Watch the Trailer for I NEED YOU DEAD!: "After a moment of total teenage angst, a young punk finds himself at odds with a psychedelic monster of his own creation."


Watch the Trailer for THE CANYONLANDS: "Five contest winners and their troubled guide struggle to survive their rafting trip in the canyonlands."

  • Distributor: Freestyle Digital Media
  • Theatrical Release Date: March 5, 2021
  • VOD Release Date: March 9, 2020
  • Production Company: Sadieland Productions
  • Director/Writer/Producer: Brendan Devane
  • Starring: Stephanie Barkley, Marqus Bobesich, Wayne Charles Baker, Dennis Connors, Sheldon Brown, Ariana Anderson, Jesse Buck-Brennan, Lauren Capkanis, Larry Yazzie, Linda Villanueva
  • Run Time: 99 minutes


Watch the Trailer for STAND OFF: "Stand Off is a zombie horror film (With plenty of action) about four survivors who attempt to work together in order to survive an infection outbreak and uncover it's strange super human effects.

When a mysterious epidemic enters the city, four strangers must work together in order to survive the zombie apocalypse in this horror zombie epic.

As they begin to uncover new information regarding the virus, the infected begin to grow stronger, faster, smarter, and larger in numbers."

Written, directed, and produced by Joseph Springer Jr

Bill Kennedy as JC Chrome
Jason John Beebe as Matthew Hypes
Erika Frase as Katie Santiago
David Clemons as Marcus
Albert McFadyen as Dr. Sparks
Nick Stutzman as Captian Brink

Make-up by:
Sheri Fairchild
Frank Nicosia
John R Renna
Ty Cheman
Jordy LeVea

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