The third annual MondoCon 2016 has been announced and tickets for the monster event are currently on sale. Attendees will be able to purchase The Monster Squad vinyl soundtrack with new artwork by Gary Pullin. Also in today's Horror Highlights: three Blu-ray clips for The Binding before it debuts on August 2nd, a look at cover artwork and preview pages for Fractured Scary Tales #2, and details and a Kindred Spirits clip from Destination America's panel at SDCC 2016.

Third Annual MondoCon 2016 Announcement: Press Release: "Austin, TX-July 27 2016 - Mondo is pleased to announce tickets are on sale for the third annual MondoCon along with an initial lineup of exhibitors and artists. MondoCon 2016 will take place October 22nd and 23rd in Austin, TX at AFS Cinema and Holiday Inn Midtown Conference Center.

MondoCon is a celebration of everything Mondo loves, including movies, art, comics, music, toys and food. It's a weekend curated with fans in mind, featuring incredible artists & creators from around the world, panels, screenings, food trucks, live score and interactive events.

The full program schedule will be unveiled in the weeks to come, but Mondo is excited to tease a few items, including a Mondo Gallery show on the eve of MondoCon on Friday, October 21st entitled "New Works" featuring celebrated artists Jason Edmiston and Ken Taylor. Artist Jock will also be in attendance at the convention to sign copies of his new book The Art of Jock.

Mondo has also unveiled a super cool new vinyl for The Monster Squad Original Motion Picture Soundtrack with music composed and conducted by Bruce Broughton. The collectible design features artwork by Gary Pullin. The soundtrack will be available first at MondoCon.


Martin Ansin | Sam Wolfe | Connelly Aaron Draplin

Oliver Barrett | Rhys Cooper | Jason Edmiston

Richey Beckett | Daniel Danger | Francisco Francavilla

Florian Bermer | DKNG | Ken Garduno

Scott C | Craig Drake | JJ Harrison

Tom Haubrick | Phil Rameriz | Matt Ryan Tobin

Jock | JC Richard | Kevin Tong

Rob Jones | Arik Roper | Vacvvm

Alex Kirhzner | Jay Ryan | WBYK

Landland | Scarecrowoven | Erica Williams

Mike Mitchell | Todd Slater | N.C. Winters

Randy Ortiz | William Stout | Matthew Woodson

Alex Pardee | Ken Taylor

Gary Pullin | Matt Taylor

Tickets Available Now:

Early Bird 2-Day Tickets, $79. Limited Number Available. On Sale Now.

Saturday-Only: $45, on sale later this summer.

Sunday-Only: $45, on sale later this summer."


Watch Three Blu-ray Clips and Trailer for The Binding: "An unsettling spiritual shocker, The Binding shows the darker side of devotion when a religious family’s patriarch begins receiving visions of bloodshed. Debuting on Blu-ray and DVD August 2nd, 2016 from Scream Factory, this acclaimed film will feature a host of extras including over 20 minutes of deleted scenes, cast interviews with Amy Gumenick, Josh Heisler, and Leon Russom, a feature-length commentary track with writer and director Gus Krieger, and The Binding’s original teaser trailer."


A Look at Fractured Scary Tales #2 Cover Artwork and Preview Pages: "Do titles like “Planet of the Were-Apes”, “Snow White & the 7 Deadly Sins”, “Undead Poets Society”, and “Maltese Frankenstein” make you chuckle with ghoulish delight?

Then it’s time to grab an issue or two of Fractured Scary Tales, the dementedly different horror anthology that’s been described as a cross between Robot Chicken and Tales from the Crypt.

Two Spooktackular issues are available now. Each 40-page comic mag is jam-packed with scary parodies of classic movies with an ironic twist. Featuring the work of talented artists from around the world, this is one comic-mag you won’t want to miss!

Rated PG- Pretty Gruesome, some content may be too intense for all readers."

To learn more about Fractured Scary Tales #2, visit:

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