New Press DieDieBooks Launches to Publish Killer Books on Horror Movies: "Created by and for horror fans, each book will focus on a different horror movie, with its initial run featuring Poltergeist, Threads, The Wolfman, Sleepaway Camp, and The Love Witch.

Today marks the official launch of the indie press DieDieBooks, which is currently raising funds on Kickstarter to publish a series of stylish, collectible books that bring different fans’ perspectives to their favorite horror movies.

The first books include a deep dive on the Hooper vs. Spielberg debate surrounding Poltergeist written by author Jacob Trussell, a primer on the nuclear apocalypse film Threads written by nuclear scholar and activist Bob Mielke, a queer perspective on the controversial slasher Sleepaway Camp by BJ and Harmony Colangelo, a portrait of Lon Chaney Jr.’s mental anguish during his performance in The Wolfman by Philip J Reed, and a love letter to The Love Witch written by filmmaker and editor Matt Latham.

The idea for DieDieBooks came from screenwriter Rachel Kempf, who previously worked at an erotic romance publisher. “I wasn’t a huge fan of romance, but I understand the appeal of genre writing because I love horror,” Kempf said. “It’s a genre with incredibly devoted fans, so we wanted to create our own press and connect with readers who share that love of horror.”

“Horror fans not only consume culture, they create it,” said co-founder Nick Toti, a DIY filmmaker, “so we wanted to create a series of books that feels very participatory. Some of my favorite horror movies are ones that I saw and thought, ‘Hey, I could do this.’ These books are not only fun to read, since they draw so heavily from the authors’ own backgrounds and expertise, but will hopefully also inspire readers to chase their own horror movie obsessions and add their voices to the conversation.”

Toti and Kempf, who are married, recently relocated from Los Angeles to rural Missouri to build their horror empire DieDieMedia—a parent company that not only publishes books, but also produces horror movies/documentaries and will release its first feature in 2023.

The Kickstarter campaign will end on Oct. 31st, 2022. To make a contribution or learn more about the project, visit DieDieBooks on Kickstarter.

About DieDieBooks

DieDieBooks is the publishing arm of DieDieMedia LLC, proudly located in Kirksville, MO. DieDieMedia explores the horror genre and all aspects of the larger horror subculture by publishing books and making movies. Hit us up at, join our mailing list, or check out our Letterboxd for ratings on every horror movie we’ve watched this year."


AUTHENTIC DRIVE-INS HORRORFEST SEPTEMBER-OCTOBER 2022: "Authentic Drive-In Theatres across the country have teamed up to create the first annual AUTHENTIC DRIVE-INS HORRORFEST. Participating Authentic Drive-In Theatres will show double, triple, or dusk to dawn marathons of classic Horror films on the largest movie screens in the country. Continuing the Drive-In Theatre tradition of showmanship, select locations will feature spooky activities including haunted decorations, costume contests, roaming “monsters” for photo-ops, Horror flea markets selling Horror movie memorabilia, and the tradition of “barf bags” for cult Horror classics. Many Authentic Drive-Ins will also host community “TRUNK or TREAT” events for children and family friendly Halloween-themed movies.

AUTHENTIC DRIVE-INS HORRORFEST is co-sponsored by UDITOA (The United Drive-In Theatre Owners Association) and the website created by Drive-In Theatre owners to allow movie-goers to locate Authentic Drive-Ins near them. Listings of Drive-In movies and show-times are available on the site, along with the latest Drive-In Theatre news. All Authentic Drive-Ins meet an official set of projection, sound, and building standards and are dedicated to preserving the tradition of the Authentic Drive-In Theatre for generations to come.

As Drive-In Theatres were once the primary theatrical outlet for Horror films, Authentic Drive-In Theatres are the perfect setting for the largest Drive-In Horror Film Fest in the world. Screening at Authentic Drive-In Theatres will be the best Horror classics including “John Carpenter’s HALLOWEEN” (1978), George A. Romero’s “NIGHT OF THE LIVING DEAD” (1968), William Friedkin’s THE EXORCIST” (1973), Tobe Hooper’s “THE TEXAS CHAINSAW MASSACRE” (1974), Wes

Craven’s “A NIGHTMARE ON ELM STREET” (1984), Sam Raimi’s “THE EVIL DEAD” (1981), Sean S. Cunningham’s “FRIDAY THE 13th” (1980) and it’s sequels, “John Carpenter’s “THE THING” (1982), the ultimate midnight movie; “THE ROCKY HORROR PICTURE SHOW” (1975), and many more! Movies and activities will vary according to location.

The era of “Drive-In” Horror cult classics will also be represented including “I DRINK YOUR BLOOD” (1971) and “PIECES” (1982) from Grindhouse Releasing, the Herschell Gordon Lewis (“The Godfather of Gore”) splatter classics “BLOOD FEAST” (1963) and “TWO THOUSAND MANIACS!” (1964), and “DOCTOR BUTCHER M.D.” (1982) - complete with Barf Bags courtesy of Severin Films. Retrospective Horror film series will include a two-night Riverside Drive-In Christopher Lee Centenary Celebration of eight of the legendary actor’s films including “THE CURSE OF FRANKENSTEIN” (1957) and “THE WICKER MAN” (1973). The Mahoning Drive-In will present a two night “FREDDY FEST” of the first six “NIGHTMARE ON ELM STREET” films, and a tribute to Vincent Price featuring “HOUSE OF WAX” (1953 - in 2D) and the American International Pictures classic “THE ABOMINABLE DR. PHIBES” (1971) - all in 35mm!"

For more info and to find a drive-in near you that's taking part in this programing, visit:


THE SIMPSONS HALLOWEEN FAN ART CONTEST: "When a supernatural clown starts slaying the children of Kingfield, young Homer Simpson teams up with other middle school misfits to face their fears and defeat the mysterious monster. But years later, the evil clown returns, and Homer’s friends must confront the tragedy of their adult lives to destroy Krusto once and for all in the all-new "Not It" episode of THE SIMPSONS airing Sunday, Oct. 23 (8:00-8:31 PM ET/PT) on FOX."