A new episode of Collection Complete has arrived, and in it, filmmaker Sean Clark discusses a very iconic collector's item. Continue reading for details on Gemr's Child's Play 2 Chucky doll giveaway. Also in today's Horror Highlights: release details for Slasher: Solstice on Netflix and Dread's They're Inside.

Collection Complete's Child's Play 2 Chucky Doll Giveaway Details: "Unearthed by the docu-series Collection Complete (which takes an in-depth look into the lives of artists and the collections that fuel their work, as presented by Gemr, an app for collectors worldwide), the show’s latest episode takes a look at the impact of horror cinema on Los-Angeles based filmmaker and collector Sean Clark, as well as one of the items which reside within his jaw-dropping private collection of screen-used props: a Child’s Play doll from 2017’s Cult of Chucky.

A deep dive into Clark’s life-long fascination with genre film, the episode focuses on his preschool introduction to horror via the films The Exorcist and The Texas Chain Saw Massacre, screen-used items from the latter director’s 1981 film The Funhouse which now exist in Clark’s collection, and one particularly creepy Good Guys doll which shares a shelf in his home with another diminutive demon, the evil Annabelle from The Conjuring films.

The series’ seventeenth episode (future installments are set to showcase other items in Clark’s collection, including a screen-used Hellraiser box and The Resonator prop from 1986’s From Beyond), past episodes of Collection Complete have ventured into the personal collections of filmmakers Mike Mendez of Tales of Halloween fame and designer, artist and pinup Micheline Pitt, among others.

What’s more, for the next four weeks, those who create a free account at Gemr.com’s horror club HERE will have a chance to WIN an Officially Licensed Child’s Play 2 Chucky Doll from Trick or Treat Studios (valued at over $500.00!) signed by the original Child’s Play director Tom Holland!

Collection Complete Horror Club Giveaway link: https://landing.gemr.com/ChildsPlay

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Slasher: Solstice Release Details & Trailer: "Slasher: Solstice, created by Aaron Martin, is set to premiere on Netflix May 23, in an all-new story set on the longest day of the year...the summer solstice. Slasher: Solstice is the third season of the critically acclaimed psychological thriller anthology series.

The ensemble cast includes Salvatore Antonio, Lisa Berry, Paula Brancati, Gabriel Darku, Erin Karpluk, Dean McDermott, Mercedes Morris, Ilan Muallem, Paulino Nunes, Baraka Rahmani, and Joanne Vannicola.

Creator Aaron Martin said, "Slasher is a character-driven contemporary murder mystery, set in a classic slasher film environment. This season, I am excited that in addition to telling a gripping horror story, based on true crime cases, we were able to grapple with some important issues including anti-immigration bias and bullying.”

Showrunner Ian Carpenter said, “It’s about the kind of judgment and resentment that arise when a neighborhood gentrifies -- a bunch of people that would never choose each other as neighbors rubbing up against each other every day, the tension leading to hate leading to violence and death.”

Slasher: Solstice takes place over a 24-hour period on the summer solstice. When a young man is brutally killed in front of his apartment building, he is surrounded by witnesses who do nothing to help. One year later, terror strikes the apartment complex once again when someone seemingly seeks bloody revenge on the neighbors and witnesses who did nothing to help him. And now, The Druid, a frightening hooded figure, begins to hunt them down one by one to extract gruesome payback.

As the presence of The Druid looms over the apartment complex – already a powder keg filled with new immigrants, white supremacists, obnoxious hipsters, and toxic marriages – the hatred and dark secrets that fester among the residents comes to a horrifying boiling point.

Slasher: Solstice is the third of an anthology psychological thriller series to air on Netflix. The first season, Slasher: The Executioner, follows The Executioner's brutal sin-based killing spree in a small town. Season two, Slasher: Guilty Party, follows a group of friends who return to their summer campground to bury the sins of their past as they are stalked by a revenge-seeking killer."


They're Inside Release Details & Teaser Trailer: "Coming July 16th to VOD and Blu-Ray from DREAD is the directorial debut of filmmaker John-Paul Panelli, THEY’RE INSIDE.

When two sisters go to an isolated cabin in the woods to film a passion project, family secrets start to get in the way… as do masked strangers filming a passion project of their own.

Produced by Derek Dennis Herbert and Andrew Barcello, the team behind the acclaimed documentary TO HELL AND BACK: THE KANE HODDER STORY, THEY’RE INSIDE stars Karli Hall (HAUNT), Amanda Kathleen Ward (FATE), Jake Ferree (TRUE DETECTIVE), Sascha Ghafoor (THE WEDDING INVITATION), Chelsea D. Miller (SPACEMAN) with Alex Rinehart (THE BLACK ROOM) and Matthew Peschio delivering chilling performances as the killers.

Monte Yazzie of Daily Dead called THEY’RE INSIDE “an insightful and unsettling perspective on the found footage genre,” and called “John-Paul Panelli is a filmmaker to watch out for.”

“FUNNY GAMES meets THE STRANGERS” raves Burning Witches Records’ Gary Dimes. “Features a show-stopping one-take 9-minute scene that needs to be seen to be believed!”


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