New Poster for NEVER LET GO: "From visionary director Alexandre Aja (The Hills Have Eyes, Crawl) and the creative minds behind Stranger Things and Arrival comes NEVER LET GO. In this new psychological thriller/horror, as an evil takes over the world beyond their front doorstep, the only protection for a mother, played by Academy Award® winner Halle Berry (Actress in a Leading Role, 2001 – Monster’s Ball), and her twin sons is their house and their family’s protective bond. Needing to stay connected at all times – even tethering themselves with ropes – they cling to one another, urging each other to never let go. But when one of the boys questions if the evil is real, the ties that bind them together are severed, triggering a terrifying fight for survival."



Copro Gallery Hosts Mike Mignola's Hellboy 30th Anniversary Tribute Group Art Show Curated by Gary Deocampo: "2024 marks the 30th anniversary of one of the most influential independent comic characters in pop culture: Hellboy. Mike Mignola’s iconic character has inspired artists working in every medium for decades. To celebrate Hellboy and Mignola’s legacy, curator Gary Deocampo has assembled a group exhibition with over 40 artists paying tribute to Hellboy with paintings, drawings and sculptures. The Hellboy 30th Anniversary Tribute Group Show will open on Saturday, July 6 at Copro Gallery in Santa Monica, CA.

“Curating this show was a labor of love not only for me and Copro Gallery but for all the artists that joined us on this creative journey,” explained curator and artist Gary Deocampo. “The 30 year anniversary of Hellboy is not only a testament to the universe that was built and still thrives, but to Mike Mignola and his indelible impact on the industry and fans worldwide. This show is a love letter to Hellboy and Mike for all the joy that he and Hellboy continue to gift the world.”

The show brings together a diverse roster of acclaimed artists from the worlds of comics, film and fine art, including  Rachele Aragno, Attack Peter, Abby Belle, Mitchell Bernal,Steven Russell Black, Scott C, Anthony Carpenter, Rick Cortes,  Martin Darkside, Gary Deocampo, Dos Diablos,  Alban Ficat, Luke Flowers, Thom Fluharty, Francesco Francavilla, Gabriel Garcia, Juan Gedeon, Joseph Gonzalez,  Mab Graves, Gris Grimly, Jorge R. Gutierrez, Natalie Hall,  Kevin Hanna, Rustam Hasanov, Tomás Hijo, Dan Hipp, Mike Huddleston, David Igo, Warwick JC, Karikatura, Paul Komoda, Mark Laszlo, Travis Louie, David Mack, Ruben Martinez, Kamila Mlynarczyk,  Kirk Nelson, Kory Nelson, Stephen Oakley, Kelly Olson, Thomas Perkins, David Peterson, Craig Rousseau, Heidi Marie Smith, Matt Smith, Javier Soto, Tad Stone, Vin Teng, Katsuya Terada, Patrick Thai, Gabriel Hernandez Walta, Doug William, Allen Williams, Chet Zar, and more! The variety of art on display is a testament to the breadth of Mignola’s influence and inspiration.

“The first time I saw Hellboy I was awestruck by Mike’s design and style,” said MONDO creative director and designer, Attack Peter. “The work knocked me off my proverbial horse and set me on my path to become a professional artist. I was forever changed.”

“I've gotten too much from Hellboy to properly list in a few sentences,” said cartoonist Matt Smith (BARBARIAN LORD). “ Hellboy brought me back into comics after drifting away for years. It widened my eyes to a form of storytelling that was atmospheric and gorgeous. It inspired me to make my own comic and then unexpectedly became part of my professional comics life. Hellboy means a mountain of significance for me. Happy 30th, fella.

“When Gary Deocampo contacted me to participate in the exhibition honoring Hellboy I was so happy!,” said artist Rachele Aragno (LEONIDE THE VAMPYR). “HELLBOY was the comic that made me love comics and choose to do them professionally. This character has paved a path straight into my heart, I can never stop thanking and loving him.

”Bestselling cartoonist David Mack (KABUKI, DAREDEVIL) adds, "Mignola's art & creativity has sent ripple effects of inspiration to creators and fans. It is an honor to contribute to this Hellboy exhibition!"

Copro Gallery will host an opening reception for The Hellboy 30th Anniversary Tribute Group Show from 6-10 PM PT on Saturday, July 6. Follow @CoproGallery or visit the gallery’s website for updates."


Watch the Trailer for BOOGER: "Dark Sky Films proudly announces the release of BOOGER to select theaters and digital/VOD on September 13th. BOOGER is the acclaimed debut feature from writer-director Mary Dauterman and featuring a praised performance by Strawberry Mansion's Grace Glowicki.

BOOGER, the acclaimed debut feature from writer-director Mary Dauterman and featuring a praised performance by Strawberry Mansion's Grace Glowicki, is a one-of-a-kind film blending body horror with comedy in a story of intense female friendship and its tragic loss, all backgrounded by a tale of supernatural transformation.

New Yorker Anna (Grace Glowicki, Strawberry Mansion) has just suffered the sudden and unexpected death of her best friend and roommate, Izzy (Sofia Dobrushin, Mean Girls 2024 ). She's trying to handle this loss when Izzy's cat, Booger, runs away. Anna goes on a desperate search to find him and in the process, she is bitten on the hand by the cat. She soon begins to take on feline characteristics. and her work life and relationship with her boyfriend start to go downhill.

The film also stars Garrick Bernard (Single Drunk Female), Marcia DeBonis (Sometimes I Think About Dying, 13 Going on 30), David Rysdahl (Oppenheimer, Fargo) and indie icon Heather Matarazzo (Welcome to the Dollhouse, Scream 3).

BOOGER is produced by Lexi Tannenholtz (Shudder’s Bad Things) and executive produced by Neon Heart Productions (Cora Bora), Ley Line Entertainment (Everything Everywhere All at Once), Sanctuary Content, One Two Twenty Entertainment (Joyland) and Lizzie Shapiro (Shiva Baby)."


SCREAMS FROM THE PAST: "Screams from the Past – Forbidden Horror Comics, an anthology of remastered horror  comics from the 1950s by publisher Grimmcore Studios is live on Kickstarter. This first issue will  feature public domain horror comics that were originally published in the 1950s, remastered using  modern digital technology and presented to a new audience. 

Daniel Grimm, CEO of Grimmcore Studios, is the curator and editor of this new series. He  partnered with artist Alejandro Samada to remaster several comics in the public domain that were  cancelled after the Fredrick Wertham controversy of 1955 that moved millions of Americans to organize mass comic book burnings under the belief that horror comics were increasing rates of  violence and criminal activity among young readers. Screams from the Past – Forbidden Horror  Comics #1 will feature art from legendary creators whose work appeared on EC Comics, Marvel,  DC, and many more iconic publishers. 

“We want to celebrate the tremendous legacy of these original horror creators while also  bringing their comics to a new level of quality that we haven’t seen since they were first published  back in the fifties,” said Daniel Grimm. “We wanted to bring back these forbidden horror comics  that inspired great maestros like Stephen King, John Carpenter, and many more to the public. I’ve  spent most of the last year researching hundreds of these comics in the public domain to pick the  absolute best, and we’re planning to remaster them and release them through Kickstarter in this  new series. We’re very excited to bring these classic comics back!”

If you want to discover the comics that terrified the world, you can back the Kickstarter campaign and get your copy here! from-the-past-1-forbidden-horror-comics"