step into the shoes of America’s favorite serial killer and follow the traces of dangerous criminals by uncovering numerous hidden objects while planning out your own secret agenda.

With exclusive brand new criminal stories, here’s your chance to immerse yourself again into the mind of Dexter.

Can you handle the dual personality of DEXTER MORGAN?

- BECOME Dexter Morgan as the Blood Spatter Pattern Analyst of Miami Metro.
- FIND hidden objects throughout various crime scenes.
- SOLVE intriguing murder cases and puzzles.
- FOLLOW Harry's Code to guide your secret instincts.
- TEAM UP with your favorite characters: Debra, Harry, Batista and Masuka.
- FEED your dark passenger on merciless murderers.
- CHALLENGE your friends to see who’s got the best detective skills.
- PLAY at any time – no Internet required.
- DISCOVER new crime scenes for FREE.

DOWNLOAD now and become Miami’s most famous criminal investigator!

DOWNLOAD now and become Miami’s most famous criminal investigator!

Play now for FREE :

Play now for FREE:
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Partner : DailyDead


Rewards : 1 free Steak (Worth $6.99)

How to redeem your code?

1- Navigate to

2- Complete the game's tutorial

3- Redeem your code using the input field below the game canvas

4- Unleash your Dark Passenger


- Promotional codes can only be redeemed with a game profile created after March 3rd 2016

- Promotional codes expire on April 30th, 2016 at 24h00 GMT

- Promotional codes are limited to one by player (across all Facebook Launch Promotional Codes)

- Promotional codes can only be redeemed on Facebook"


Betrayal at House on the Hill: Widow's Walk Board Game: Press Release: "Home renovations have never been so exciting. For more than a decade, the iconic, semi-cooperative board game Betrayal at House on the Hill has been terrifying explorers who dare cross its threshold. Will you be trapped in the Pentagram Chamber, transfixed by the haunting melody of a lone fiddler or unearthing a portal to Hell as the old home crumbles around you? Now this beloved board game classic gets even more treacherous as some of gaming and entertainment's greatest minds join forces in creating its first ever expansion, Betrayal at House on the Hill: Widow's Walk, releasing this fall.

Designed by Betrayal's original lead developer Mike Selinker and his team at Lone Shark Games, in partnership with Wizards of the Coast, the new expansion includes:

  • 50 brand new haunts penned by an all-star cast of contributors including:
  • Max Temkin and Eli Halpern, co-creators of Cards Against Humanity
  • Pendleton Ward, Emmy Award-winning cartoonist
  • Mikey Neumann, chief creative champion for Borderlands
  • Jerry Holkins, co-creator of the Penny Arcade webcomic
  • Angela Webber, one-half of the nerd pop duo The Doubleclicks
  • Justin Gary, co-designer of Ascension: Chronicle of the Godslayer
  • 20 new room tiles, including a never-before-explored new floor, the roof
  • 30 new cards, including 11 items, 11 events, and 8 omens
  • 78 new tokens including a new set of possession tokens that allow you to track your explorer's progress

The expanded house pits explorers against a litany of terrifying horrors like the Fleshchild, the evil clown Knick-Knack, and a vengeful little girl hell-bent on playing a deadly game of hide-and-seek.

"It's great to go back to the old homestead," Selinker said. "After a dozen years, the place could use a little sprucing up. Think I'll put a new roof on it. That way, when you come to visit, you might want to stay for a very long time."

Betrayal at House on the Hill continues to be a perennial best-seller and praised as one of the best horror board games of all time. One of the most unique features of the board game is its replayability- the story is seldom the same twice. Now with 50 additional haunts, the horrific tales spun by these daring adventurers is boundless.

"This is a love letter to the fans of Betrayal," Selinker said. "For years, I've been asked by people, 'When are you going to do more of the game?' Some of those fans are really good writers and game designers, so I got them to help. You'll see some mind-boggling developments in this new addition."

Look for Betrayal at House on the Hill: Widow's Walk to be available October 14th.

For the complete list of contributors, visit the Avalon Hill website. To keep up with news about Avalon Hill games, follow us on Facebook and Twitter.

Welcome home."


Beyond the Woods: "Beyond The Woods is a supernatural horror movie set in an isolated house in the middle of a forest. Seven friends have decided to meet up after not seeing each other for a long time. Unfortunately for them, a fiery sinkhole has opened up in the mountains near the house and it's burning hot and spewing out sulfur.

The friends are determined to make a good weekend of it even though the roads around the area are closed and there's a nauseating stink outside. They might be confined to the house, but they know how to party. As the weekend progresses some of the friends start behaving out of character, one disappears, and they all experience troubling events. It's too late when they realize that it's not just a sinkhole that opened near their isolated retreat, but something altogether more horrific..."


Raising Cain: From Scream Factory: "Sorry guys but we have a slight street date delay on Brian DePalma's RAISING CAIN to report in order to accommodate some great extras that needed a little extra time to materialize. The new release date is August 9th.

Full specs will be revealed sometime in June. For additional info:".

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