It's been announced that Jordan Peele (Get Out) will be the recipient of The National Association of Theatre Owners (NATO)'s "CinemaCon Director of the Year" award. Congrats, Mr. Peele! Also in today's Highlights: Other Madnesses trailer and release details, Kill The Minotaur, Raised by Wolves, and The Quiet Hour.

Jordan Peele to Receive CinemaCon Director of the Year Award: Press Release: WASHINGTON D.C. (March 20, 2017) – Jordan Peele, the breakthrough writer/director of Universal Pictures’ smash “Get Out,” will receive the “CinemaCon® Director of the Year,” it was announced today by CinemaCon Managing Director, Mitch Neuhauser. CinemaCon, the official convention of The National Association of Theatre Owners (NATO), will be held March 27-30, 2017 at Caesars Palace in Las Vegas. Peele will be presented with this special honor at the “CinemaCon Big Screen Achievement Awards” ceremony, which takes place on the evening of Thursday, March 30, at The Colosseum at Caesars Palace, hosted by the Coca-Cola Company, the official presenting sponsor of CinemaCon.

“With the phenomenon known as ‘Get Out,” Jordan Peele has instantaneously become a force to reckon with as a gifted and enormously talented director and filmmaker,” noted Neuhauser. “He has audiences and critics around the globe enamored and spellbound, dare I say hypnotized, with his wildly inventive directorial debut, and we are ecstatic to be honoring him as this year’s ‘Director of the Year.’”

In Universal Pictures’ “Get Out,” a speculative thriller from Blumhouse and the mind of Jordan Peele, when a young African-American man visits his white girlfriend’s family estate, he becomes ensnared in a more sinister real reason for the invitation.

Now that Chris (Daniel Kaluuya) and his girlfriend, Rose (Allison Williams), have reached the meet-the-parents milestone of dating, she invites him for a weekend getaway upstate with Missy (Catherine Keener) and Dean (Bradley Whitford).

At first, Chris reads the family’s overly accommodating behavior as nervous attempts to deal with their daughter’s interracial relationship, but as the weekend progresses, a series of increasingly disturbing discoveries lead him to a truth that he could have never imagined.

Equal parts gripping thriller and provocative commentary, “Get Out” is produced by Blumhouse’s Jason Blum, as well as Sean McKittrick, Edward H. Hamm Jr., and Peele. The film also stars Caleb Landry Jones, Stephen Root, Milton “Lil Rel” Howery, Betty Gabriel, Marcus Henderson and Lakeith Stanfield.

Among its many accolades, the film has earned a 99% Fresh on Rotten Tomatoes. Previously, Emmy Award winner Peele was the co-star and co-creator of Comedy Central's “Key & Peele”. The hit series garnered more than 1 billion online hits, and in addition won a Peabody Award, an American Comedy Award, and earned 12 Emmy Award nominations during its five-season run. Peele also recurred on the Emmy Award-winning FX series “Fargo”, was a series regular on FOX's “MADtv” and received an Emmy Award nomination for his music video “Sad Fitty Cent.” Peele starred in the New Line feature “Keanu,” alongside Keegan-Michael Key, which Peele also produced and co-wrote with Alex Rubens. Upcoming in TV, Peele is executive producing the new Tracy Morgan comedy show for TBS."


Other Madnesses Trailer, Poster, and Release Details: "Ed Zimmer is a lonely, New York City tour guide who leads a double life. By day, he points out famous landmarks to wide-eyed tourists. But when Ed returns home at night, he is plagued by nightmares; disturbing visions of a child abduction which seem too real to be a figment of his imagination. Tortured by these thoughts, Ed ventures out into the gritty underbelly of New York City to investigate. After a dangerous encounter with a real life killer, Ed becomes obsessed with avenging the innocent and begins hunting down the murderers who haunt him in his sleep. Meanwhile, Ed attempts to maintain a romantic relationship with a Russian tourist named Lucya, who doesn't know about his dark secret. As the vigilante killings escalate, Ed's unhinged behavior makes Lucya fear that he is descending into madness.

OTHER MADNESSES is the debut feature film from writer/director Jeremy Carr. The gritty psychological thriller which reportedly "feels like a fever dream" that "effectively gets under your skin" (The Hollywood Reporter) premiered in New York City in March of 2015 at First Time Fest where lead actor James Moles was presented the award for "Outstanding Achievement in Acting." Since then, the film has gone on to screen all around the country and internationally. It has won several more awards on the festival circuit, including "Best Feature Film" and "Best Produced Screenplay" at The Cape Fear Independent Film Festival, "Outstanding Cinematography" at the Arizona International Film Festival, "Best Performance" at the Orlando Film Festival and "Best Director" at the West Side Film Festival in Los Angeles. The truly independent film took eight years to complete and can boast that it was shot in all five boroughs of NYC during all four seasons, including a finale that was captured during the record-breaking blizzard of 2010. The footage was nearly lost forever when Hurricane Sandy flooded the Brooklyn production studio with five feet of seawater.

For more information

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Written and directed by Jeremy Carr, and starring James Moles and Natia Dune, Other Madnesses is now available on VOD and Blu-ray / DVD from Gravitas Ventures.


Kill the Minotaur Comic Book Series: Press Release: Press Release: "Famed video game and film writers Chris Pasetto (Sanitarium, co-writer of feature film Air) and Christian Cantamessa (Red Dead Redemption, co-writer and director of Air) team up with comics artist Lukas Ketner (WITCH DOCTOR) for the all-new series KILL THE MINOTAUR, coming this June from Image Comics and Skybound Entertainment.

Athens lost the war to Crete. Now, they must pay tribute to King Minos by sacrificing their best citizens to his unearthly labyrinth and the terror within. Conspirators believe Theseus can be the hero they so desperately need to end the mad king’s bloody reign...but no one in this world has ever encountered anything like the savage minotaur.

“Growing up in Italy, I was fascinated with mythology and its archetypal stories,” said Cantamessa. “Our goal is to continue a time-honored tradition of storytelling and to offer a novel take for a modern audience.”

“I'm honored that Image and Skybound have included KILL THE MINOTAUR in their lineup,” said Pasetto. “It's been amazing working with Christian to create this fresh take on a classic myth, and Lukas has done an outstanding job bringing our world and characters to life with his art.”

“The story of Theseus and the Minotaur was my favorite Greek myth as a kid, and Christian Cantamessa and Chris Pasetto have really run with that classic and twisted it into something shocking and fun,” said Ketner. “The series has been an absolute joy to draw, and it's an honor to have my artwork treated to Jean-Francois Beaulieu's coloring expertise.”

KILL THE MINOTAUR #1 (Diamond code: APR170711) hits comic book stores Wednesday, June 14th. Final order cutoff deadline for comics retailers is Monday, May 22nd."


Raised by Wolves Digital, DVD, and VOD Release Details: Press Release: "Los Angeles, Calif. — March 2017 -- It’s all-out terror as Random Media and Helios Productions announce the March 28, Digital (iTunes), DVD and VOD debut of RAISED BY WOLVES, an edge-of-your-seat, blood-splattered horror adventure from The Butcher Brothers, directed by Mitchell Altieri.  Starring a host of millennial favorites including Evan CrooksJenna Haze and Monty Greer the film tells the chilling tale of a group of teenagers who stumble upon a remote house while looking for a place to skateboard and raise hell.  Unfortunately, the house also happens to be the location of a horrific 1973 mass suicide.  Now, the kids are unknowingly becoming possessed and turning against one another, repeating the home's violent past.

RAISED BY WOLVES was created by ‘’The Butcher Brothers,’ the filmmaking alter-egos of directors Mitchell Altieri and Phil Flores.  Together, this dynamic duo has developed a strong following, creating a series of great thrillers, including their first feature film The Hamiltons, the mysterious story of four young adult siblings who try to fend for themselves after the mysterious death of their parents.  It was the co-winner of the Gold Vision Award of the Santa Barbara International Film Festival and the Jury Prize at the Malibu International Film Festival, before releasing theatrically by Lionsgate.  Influenced by film greats including Tobe Hooper, David Cronenberg and David Lynch, The Butcher Brothers projects also include The Violent Kind, which premiered at the  Sundance Film Festival; The Hamiltons sequel, The Thompsons (also for Lionsgate) and Holy Ghost People,  which made its premiere at SXSW.   The Butcher Brothers most recent projects include A Beginner's Guide to Snuff (winner of ‘FearNYC’) which will be released in theatres later this summer and The Night Watchmen, which was recently honored as ‘Best Feature’ at Atlanta’s Buried Alive Film Fest as it makes it’s away around the world on the film festival circuit.


In the summer of 1973, dozens of teenagers were lured to a remote plantation by a charismatic cult leader and brainwashed into attacking anyone outside their group. What followed was a killing spree of unimaginable brutality.

The horrendous crimes were covered up and the only survivor locked away. The secrets of the Plainsong Massacre remained hidden…until now.  Seven teenagers  –  looking for a place to skateboard, drink beer and raise hell – drive a stolen truck to the long abandoned plantation.

The high-spirited teens initially laugh off the blood-stained walls and mysterious symbols but, with night falling, it becomes clear they are being stalked by a force of pure evil and limitless power. As the childhood friends fight for survival, they discover the horrific truth about the massacre, and Mikey’s footage builds to a final confrontation that echoes all our nightmares.

Logline: When seven teenagers go to a remote deserted plantation to skateboard and have fun, the day soon turns into a night of terror, as the true spirit of the properties’ past owners returns and they are stalked by the forces of pure evil.

RAISED BY WOLVES was written by Cory Knauf, Mitchell Altieri, and Phil Flores.  The film stars Monty Greer, Michael Hudson, Hassan Mahmood, Evan Crooks, Leore Hayon, Alisa Torres, Kristina Emerson and Jenna Haze.  It was edited by Jesse Spencer, with music by ‘Dance with the Dead.’ The film was produced by Alejandro Salomon, Frederick Cipoletti, Cory Knauf and Phil Flores. Executive Producer David Saloman.

Produced by Helios Productions and distributed by Random Media, RAISED BY WOLVES  runs 76 minutes and is not rated."


The Quiet Hour DVD Release Details: Press Release: Press Release: "La Vergne, Tennessee - Monarch Home Entertainment is set to release the post-apocalyptic thriller The Quiet Hour. From French director Stéphanie Joalland, The Quiet Hour takes place after an alien invasion. Bandits roam the land and Sarah (Richards) must defend her remote farm, from hostile forces. This thriller stars: Dakota Blue Richards (The Golden Compass), Karl Davies (“Game of Thrones”), Jack McMullen and Brigitte Millar. DVD release details, for this award-winning film, are available now!

The film’s main story takes place in desperate times. Sarah must protect her blind brother and farm. Meanwhile, aliens are harvesting the planet for resources. When a mysterious soldier comes to her door, she must decide if she can let him in or not. Is he another bandit? With few survivors to turn to, Sarah must make a difficult choice, to ensure her family’s survival.

The Quiet Hour is slated to release this March. Monarch Home Entertainment will launch this title, via DVD, at several locations, including Amazon. On March 21st, The Quiet Hour will be available in an unrated version. A remarkable film and winner of Best Narrative Feature at the Kansas City Filmfest, The Quiet Hour will stun science fiction and thriller fans, in just a few days.

Official synopsis: Humans are few and far between since Earth was invaded by extraterrestrial machines that harvest the planet's resources and relentlessly kill its inhabitants. In a remote part of the countryside, a feisty 19-year-old girl sets out on a desperate attempt to repel a group of bandits and defend her farm.

Street Date: March 21, 2017, Rating: Not Rated SRP: $19.95

Genre: Science Fiction, Thriller Cat #: MHV 7950 Run Time: 85 Minutes

Director: Stephanie Joalland

Cast: Dakota Blue Richards, Karl Davies, Jack McMullen, and Brigitte Millar.

More details at Monarch:,_The

The film’s fan page:"

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