Details on episode 7 of Facebook Watch's new web series Sacred Lies are featured in today's Horror Highlights. We also have a look at a Kickstarter campaign for Jessica Arellano's Phobia Friends Horror Dolls, as well as event details for the Horrible Imaginings 2018 Film Festival.

Sacred Lies Episode 7: "The seventh episode of Facebook Watch’s drama series, Sacred Lies, is now available on the Sacred Lies show page! The mystery behind the handless maiden is finally revealed in Chapter 7: Phantom Pain, where Minnow, played by Elena Kampouris (My Big Fat Greek Wedding 2, Before I Fall) relives the day her hands were taken from her. Chapter 7: Phantom Pain tells the story of how and who is responsible for inflicting life-changing trauma on Minnow and takes us one step closer to finding out who killed the Prophet.

Sacred Lies, from Executive Producers Raelle Tucker and Scott Winant, and produced by Blumhouse Television, is based on the Grimm Brothers tale The Handless Maiden and Stephanie Oakes' novel The Sacred Lies of Minnow Bly. The series follows the journey of a handless teen who escapes from a cult and finds herself in juvenile detention, suspected of knowing who killed her cult leader.

New episodes of Sacred Lies will be released every Friday at 6 PM PT/9 PM ET. Viewers can also join the community discussion and get sneak peeks of upcoming episodes on the Sacred Lies show page.


· Minnow searches for a new belief system that can answer the questions that burn inside her and finally reveals the heartbreaking truth of how she lost her hands.

Sacred Lies is a 10-episode, drama series based on the classic Grimm Brothers tale The Handless Maiden and Stephanie Oakes' novel The Sacred Lies of Minnow Bly. The series is about a handless teen who escapes from a cult and finds herself in juvenile detention, suspected of knowing who killed her cult leader.

Produced by Blumhouse Television, executive producer and showrunner Raelle Tucker (True Blood, The Returned, Jessica Jones) and Scott Winant developed the series based on Stephanie Oakes' novel The Sacred Lies of Minnow Bly. Two-time Emmy Award-winner Scott Winant (True Blood, Good Girls Revolt, Californication) is executive producer and directs four episodes. Also, serving as executive producers on behalf of Blumhouse Television are Jason Blum, Marci Wiseman, and Jeremy Gold.


Facebook Watch is a place to discover and enjoy shows on Facebook. Home to a wide range of shows – from scripted comedy and drama to competition and reality series, to individual creators and live sports – Facebook Watch is a video platform where episodic content, community, and conversation come together. This is a personalized viewing experience, where you can discover a new series based on what your friends are watching and catch up on the shows you follow. Facebook Watch is available for free on mobile apps across Apple and Android, on a desktop, laptop, and TV apps listed here:"

To watch the seventh episode of Sacred Lies, visit Facebook Watch.


Kickstarter for Jessica Arellano's Phobia Friends Horror Dolls: From Jessica Arellano: "Hi, there! My name is Jessica, and I am the creator of Phobia Friends. I love all things scary and designing and creating horror dolls. Each doll is first sketched as a rough draft on paper, then handcrafted from wood and brought to life. Given the chance of successful funding through this Kickstarter, I can afford to launch an online store filled with even more scary friends.

  • Each doll's head measures 2 inches, about 4 inches tall in total.
  • Some dolls have embellishments such as string, fabric, hair, metal, paper mache, wood burning, stone beads, and even fake blood.
  • All dolls come with a screw eye pin and jute string, ready to hang.
  • Between drilling, sanding, painting, and drying, each doll takes several hours to make.
  • Each doll is primed prior to painting and then sealed with a gloss upon completion to ensure quality and longevity."

For more information on this Kickstarter, visit:


Horrible Imaginings 2018 Film Festival Events Revealed: "Horrible Imaginings 2018 Film Festival opens this Friday night at the Frida Cinema in Santa Ana, California. Full and single-day festival passes are still available at release time. Horrible Imaginings presents eleven full-length features and nearly 50 short films over three days of showings.

Horrible Imaginings is proud to present two exclusive events at the 2018 Festival in addition to films:

Shock Waves Broadcasting Live from HIFF (Saturday, 9/2, 5:45-6:45 pm) — The popular weekly podcast from Blumhouse Productions discusses and analyzes all facets of the horror genre. Rebekah McKendry will lead a discussion with David Ian McKendry- Director/ Writer, Megan Duffy- Actress (Maniac), Cara Mandel- Producer, Josh Forbes (Director), and Michael Kennedy (Family Guy Writer) about controversial horror statements that are sure to get a live audience at Horrible Imaginings going!

Panel: Scary Black Folks: Critical Race Studies in Horror (Sunday, 9/1, 5:45-6:45pm) — A one-on-one with John Jennings, Professor of Media and Cultural Studies at the University of California at Riverside, will present about and discuss contributions to the horror genre in film, comics, and art by people of color. Scary Black Folks is a newly formed co-operative of artists, writers, critics, and scholars who curate events and public dialogues about the contentious relationships between, race, gender, space, visual culture politics, and horror.

About Horrible Imaginings Film Festival: Established in 2009 and named by MovieMaker Magazine one of "Fifty Film Festivals Worth the Entry Fee" for 2018, the annual Horrible Imaginings Film Festival showcases the newest voices in horror, sci-fi, and fantasy genre cinema over a multi-day event consisting of film screenings, diverse panels, parties, and networking sessions. Over the past 9 years, HIFF has shown over 700 independent genre films and welcomed over 8,000 attendees."

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