The History of Metal and Horror explores the overlapping interest in both heavy metal and the horror genre. Take a gander at the second promo for the project as well as some more info on the documentary. Also in today's Highlights: Tales from the Dead Zone production and casting details and a look at the lineup for the 3rd Annual Philip K. Dick European Sci-Fi Film Festival.

The History of Metal and Horror Indiegogo Details: From Indiegogo: "The History of Metal and Horror is a documentary which explores the evolution of both heavy metal and horror and how the two genres have merged over time. It is common for fans of metal to be fans of horror, and vice versa.

This documentary contains the following:

  • An exploration into the evolution of both heavy metal and horror by historians, authors, and other experts.
  • Commentary from horror icons, explaining how their films have influenced both genres.
  • Commentary from heavy metal artists about their greatest fears, favorite horror films, past and current influences, involvement in horror films, horror themed looks, music videos, and stage performances, and much more.
  • Commentary from both horror icons and metal artists about why heavy metal and horror work well together.
  • An exploration into the world of horror conventions which often contain a large heavy metal element.

A wraparound story starring a well-known horror star which ties each segment together."

To learn more, visit the documentary's website and official Indiegogo page.


Tales from the Dead Zone Production and Casting Details: Press Release: "Edmonton, Alberta: Legendary Wrestling Superstar Bret “The Hitman” Hart, To Act In Horror Movie.

World-renowned wrestler Bret” The Hitman” Hart has just signed to star in TALES FROM THE DEAD ZONE. Hart will star as Private Investigator Tom Jenkings, a one-man wrecking crew, who doesn't always play by all of the rules.

“We are happy to have Mr. Hart's involvement in our Project,” says Executive Producer Len J. Phillips.

“I wrote the role of Jenkings with Bret Hart in mind, and I am happy he accepted the offer to act in our feature film. Bret Hart is such a fantastic actor” states Director Barry J. Gillis.

TALES FROM THE DEAD ZONE, is about a Medical Examiner who imagines how victims of a horrible car crash, may have lived their lives. Prolific Danish Actor Kim Sonderholm looks forward to playing the Medical Examiner.

“I look forward to flying to Canada. I hear good things. I also like playing this type of tailor-made role, so to speak. The Medical Examiner's mind is twisted, from seeing so much death on the job. So he's got quite a vivid imagination that tends to run wild,” chuckles Sonderholm.

Also starring in TALES FROM THE DEAD ZONE is actor Dakota House, star of the long-running Canadian Television Series, (still in World Wide Syndication) NORTH OF 60. House is also known for ONE DEAD INDIAN, DREAMKEEPER, and other Movies. Rounding

out the cast is Len J. Phillips, Madison Nyenhuis, Ken Campbell, Maria Parker, Terrence Van Camp and Holly Reiter.

The incredibly talented Corey Feldman, featuring his bandmates Corey's Angels, make a special appearance in the movie as well.

Feldman has just released his new Double C.D. Set "ANGELIC 2 THE CORE" which is currently skyrocketing up the Billboard Charts...

Tales in the Anthology include LEGEND OF THE PEOPLES DEMON, END GAME, ROCK STAR LEGACY, ROPE A DOPE and BURT THE SAILOR. The first story in the Anthology, LEGEND OF THE PEOPLES DEMON has been shot and is currently in Post Production.

Director Barry J. Gillis has just completed Post Production on HOUSE OF MANY SORROWS, starring Ginger Lynn Allen, Tom Malloy, and Kim Sonderholm. HOUSE OF MANY SORROWS will be making the rounds soon at various Film Festivals World Wide, and will be available to the public in 2017.

TALES FROM THE DEAD ZONE continues Shooting in Edmonton, Canada in December. The Movie is expected to be ready for World Wide Distribution in late 2017."


3rd Annual Philip K. Dick European Sci-Fi Film Festival Lineup Announced: Press Release: "August 31, 2016: The Philip K. Dick European Science Fiction Film Festival has announced two exciting lineups of over 40 films to be screened across two countries for the third annual event. The gathering begins in Cologne, Germany from October 14-15 at Filmclub 813 e.V. where among the many gems is a special block of virtual reality films presented with Google Glass. The festival then makes a return trip to Lille, France at the L'Hybride theater on October 22nd. Festival passes will be available on tomorrow, September 1st.

Highlights include Juho Aittanen's Hypnos based on a story by H.P. Lovecraft, Coralie Fargeat's sensory perception drama Reality+, Thierry Los' robotic surf culture short Forbidden Beach and Eymeric Jorat's robotic murder mystery Jakob. The Cologne virtual reality blocks includes Ben Leonberg's zombie apocalypse Dead Head, Philipp Maas and Dominik Stockhausen's atmospheric Sonar, Ryan Hartsell's music video I'll Make You Bleed by the band "These Machines are Winning" and Pierre Zandrowicz's I, Philip, an in-depth look into the mind of an android modeled after the one and only Philip K. Dick."

To learn more about the 3rd Annual Philip K. Dick European Science Fiction Film Festival, visit:

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