Rob Zombie Presents Classic Horror Film Soundtrack Series Exclusively Through Waxwork Records: "Rob Zombie and Waxwork Records have partnered to release an exclusive, curated line of classic Horror movie soundtracks. “Rob Zombie Presents” will feature several never-before-released film soundtracks that were personally selected by the singer, songwriter, and filmmaker.

Rob Zombie and Waxwork are thrilled to announce their first soundtrack title as “Rob Zombie Presents WHITE ZOMBIE”. Starring Bela Lugosi, 1932’s WHITE ZOMBIE is considered the first zombie movie. It was also filmed on Universal Studio’s lot, using several props from other horror films of that time. Starring Madge Bellamy, Robert W. Frazer, and John Harron, the film follows the cast as they navigate zombies, love, obsession, and treachery. Initially slammed by critics upon its release, the movie has been reevaluated and praised by recent critics for its classic horror production. The film has gone on to influence mainstream media, even influencing the band name of White Zombie. Rob Zombie has said of the film, “It’s a great film that not a lot of people know about. It amazes me that a film that is so readily available can be so lost.”

After working together on the successful release of the official soundtracks to Zombie’s films House of 1000 Corpses, The Devils Rejects, 3 From Hell, The Lords of Salem, Halloween 1 & 2, and The Munsters, Zombie explored other ways to collaborate with Waxwork in an effort to unearth, re-master, and release classic, left-of-center Horror soundtracks from films that he is a life-long fan of. The line of soundtracks features deluxe packaging, heavyweight colored vinyl, new artwork by prominent Horror illustrator Graham Humphreys, liner notes and interviews conducted by Rob Zombie with filmmakers and actors. Titles include premiere releases of Spider Baby, Carnival Of Souls, The Last Man On Earth, The House On Haunted Hill, Island Of Lost Souls, and many selections from the HAMMER film library."

“I have always been a huge fan of movie soundtracks. So I jumped at the opportunity to work with Waxwork on this project.” Says Zombie, “I can’t wait to release these albums. So many of these films are greatly under appreciated and, they all contain such great music. So, to be able to release these deluxe packages is a dream come true."

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PILLOW PARTY MASSACRE: "Two years after a tragic April Fools prank, a group of friends return to their childhood vacation home to reconnect and heal old wounds. As strange things begin to happen, and girls turn up missing, it's clear that someone or something is out for revenge.

Laura Welsh, Chynna Rae Shurts, Allegra Sweeny, and Jax Kellington star in a devilishly wicked throwback to classic '80s slasher films. Breaking Glass Pictures presents a film by Calvin McCarthy, PILLOW PARTY MASSACRE available on digital platforms now!"



Author Chad Hunter to Unleash New Zombie Horror Sci-Fi Tech Thriller "DedKode - Connected": "Author Chad Hunter is thrilled to announce the upcoming release of his latest novel, "DedKode - Connected," a gripping zombie horror sci-fi tech thriller. With a deep passion for the undead genre, Hunter has created a compelling story featuring the character DedKode, a foul-mouthed, sharp-witted zombie hacker facing a far-reaching shadow algorithm.

In "DedKode - Connected," readers will be taken on a thrilling journey through a world unknowningly threatened by a global zombie infection & technology has become the only hope for survival and its certain doom. The story follows the exploits of Devon Collier aka DedKode, a hacker who has been turned into a zombie and is now using his newfound abilities to take dangerous forces threatening to tear the world apart by craving, living dead jaws.

"I've always been a huge fan of the zombie genre and I wanted to take it in a different direction," said Hunter. "I wanted to create a story that blended horror, science fiction, and technology, and 'DedKode - Connected' is the result of that vision. It's a fast-paced, action-packed but grabs readers due mainly to the heart and concept of connectedness and humanity.  And lots of zombies."

Hunter is available for interviews and content discussions and would be happy to talk to journalists and bloggers about his work.  "DedKode - Connected" will be available for purchase in print on Amazon Summer 2023."

About Chad Hunter:

"Chad Hunter was born in East Chicago, Indiana. Raised by a single mother in the city's Harbor section, he is the youngest of four. Growing up in the Midwest and a proudly self-proclaimed "Region Rat," Hunter has written and published several books and novels. He has written for magazines and newspapers throughout North America and has been published in several languages. His writings have been called sophisticated yet humorous, sharp witted and unrelenting.  Most often, Hunter's writings have been considered so wide and diverse that they span a scale that would include multiple writers with multiple forms.  If anything binds his varied styles, it is Hunter's theme of the human condition, humor and family closeness - all to the backdrop of romantic love, vibrant remembrance and even monsters themselves.  Links to DedKode and the DedKode universe can be found at"