In addition to the bevy of films screening at this year's Fantaspoa, the festival has some really rad events planned, including an Alice in Wonderland-themed costume party. Also in today's Horror Highlights: production and release details for Hell House LLC III: Lake of Fire and a trailer for Acid Pit Stop.

Fantaspoa Announces Final Wave of Films: "Brazil's Fantaspoa, the largest genre film festival in Latin America, is proud to unveil its final wave of films selected for their upcoming fifteenth edition, running from May 16th through June 2nd. This announcement completes the fest's full 2019 line-up, consisting of more than 100 films.

The festival's live events will kick-off with an Alice in Wonderland-themed costume party, followed by a concert featuring, among others, Demian Rugna's band, Pasco 637. As they did last year, the festival will celebrate its closing night party, a masquerade ball, aboard a boat on the Guaiba River, the massive body of water that creates the "Port" of Porto Alegre.

In addition to the festival's final 21 feature films that are being unveiled today - which proudly includes three new World Premieres - the Fantaspoa is very excited to reveal the full list of projects selected for its second annual film production market, FantasMercado.

Newly-announced attending filmmakers include Brian Avenet-Bradley, Pawel Borowski, Braden Croft, Lukasz Dzieciol, Daniela Giménez, Sebastián Mariño, Erwan Marinopoulos, Facundo Nuble, Matias Oniria, Pablo Parés, Gerard Quinto, Alejo Rébora, Martin Samper, Eugene Simon, and Kirill Sokolov. They join over two dozen previously announced guests, including Roger Corman, Julie Corman, Christina Lindberg, Josh Lobo, Justin McConell, Julian Richards, Demian Rugna, and Larry Wilson.

The final round of fantastic features selected for Fantaspoa 2019 are:

7 Reasons to Run Away (From Society) (Gerard Quinto, Esteve Soler, David Torras, Spain) - Latin-American Premiere

Achoura (Talal Selhami, Morroco, France) - Latin-American Premiere

Casa de Sudor y Lágrimas (Sonia Escolano, Spain) - Latin-American Premiere

Echoes of Fear (Brian Avenet-Bradley and Laurence Avenet-Bradley, U.S.) - Latin-American Premiere

Every Time I Die (Robi Michael, U.S.) - Latin-American Premiere

Fly Me to the Saitama (Hideki Takeuchi, Japan) - Latin-American Premiere

Hannas’s Homecoming (Esther Bialas, Germany) - Latin-American Premiere

Harpoon (Rob Grant, Canada) - Brazilian Premiere

His Master's Voice (György Pálfi, Canada, Hungary, France, Sweden, U.S.) - Latin-American Premiere

I Am Lying Now (Pawel Borowski, Poland, Netherlands) - World Premiere

Kill Ben Lyk (Erwan Marinopoulos, U.K., France) - Latin-American Premiere

The Night Sitter (Abiel Bruhn and John Rocco, U.S.) - Latin-American Premiere

Red Letter Day (Cameron Macgowan, Canada) - Latin-American Premiere

Soy Tóxico (Pablo Parés, Argentina) - Brazilian Premiere

Tr3sh: La Concha de Su Madre (Alejo Rébora, Argentina, Brazil) - World Premiere

True Fiction (Braden Croft, Canada) - World Premiere

The Unthinkable (Crazy Pictures, Sweden) - Latin-American Premiere

El Vampiro del Lago (Carl Zitelmann, Venezuela) - Brazilian Premiere

Why Don't You Just Die? (Kirill Sokolov, Russia) - Latin-American Premiere

Wilkolak (Werewolf) (Adrian Panek, Poland, Netherlands, Germany) - Latin-American Premiere

You Might Be The Killer (Brett Simmons, U.S.) - Latin-American Premiere

Fantaspoa’s second annual production market, FantasMercado, is proud to announce its selected projects, which showcase the best and brightest in upcoming Latin American genre talent.

Apolo 69 (Alejo Rébora, Argentina)

Área de Escape (Armando Fonseca, Brazil)

As 7 Pecadoras (Fernando Sanches, Brazil)

Carranca (Kapel Furman, Brazil)

Cielo Rojo (Gigantes de metal) (Marcelo Leguiza, Argentina)

Confissões Homicidas (Paulo Biscaia Filho, Brazil)

Las Entrañas (Inti Carrizo-Ortiz, Chile)

Luz Mala (Juan Schmidt, Argentina)

Mitra, Apaga la Luz para Poder Ver (Diego Sebastian Bellocchio, Argentina)

O Campo dos Lobos Guarás (Paulo Caldas, Brazil)

Província de São Pedro (Iuri Minfroy, Brazil)

Régimen (Fabian Forte, Argentina)

El Ultimo Hereje (Daniel de la Vega, Argentina)."


Hell House LLC III: Lake of Fire Release Details: "Pack your bags for another terrifying stay at the infernal Abaddon Hotel. HELL HOUSE LLC III: LAKE OF FIRE, the third installment in the hit found-footage horror franchise, has started production as of May 1 and will premiere exclusively on Shudder later this year.

Writer/director Stephen Cognetti and producer Joe Bandelli have returned for the new installment, along with many of the original Hell House LLC cast. The following castmates will reprise their roles: Ryan Jennifer Jones (Sara), Danny Bellini (Alex), Gore Abrams (Paul), Adam Schneider (Mac), Theodore Bouloukos (Robert) and Jared Hacker (Tony). They are joined by returning Hell House LLC II cast members Joy Shatz (Molly), Jillian Geurts (Jessica) and Brian David Tracy as the demonic former Abaddon Hotel owner Andrew Tully.

Shudder manager Craig Engler has talked about the franchise, recently. Engler said of the films: “the Hell House LLC franchise on Shudder has been hugely popular, and our worldwide premiere of Hell House LLC 2 last year was one of our most watched films ever.” Engler also said of the film’s debut: “we couldn’t be more thrilled to premiere the final chapter of this epically terrifying series exclusively on Shudder!”

Terror Film’s president Joe Dain has specifically talked of the third film. Dain said of this latest title: “Hell House III will be taking a cue from the original Hell House LLC, returning to its roots to capture the same intensity and fear that fans and critics alike fell in love with.” Dain also said of the partnership with the filmmakers: “we’re thrilled to be continuing our distribution partnership with Stephen and Joe, and I couldn’t think of a better way to premiere the film than on Shudder. It’s our hope that this third and final installment will not only satisfy the multitude of questions from fans from all over the world but also act as an exciting precursor for The Abaddon Tapes—a limited series currently in development, which will expand on the history of the Abaddon Hotel, the now infamous setting of the franchise.” The latest film, HELL HOUSE LLC III: LAKE OF FIRE, will be available in just a few months.

In HELL HOUSE LLC III: LAKE OF FIRE, guests both past and present will be forced to battle for their souls as all is revealed about the infamous Abaddon Hotel and the evil that dwells there. Set one year after the events of Hell House LLC II, the hotel is on the verge of being torn down when it is purchased by billionaire Russell Wynn (Gabriel T. Chytry) as the new home for his popular interactive show, Insomnia. He invites journalist Venessa Sheppard (Elizabeth Vermilyea) and her crew to record everything happening inside the hotel leading up to the performance, but they soon encounter a more nefarious plot, one that threatens to unleash a veritable hell on earth.

ABOUT SHUDDER: AMC Networks’ SHUDDER is a premium streaming video service, super-serving members with the best selection in genre entertainment, covering horror, thrillers and the supernatural. SHUDDER’s expanding library of film, TV series, and originals are available in the US, Canada, UK, Ireland, and Germany on most streaming devices for 4.99/month or 49.99/year. To experience SHUDDER commitment-free for 7 days, visit

ABOUT TERROR FILMS: Terror Films is a genre distribution company specializing in the release of the best indie horror content across the Globe. Learn more at, and follow HELL HOUSE LLC on Facebook for official updates:"


Watch the Acid Pit Stop Trailer: "Synopsis: A rave in a deserted warehouse, the perfect place to introduce a NEW designer drug - right? Two young blokes, alongside two girls, picked up on the route, quickly discover just how wrong they were. With Users turning, blood gushing and body parts flying - Will there be anyone left alive amongst the undead?"

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