Dark Horse announced that Harrow County #1 will be included in this year's 5th Annual Halloween ComicFest and will be re-released with a very unique Halloween ComicFest cover! Also in today's Highlights: release details for the Basket Case 2 / FrankenHooker vinyl soundtrack, the VOD acquisition of Hell Town, and details on Paul Holbrook's novels Domini Mortum and Memento Mori.

Harrow County #1 To Be Included in Halloween ComicFest 2016: Press Release: "MILWAUKIE, Ore., June 20, 2016 — Dark Horse is proud to announce that Harrow County #1 is being offered as part of the fifth Halloween ComicFest celebration. The heart-stopping thriller from the creative minds of Cullen Bunn and Tyler Crook is one of 32 titles — 19 full-sized comics and 13 mini comics — available for the October 29th, 2016, event. Harrow County #1 will be re-released with a special Halloween ComicFest cover.

A favorite of critics and fans alike, Harrow County is a must-read comic in the horror genre. Hailed by Bloody Disgusting as a “masterful creation that lingers in the small moments of terror in our daily lives,” Harrow County, a 2016 Will Eisner Award Nominee for Best New Series, is the perfect example of a southern gothic fairy tale.

Halloween ComicFest, sponsored by Diamond Comic Distributors, encourages pop culture fans to visit their local comic shop to receive free comics and enter the Greatest Halloween Costume Contest on Saturday, October 29th, 2016."


Basket Case 2 / FrankenHooker Vinyl Soundtrack Release Details: Press Release: "Ship to Shore PhonoCo. is proud to present the first ever vinyl release of Joe Renzetti’s scores to Frank Henenlotter’s Basket Case 2 and FrankenHooker. Basket Case 2 found Henelotter creating a sequel to his now classic 1982 gross-out, with the “freak twins” Duane and Belial back out on the prowl, but also looking for love and acceptance. FrankenHooker is Henenlotter’s riff on the classic Frankenstein story, with Jeffery Franken, memorably played by James Lorinz, resurrecting his dead love Elizabeth using pieces of the women who walk 42nd street.

Scoring duties on these two films were given to Oscar-winning composer Joe Renzetti, a familiar name to horror fans who know and love his scores to Child’s Play and Dead & Buried. Instead of going for the obvious, campy approach, Renzetti plays it straight, letting his moody, sometimes unsettling music act as a counterpoint to the absurd on screen happenings.

Featuring reversible cover art by Cleveland comic-book legend John G, extensive liner notes by Renzetti and a completely remastered score supervised by the composer, this is a release that is not to be missed by fans.

Limited to 1000 copies worldwide.
500 on opaque “FrankenHooker” purple
500 on red/black “Bloody Basket Case 2”

FrankenHooker / Basket Case 2 will be available at the NEW HOME of Ship to Shore Media, shiptoshore.storenvy.com, starting Tuesday, June 20th at 1 PM EST. It will also be available at lightintheattic.net and onewaystatic.com"


Hell Town VOD Rights Acquired, Watch the Trailer: Press Release: "Los Angeles, CA - Gravitas Ventures has acquired domestic VOD rights for Steve Balderson's festival favorite Hell Town. Presented as three episodes of a sadistic twist on Masterpiece Theater, Balderson (Firecracker, The Casserole Club) and co-director Elizabeth Spear have carved up a serialized story filled with cat fights, cliffhangers, broken hearts and murder.

Since the world premiere sponsored by the Austin Horror Society and Alamo Drafthouse, Hell Town has made audiences and critics laugh and scream, picking up awards for Best Feature at Colorado Horror-Con, as well as a Best Feature and Best Actress win for Amanda Deibert, with nominations for Best Actor, Best Director, Best Screenplay and Best Cinematography, at the Crimson Scream Horror Film Festival.

Debbie Rochon (Model Hunger, Return to Nuke 'Em High, The Theater Bizarre) headlines as the hostess of the three surviving episodes of Hell Town, following the melodramatic and potentially short-lived lives of Krysten Day, Amanda Deibert, Owen Lawless, Ben Windholz, Jennifer Grace and Balderson muse Pleasant Gehman.

Hell Town follows the melodramatic antics of high school seniors clashing over love, sex, and betrayal. In the middle of all the everyday drama of one-sided infatuations, backstabbing bitchiness, bottled-up sexuality, sibling rivalry and general small-town angst, the Letter Jacket Killer is killing students in a variety of sadistic ways. As the body count rises and the blood pools closer to home, it becomes clear that one of our main characters is the killer. Everyone, from the prom queen and shirtless jock to the nosey geek and the super bitch, are all suspects in the carnage.

Brendan Gallagher, SVP of Business Affairs at Gravitas negotiated the deal with Cyfuno Ventures on behalf of Dikenga. A digital and cable release is planned for the end of summer."


Paul Holbrook's Memento Mori:Whitechapel, London, 1877: Sibelius Darke is a man rising to the top of his profession. The rich and the powerful wish to acquire his services and he is only too willing to do what he must to attain his dreams.

However after hearing a warning from the mouth of a dead child, a monster begins to stalk the streets. A beast from Darke's own childhood nightmares.

Seen as a suspect in the eyes of the police, can he stop the killer himself? Or will it take and destroy everything that he holds dear?”

To learn more about Memento Mori, visit:

Paul Holbrook's Domini Mortum: "Paddington, London, 1883: Samuel Weaver is a tabloid illustrator and reporter whose sensationalist style makes him, in turn, both popular with the public and hated by the authorities. Obsessed with the killer Sibelius Darke, he will let nothing get in the way of finding the truth behind the stories.

Meanwhile another set of murders has begun and it soon becomes clear that these new killings are somehow linked to Darke's terrible murders in Whitechapel six years earlier.

This book is currently being supported by Unbound.

Please visit their site here and consider pledging for your copy."

To learn more about Domini Mortum, visit:

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