Ahead of the theatrical and VOD release of Tell Me How I Die on September 16th, Daily Dead has an exclusive clip from the film. Also: details on YouTube Spaces and Blumhouse's horror VR collaboration, Child Eater's world premiere at Brooklyn Horror Fest, Destination America's Mountain Monsters season five renewal, and Iris Prize Festival screening details for Kill Pill.

Watch an Exclusive Clip from Tell Me How I Die: "When a group of college students takes part in an experimental drug study, an unexpected side effect gives them terrifying visions of their own murders… which begin to come true. As they scramble to outsmart and outmaneuver their date with death, they realize that the killer is among them and shares their ability to see the future – only he seems to be one step ahead in their race to survive."

Ryan Higa (YouTube's NigaHiga), Nathan Kress (iCarly), Virginia Gardner (Project Almanac), Ethan Peck (10 Things I Hate About You), Kirby Bliss Blanton (Project X). The film comes out in theaters and on VOD September 16th.


YouTube Spaces and Blumhouse Teaming Up for Horror Virtual Reality Videos: Press Release: "Los Angeles, CA – September 13, 2016 – Don’t look back! Horror is around you no matter which way you turn! Just in time for Halloween, over 100 creators from around the world will produce horror-inspired, virtual reality videos for their YouTube channel as part of a production program launched by YouTube Spaces worldwide, in partnership with Blumhouse Productions (The Purge, Ouija, Insidious and Paranormal Activity franchises) and renowned producer Jason Blum.

Over the next few weeks, some of YouTube’s top creators including Markiplier, PrankVsPrank, Furious Pete, Vitalyzdtv, and KrazyRayRay, will create original VR videos that answer the question: What is your worst fear? The videos will be shot on terrifying cinematic sets - a hotel room simply known as room 301, inspired by the nail-biting Blumhouse film aesthetic at YouTube Spaces in Los Angeles, London, Tokyo, Berlin, Toronto and New York. Additionally, creators from YouTube Spaces in Paris and Sao Paulo will send select creators to shoot at YouTube Space LA as part of this program. CryptTV, a digital genre network that has a strategic partnership with Blumhouse, is also serving as a production advisor. Videos are slated to go live between October 20th, 2016, and Halloween.

To capture their cinematic vision, YouTube creators will utilize Google’s Jump Cameras to create immersive, virtual reality videos that can be viewed on the YouTube app on your phone using Google Cardboard. Jump enables any creator to capture the world in VR (3D-360˚) video and make it available to everyone on YouTube. Fans around the world will be able to view these videos in 360-degrees on desktop or mobile at youtube.com/thespace and also directly on each participating YouTube channel.

“Our company loves telling scary stories on all platforms so we are excited to partner with YouTube to find out what scares its incredible community the most,” said Jason Blum. "The most frightening places are actually the ones where you feel safe and secure so it will be a lot of fun to experiment with the eerie hotel rooms YouTube built and see what happens when we turn the camera around on their creators.”

“Jason Blum and his team at Blumhouse are horror visionaries and an ideal partner to help empower our YouTube creators to serve up the scares. YouTube Spaces has become a place where leaders from across the media landscape come to engage with the next generation of storytellers,” said Chris D'Angelo, Global Director of Production and Programming, YouTube Spaces. “We wanted to blur the lines between fiction and reality, and increase the fright factor by using virtual reality in this year’s program.”

As well as the creators’ own videos, YouTube Space LA will play host to a “mega collab” video directed by Jesse Wellens from PrankVsPrank that will serve as the origin story for the global narrative and feature some of YouTube’s biggest stars. In this video, audiences will watch their favorite creators receive a key to hotel room 301 -- also known as YouTube Purgatory -- that will inevitably lead them to experience their worst fears.

For the last three years, YouTube Spaces have partnered with Hollywood’s masters of horror and offered extensive production resources to creators with the goal of inspiring innovative content in the lead up to Halloween. Previous partners have included Guillermo del Toro and Legendary Entertainment, Skybound, creators of The Walking Dead, and the Stan Winston School of Character Arts. The effort is part of YouTube Spaces’ mission to promote production technology and innovation on YouTube and to bring together the most creative people in the world."


Child Eater Screening at Brooklyn Horror Film Festival: "A babysitter. A missing kid. A local legend who feasts on the eyes of children. CHILD EATER is a nightmarish roller-coaster ride of horror inspired by the fantastical tone of 1980s slasher movies.

Babysitting can be a real nightmare, especially for Helen who's stuck looking after Lucas, a frightened boy who says he hears noises coming from his bedroom closet. Shortly after he makes those claims Lucas disappears, possibly at the hands of an infamous supernatural serial killer who, as legend has it, eats children’s eyes in order to keep his vision. Helen’s only option? Enter the dark, creepy woods where the mythical “Child Eater” lives to try to save Lucas.

Sunday, October 16th at 6:00 p.m."

Directed by Erlingur Thoroddsen and produced by Perri Nemiroff and Luke Spears, Child Eater stars Cait Bliss, Colin Critchley, Jason Martin, Dave Klasko, Brandon Smalls, James Wilcox, Melinda Chilton, Kara Durrett, and Andrew Kaempfer. The movie will make its world premiere at the Brooklyn Horror Film Festival on October 16th.


Destination America's Mountain Monsters Renewed for Fifth Season: Press Release: "(Silver Spring, Md.) – Destination America announced today that MOUNTAIN MONSTERS has been greenlit for season five slated to premiere in Spring 2017. Production begins this month on the monster hit that follows a band of hardcore hunters and trappers, known as the Appalachian Investigators of Mysterious Sightings (AIMS), as they try to prove that Bigfoot exists in hill country.

The fourth season finale of MOUNTAIN MONSTERS on April 16th, 2016, ranks as Destination America’s #1 telecast ever among HH, P2+, and M25-54 in L+3 delivery. It wrapped up the latest saga in AIMS’ ongoing search for Bigfoot – but this time with their fearless leader, Trapper, coaching from the sideline. Fans rallied around Trapper during his recovery from illness and cheered on the rest of the team, Buck, Huckleberry, Wild Bill, Jeff, and Willy, as they continued on their quest – and discovered a new foe in the foothills. AIMS was shadowed by a rogue rival team that closed in on their investigations but had not yet been identified, culminating in a cliffhanger finale with a mysterious attempt to make contact.

“MOUNTAIN MONSTERS fans are about as loyal as they come, second only to the AIMS team and their unwavering dedication to finding Bigfoot,” said Jane Latman, general manager of Destination America. “We hear from devoted viewers every single day wanting to know when they’ll get to see more of their favorite monster hunters, and we’re excited to announce that the wait is almost over.”

Nowhere does the mystery of Bigfoot’s existence run deeper than in Appalachia where, over the last 10 years alone, AIMS has uncovered evidence that more than a dozen different Bigfoot clans may call the mountain region home. In the new season, they’ll investigate new reports of Bigfoot sightings to track and attempt to trap these mysterious creatures.

MOUNTAIN MONSTERS is produced by American Chainsaws for Destination America with Colt Straub, Duke Straub, Royal Malloy, Russell Geyser, and Jay Bluemke as executive producers. For Destination America, Cathy Garland is executive producer, Jane Latman is general manager, and Henry Schleiff is group president of Investigation Discovery, Destination America, and American Heroes Channel."


Kill Pill Screening at Iris Prize Festival: Press Release: "What lurks within the darker alleys of Cardiff this Autumn? The LGBT film community has been exploring the fear factor in a bigger way than ever with zombies, exorcisms, Outback psychos, and bestial transformations which are all represented during this year’s Iris Prize festival in Cardiff, running Wednesday 12th to Sunday 16th October.

The opening night sees the world premiere of short film Kill Pill, directed by Lloyd Eyre-Morgan, where events at a remote house party threaten to create murder on the dance floor as partygoers become infected with a cannibalistic feeding frenzy. Not the best time for little sister Molly to go missing.

The film stars a young British cast including world parcourt stuntman champion Pip Andersen (Star Wars: The Force Awakens), Liam Boyle (TV’s Spooks, Land Girls), George Sampson (Britain’s Got Talent winner, Waterloo Road, Emmerdale) and Jo Woodcock (TV’s Land Girls, Death In Paradise). YouTube star Robin Armstrong makes his acting debut and there’s a cameo appearance from Shameless actor Jody Latham.

Winner of both Iris Prize Best of British Award and Iris Prize Youth Jury Award for Best Short in 2015, Lloyd has recently completed post-production on the film at Pinewood Studios. Along with producer/ writer Neil Ely, Kill Pill is being developed into a feature.

In addition, Till Kleinert, whose darkly disturbing feature debut Der Samurai (2014) successfully played London’s FrightFest and many other international horror festivals, is a past Iris Prize winner. His winning short film from 2007, Cowboy, is being screened again on Friday 14th October and he is giving a talk about his career during the Producers Forum on Friday.

This year’s festival continues that tradition with a number of horror-themed short films in competition for the prestigious annual Iris Prize which see 35 films from across the globe competing for the £30,000 prize.

Canadian actor turned director Blake Mawson’s PYOTR495 unleashes the monster within us. Set in present day Moscow, an ultranationalist group known for their violent anti-gay attacks bolstered by Russia’s LGBT propaganda law, succeed in triggering a terrifying transformation in their latest teenage victim. Blake has earned his horror credentials as an actor in Freddy vs. Jason (2003), Blade TV series, and Quebec Gore (2013).

From Australia there’s Nathan Keene’s disturbing tense rural chiller, Little Boy Blue whilst Tonight It’s You, from US director Dominic Haxton, offers a supernatural warning about the darker perils of dating apps as CJJ discovers he could be exorcizing more than his lust.

Also, in the running for the Best of British award with its £20,000 prize, is Tom Frederic’s Sauna The Dead – A Fairy Tale which has recently been screening in some selected cinemas nationwide. A genre-hopping modern fable that touches on A Christmas Carol and 80s fantasy adventures, a jaded narcissist finds himself fighting for survival in a gay sauna during of a zombie outbreak.

The Iris Prize festival runs 12th to 16th October.

For booking tickets, http://www.irisprize.org/the-festival/box-office/

Full programme details of Iris Prize - www.irisprize.org"

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