Horror Highlights returns with details for three very different horror-related films. Acquired after premiering at Cannes is the horror comedy Harpoon. Continue reading for release details. Also in today's Horror Highlights: news that Caroline Williams will star in Ten Minutes to Midnight and release details for Shed of the Dead, co-starring Kane Hodder.

Harpoon Trailer and Release Details: "Recently acquired out of the Cannes market for US rights by Epic Pictures, Rob Grant’s horror comedy HARPOON is thrilled to release a new hysterically deranged sales trailer.

Repped by genre sales company Yellow Veil Pictures and coming to DREAD, Epic’s celebrated genre label, the film features Munro Chambers (star of Epic Pictures’ cult hit Turbo Kid), Emily Tyra (Code Black), and Christopher Gray (The Mist), Harpoon is a black comedy about the rivalries, dark secrets, and sexual tension that amount when three best friends find themselves stranded on a yacht in the middle of the ocean under suspicious circumstances. Written by Grant, HARPOON is a brutal and absurd genre film that brings a new twist to the lost at sea genre. The film was produced by Michael Peterson (Knuckleball), Kurtis David Harder (What Keeps You Alive) and Julian Black Antelope (True Fiction) for 775 Media Corp, and executive produced by Laurie Venning for Venntertainment.

HARPOON made its world premiere this year at the International Film Festival Rotterdam and most recently screened at the Chattanooga Film Festival and Calgary Underground Film Festival, where it won the festivals’ Audience Award.

Director Rob Grant said, “Between Yellow Veil and DREAD I couldn’t have asked for a more supportive team in releasing HARPOON. Both companies are known for their exciting genre films and I am honored to be working with them to bring everyone our f#*ked up film!”

DREAD Director of Distribution, Rob Galluzzo, added, “Rob Grant has crafted a dark, twisted, funny feature that is unlike anything else on our slate. We’re so thrilled and excited to share this unique flick with U.S. audiences!”

The deal for the film was negotiated by Patrick Ewald, CEO of Epic Pictures/Dread along with Walter Boholst, business affairs consultant on behalf of Epic and Hugues Barbier, Justin Timms, and Joe Yanick of Yellow Veil Pictures on behalf of the filmmakers.

Yellow Veil Pictures will launch international sales on the title at this month's Marché du Film at Cannes Film Festival, HARPOON will screen for international buyers on May 20th."


Caroline Williams to Star in Ten Minutes to Midnight: "Caroline Williams has signed on to star in the new Bloomquist Brothers’ film Ten Minutes To Midnight. Produced by Mainframe Pictures and Directed by Two-Time Emmy Winner Erik Bloomquist, Caroline returns to a radio station for the first time since her breakout performance as “Stretch” in The Texas Chainsaw Massacre 2.

When Tobe Hooper and L.M. “Kit” Carson began casting for the sequel to Hooper’s iconic The Texas Chainsaw Massacre, they discovered the punkass actress, who ran screaming down the hallway of the casting office. She burst into the room, pulled the chairs from beneath the duo and played the brief dialogue, while huddled in a corner. In that often told moment, she won the role from 440 actresses from both coasts.

Caroline’s career has continued to grow with guest starring appearances on TV and leads in films such as Hatchet 3 (written by Adam Green, directed by BJ McDonnell), Contracted (dir. Eric England), Halloween 2 (dir. Rob Zombie), Greenlight (writer Eric England, dir. Graham Denman), Verotika (dir. Glenn Danzig), Psycho Granny (dir. Rebekah McKendry) and many other hit TV shows and movies.

Ten Minutes To Midnight (written by Carson and Erik Bloomquist) Logline:

On the eve of forced retirement, a violent hurricane traps veteran late-night radio host Amy Marlowe and her uneasy staff at WLST while her mysterious new replacement shadows her every move.


Caroline Williams (The Texas Chainsaw Massacre 2, Hatchet III, Halloween II)

Nicole Kang (Batwoman, You)

Nicholas Tucci (You’re Next, Long Lost, Most Beautiful Island, Channel Zero: The Dream Door)

Adam Weppler (Long Lost, The Cobblestone Corridor)

Director Erik Bloomquist is best known for creating the nationally syndicated television series The Cobblestone Corridor for which he won two New England Emmy Awards (Outstanding Writer and Outstanding Director). His debut feature Long Lost and award-winning short films have played to great acclaim throughout the world."


Shed of the Dead Theatrical and DVD/Digital Release Details: "Shed of the Dead is a zombie thriller, from director Drew Cullingham (Umbrage). One part Shaun of the Dead and one part 28 Days Later, the film follows two slackers, who whittle their days away playing Dungeons & Dragons and painting figurines. As life pressures build up for Trevor (Spencer Brown) and Graham (Ewen MacIntosh), events take an unexpected turn, when the undead turn up in their little gardening spot. Now, it is a fight for survival, in a real zombie apocalypse - this May!

Shed of the Dead is bringing some of the most fearsome horror icons to the screen. Kane Hodder of Friday the 13th fame, along with Bill Moseley (3 From Hell) and Michael Berryman (The Hills Have Eyes, 1977) will be part of the action - some in undead form. As well, all three actors will be at: Shriekfest and Monsterpalooza to talk about this re-animated film.

This zombierific title will begin a theatrical launch this May, through Indican Pictures. The first showing of the film will take place in North Hollywood, at the Laemmle Theatre, this May 17th. Another showing, across the pond, will begin this May 18th, in London (Sci-fi London). After a theatrical release, which will take place in at least four countries, Shed of the Dead will be available on DVD and Digital platforms this June 6th! There will be lots of opportunities for film fans to see this horror comedy shamble on both big and little screens, this Spring and Summer."

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