"It's morphin' time!" Funko has released a new line of Pop! vinyl figures and Pocket Pop! Keychains based on the upcoming Power Rangers movie! Also in today's Highlights: second season details for the On Story radio program, Drifter acquisition details, and Comet TV's January programming.

Funko's Power Rangers Collectibles Release Details / Images: From Funko: "Mighty Morphin' Power Rangers

To celebrate the upcoming release of their all-new major motion picture, in theaters March 24th, 2017, the Power Rangers are getting fired up with Funko-fied fury!

Zack, Kimberly, Billy, Trini, and Jason are coming soon to Pop! Vinyl and Pocket Pop! Keychains!

You can also collect the villainous Rita Repulsa, available exclusively at Hot Topic!

This winter, it's morphin' time!

Available now!

Pop! Keychains: Power Rangers

Available now!"

Images via Funko:


On Story Radio Show Second Season Details: Press Release: "AUSTIN, Texas - January 4, 2017 - Austin Film Festival (AFF), also known as "The Writers Festival," is pleased to announce that the second season of On Story's weekly radio program will return on January 7, 2017, and will be available to public radio stations nationwide through PRI. On Story's one-hour documentary series provides a front row seat to the fascinating world of storytellers in film and television, exploring the stories behind the stories and the journey from script-to-screen.

Gleaned from 23 years of archived footage from the annual Austin Film Festival & Screenwriters Conference, On Story pulls back the curtain and shines the spotlight behind-the-scenes. Presented through captivating exchanges, anecdotes, and conversation, On Story invites listeners into writers' rooms, film sets, and the creative minds of some of the most prolific voices in film and television.

The second season of the On Story weekly radio program will feature 2017 Golden Globe Award nominees Issa Rae (Insecure), Paul Weitz (Mozart in the Jungle), Larry Wilmore (Insecure), Eric Heisserer (Arrival), Jeff Nichols (Loving), and Tony Hale (Veep) and other notables such as John Lee Hancock, Jason Segel, Ray McKinnon, Paula Pell, Marta Kauffman, Nancy Meyers, Ed Begley, Jr. plus writers and directors from The Edge of Seventeen, The Jungle Book, Creed, Bleed for This, The Leftovers, and more.

"2016 was an amazing year in film and on television. Austin Film Festival's slate of interviews managed to capture that spirit. Season 2 features a diverse array of film and television luminaries and brand new voices. Tune in!" said Brian Ramos, Host of On Story.

"It's always great to go behind the scenes and gain insights from the creators and actors of today's popular movies. PRI is thrilled to offer this second season of On Story to listeners nationwide," said Melinda Ward, PRI's Chief Content Officer.

For more information on On Story and to check out past seasons of the television and radio programs, please visit www.onstory.tv.


Austin Film Festival is dedicated to furthering the art, craft, and business of filmmakers and screenwriters, and recognizing their contributions to film, television, and new media. A natural progression of the AFF mission, The On Story Project consists of a variety of entertaining and informative programs presented in different media platforms to give viewers an inside look at the creative process behind some of the most popular and critically acclaimed films and television shows.


Austin Film Festival is a non-profit organization dedicated to furthering the art, craft, and business of filmmakers and screenwriters while recognizing their contributions to film and television. AFF champions the work of aspiring and established writers, and filmmakers, by providing unique cultural events and services; enhancing public awareness and participation, and encouraging dynamic and long-lasting community partnerships. For more information on the upcoming 22nd Annual Austin Film Festival visit www.austinfilmfestival.com, or call 1-800-310-FEST (3378).


PRI is creating a more informed, empathetic, and connected world by creating multi-platform storytelling and journalism content that empowers people to benefit their lives and the world. PRI's award-winning content reaches more than 18 million people each month, through nearly 900 public radio stations nationwide and PRI.org, and millions more through podcasts and social media. Since relaunching PRI.org in 2013, monthly digital readership has grown to over 2 million people. An affiliated company of WGBH, PRI produces PRI's The World®, The Takeaway (a co-production with WNYC), and Studio 360® from PRI and WNYC. It offers in-depth reporting on topics including gender equity, international security, and American identity and immigration. It represents public radio programs including Science Friday, q from the CBC and The Tavis Smiley Show. Major philanthropic supporters include The Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, The Corporation for Public Broadcasting, The Ford Foundation, The Henry Luce Foundation, The John D and Catherine T MacArthur Foundation, and the Annenberg Foundation."


XLrator Media Acquires North American Distribution Rights to Drifter: Press Release: "LOS ANGELES (January 4, 2017) – XLrator Media has acquired North American distribution rights to the post-apocalyptic horror-thriller DRIFTER and will release the film in theaters on February 24 and on VOD and iTunes February 28.

DRIFTER was directed and produced by Chris von Hoffmann in his feature film debut and co-written by von Hoffmann (based on his story) and Aria Emory. The film stars Drew Harwood, Aria Emory, James McCabe, Monique Rosario, Rebecca Fraiser and Anthony Ficco. Chris von Hoffmann previously directed several short films, including Fuel Junkie, White Trash and Vodka 7, which have won awards at various film festivals.

The film follows a pair of outlaw brothers (Drew Harwood and Aria Emory) who seek temporary refuge in a desolate town inhabited by a family of psychotic cannibalistic lunatics.

“DRIFTER is a stylish and wicked thriller infusing bloodthirsty cannibals with a Mad Max aesthetic that heralds Chris von Hoffmann as a young director to watch. We’re excited to bring genre fans his feature film debut and see what he does next,” said XLrator Media CEO Barry Gordon.

The deal was negotiated by XLrator Media’s Barry Gordon and Mike Radiloff with Lotus Entertainment’s Daniel Brandt on behalf of the filmmakers. Chris von Hoffmann is represented by Grandview and Creative Artists Agency."


Comet TV's January Programming Guide: Press Release: "ONLY AIRING ON CometTV.com in January!



Futureworld (1976)

Friday, January 13 at 8/7C

Saturday, January 14 at 8/7C

Monday, January 16 at Midnight/11C

Wednesday, January 25 at 6/5C

Monday, January 30 at 6/5C

The Haunted House of Horror (1970)

Thursday, January 12 at 4/3C

Sunday, January 15 at 10/9C

The Ghost In the Invisible Bikini (1966)

Thursday, January 12 at 6/5C

Sunday, January 15 at Noon/11C

K-9000 (1991)

Sunday, January 8 at 2am/1C

Deranged (1974)

Saturday, January 14 at 10/9C

Flash Gordon (1980)

Friday, January 6 at 4/3C

Monday, January 16 at 6/5C

Wednesday, January 18 at 2am/1C

Friday, January 20 at Noon/11C

I.F.O. (1986)

Saturday, January 14 at Midnight/11C

Friday, January 20 at 10am/9C

Thunderbird 6 (1968)

Monday, January 9 at Noon/11C

Tuesday, January 10 at 2am/1C

Sunday, January 22 at Noon/11

R.O.T.O.R. (1988)

Saturday, January 7 at 2am/1C

Thursday, January 19 at 10am/9C

Monday, January 23 at 4/3C

Final Encounter (2000)

Sunday, January 15 at 4/3C

Tank Girl (1995)

Saturday, January 7 at 10am/9C

Monday, January 9 at 6/5C

Wednesday, January 11 at 2am/1C

Friday, January 13 at Noon/11C

In the Year 2889 (1966)

Saturday, January 7 at Midnight/11C

Saturday, January 14 at 10am/9C

Monday, January 16 at 2am/1C

Thursday, January 26 at 10am/9C

Frogs (1972)

Sunday, January 8 at 10am/9C

Arena (1991)

Thursday, January 12 at 10am/9C

Saturday, January 14 at 6/5C

Sunday, January 22 at 4/3C

Friday, January 27 at Midnight/11C

Jaws of Satan (1982)

Friday, January 13 at Midnight/11C

Saturday, January 21 at 10am/9C

Message from Space (1979)

Friday, January 6 at 6/5C

Tuesday, January 10 at 10am/9C

Monday, January 16 at 4/3C

Saturday, January 21 at 2am/1C

Mimic 2 (2001)

Friday, January 6 at 8/7C

Saturday, January 7 at 8/7C

Sunday, January 15 at 6/5C

Mimic 3: Sentinel (2003)

Saturday, January 7 at 10/9C

Wednesday, January 11 at 6/5C

Friday, January 20 at 6/5C

Daughters of Satan (1972)

Sunday, January 8 at 2/1C

Wednesday, January 11 at 10am/9C

Tentacles (1977)

Monday, January 9 at Midnight/11C

Code 46 (2004)

Monday, January 9 at 2am/1C

Friday, January 13 at 4/3C

Saturday, January 21 at Midnight/11C

Gate II (1992)

Tuesday, January 10 at Noon/11C

Saturday, January 21 at Noon/11C

Monday, January 23 at 6/5C

Tuesday, January 31 at Noon/11C

Octaman (1971)

Wednesday, January 11 at Noon/11C

Monday, January 23 at Midnight/11C

Dangerous Game (1987)

Friday, January 13 at 6/5C

Alakazam the Great (1961)

Saturday, January 14 at 2/1C

Tuesday, January 17 at 4/3C

Thursday, January 19 at Midnight/11C

Monday, January 23 at 10am/9C

Tuesday, January 24 at Midnight/11C

Voyage into Space (1968)

Saturday, January 14 at 4/3C

Monday, January 23 at Noon/11C

Tuesday, January 24 at 2am/1C

Superbeast (1972)

Saturday, January 21 at 6/5C

Sunday, January 29 at 4/3C

Real Men (1987)

Friday, January 20 at 8/7C

Saturday, January 21 at 8/7C

Monday, January 23 at 2am/1C

Wednesday, January 25 at Noon/11C

Friday, January 27 at 4/3C

The Land that Time Forgot (1975)

Tuesday, January 10am/9C

Tuesday, January 24 at 10am/9C

The People that Time Forgot (1977)

Wednesday, January 25 at 10am/9C

Meteor Man (1993)

Friday, January 27 10am/9C

Monday, January 30 at 4/3C

Alienator (1988)

Saturday, January 28 at 2/1C

Retaliator (1986)

Saturday, January 28 at 4/3C



Stargate Atlantis

Every weeknight Monday-Friday at 10/9C

Mystery Science Theater 3000

Sundays at 8/7C

Dead Like Me

Tuesdays at 8/7C

Original Outer Limits (1963)

Wednesdays at 8/7C


Thursdays at 8/7C

Poltergeist: The Legacy

Mondays at 8/7C

Johnny Sokko and His Flying Robot

Sundays at 12:30am/11:30C

Men into Space

Sundays at 1:30am/12:30C

Stargate SG-1 (Returns Early 2017)

Stargate Universe (Returns Early 2017)"

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