Sideshow Collectibles has added another imposing (and beautifully crafted) character to the ranks of their Court of the Dead with the new Mortighull Premium Format Figure that's featured in today's Horror Highlights, which also includes an update on Space Goat Productions' Evil Dead 2 Kickstarter campaign, a teaser trailer for Lilith (starring Jessica Cameron), a new clip from the anthology series By Night: Origins, details on the world premiere of The Redeeming, the first short film from the new anthology series Ao-Terror-Oa, The Gatehouse release info, the cast for Killer Kate!, and UK and Ireland release details for Whispers.

Sideshow Reveals New Reaper Premium Format Figure: From Sideshow: "Sideshow is proud to present Mortighull: The Risen Reaper General Premium Format™Figure, a terrifying new addition to our original Court of the Dead collection…

The Reaper General Mortighull is far from a mirror image of his mentor, the resolute Demithyle. Mortighull is torn between his obligation to end the great celestial war… and tempted by darker urges. An Underworld champion conceived for a noble scheme, yet hammered by its cruel purpose, he revels in the thrill of combat but struggles with his compassion for the mortal souls that are unwillingly drawn into the Celestial war. Mortighull walks the knife’s edge of a warrior who must bring about peace through destruction.

Standing over 26.5" tall, the Risen Reaper General is an imposing and impressive figure. His ornate armor is delicately painted to look beautifully aged and weathered, with the green patina of an ancient relic.

“From the bottom of the base to the tip of his sword: The level of detail is insane,” said project manager Jesse Lincoln. “This figure has been in development for a long time, so I have been working on him for years… and I am still noticing new elements in his armor."

Master sculptor Martin Canale brought Mortigull to (after)life. “The key challenge to Mortighull’s design was to differentiate his armor from that of the Demithyle's, with its more classical ornamentation,” Martin said. “I had the opportunity to really dig into all the concept work from the amazing designer Amilcar Fong, which was of course influenced by the great brain of Tom Gilliland. It was a real dream team."

The Sideshow Exclusive Version of Mortighull features the Veil of Mortality: A decorative combat mask chosen to honor the mortals who Mortighull is tasked with collecting. It serves as a physical manifestation of the Reaper's internal struggle as he strives to transcend his darker nature. The exclusive mask comes with its own ornate display stand."

Images from Sideshow:


Space Goat Productions' Evil Dead 2 Kickstarter: Press Release: "(October 31, 2017 - Bellingham, WA) - Space Goat Productions launched the Evil Dead 2 Comic Book Omnibus and Art Book Kickstarter on October 19. They were successfully funded at $20,000 on October 25 with 30 days left in the campaign--and they are just getting started.

Included in their campaign are the giant 8" x 12" The Art of Evil Dead 2: Comic Books and Board Games as well as The Evil Dead 2 Omnibus. Both tomes are housed in a slipcase styled after the iconic Necronomicon Ex-Mortis from the cult classic film.

"These are big, beautiful, high-quality books that every Evil Dead fan will love to add to their collection," said publisher Shon Bury.

Offered on the campaign was a tier that included a Kandarian Dagger alongside the slipcase set as well as a separate tier that offered the Necronomicon Ex-Mortis with the slipcase set. Both tiers sold out the first day. These prop replicas were sculpted by Tom Sullivan, the actual FX Artist that made the book and the dagger for Evil Dead 1 and 2.

In response, Space Goat Production reached out once more to the prop maker to secure more for a later 2018 delivery. Due to these events, Space Goat Productions is now able to provide a limited tier of 75 that includes the hardcover slipcase as well as both props and the Evil Dead 2 book set for $180. This new tier ships in July 2018. Supplies will not last long.

For more information visit the campaign page here."


Lilith Teaser Trailer: Press Release: "From Producer Mem Ferda and Small Town Girl Productions comes the new teaser trailer for the indie feature film Lilith.

Lilith is a Mesopotamian storm demon associated with wind and was thought to be a bearer of disease, illness, and death…

Heidi and Steve Richmond are traveling across country in an RV, the workaholic married couple are taking a break from the hustle and bustle of every day life to rekindle their romance. But when their path crosses with a beautiful young woman named Lily, their idyllic road trip becomes a hellish nightmare.

The film stars some talented actors, including: Jessica Cameron (Truth or Dare, American Guinea Pig: Song of Solomon), Carlo Mendez (Parks and Recreation, The Bay), Ryan Kiser (Truth or Dare, In Harms Way) and Ali Ferda (An Ending, The Sleeper).

Award winning composer Eric Elick has signed on to do the music for the feature film. Recently Eric scored the music for Kate Shenton’s Egomaniac, Jitterman and Visitation.

Producer Mem Ferda had this to say about his release:

“Hard core horror fans who loved our award winning feature ‘Truth or Dare’ will love ‘Lilith’ which is quite different and unique, featuring some of the best in indie horror talent.”

For more information about Lilith please visit:




By Night: Origins: Press Release: LOS ANGELES - Oct. 17, 2017 - By Night: Origins is a short-form anthology series for fans of horror, conspiracy and morality tales. Each episode journeys into the unknown with tales of the paranormal and horrors of the human condition revealing that everything has a dark side. Starring Joe DeRosa from Better Call Saul as The Nocturnal. Created by Matt Johnson and Robert Uncles.

The series delivers a new take on familiar themes from the horror genre, “We were very conscious about what people already know about aliens, creatures and conspiracy theories but we put a new twist on them so that we weren’t falling into cliché’s. I think we came up with truly original takes on all of the popular stories one might think they know. Beyond that, we are creating a universe where these stories live in that doesn’t seem phony or unreal. You will be on the edge of your seat, I promise!” said creator Robert Uncles.

The creators were influenced by their love of classic horror from Wes Craven to cult favorites like Tales from the Crypt and Creepshow, as well as anthologies like The Twilight Zone, Night Gallery, and Boris Karloff’s Thriller. By Night: Origins is the result of those classic influences updated for the modern viewer.

“Anthologies are on the rise. From Lore to Amazing Stories, Black Mirror, Room 104, Dimension 404 – they are back. But what sets By Night apart is the length. We are unabashedly short form, creative, fast, fun, terrifying morality tales you can view in 10-20 minutes. Maybe you watch one at lunch or right before bed. But at their core they also return to quality storytelling of old with a wide variety of topics. Plus there is an amazing one world conspiracy through line mixed cleverly throughout. Our goal is anthology amplified!” said creator Matt Johnson.

Appropriately, By Night: Origins released a teaser trailer on Friday the 13th and is releasing an extended scene from the series on Halloween, October 31st. Wide release of the series is scheduled for 2018. The trailer and extended scene will be available at"


The Redeeming: Press Release: "Psychological thriller feature film 'The Redeeming' is to play its WORLD PREMIERE screening at the Horror-on-Sea Film Festival in Southend, Essex, UK at 2.30pm on 28th January 2018.

Director Brian Barnes beams, “I’m thrilled that we get to show off 'The Redeeming' at the Horror-on-Sea Film Festival, as they're a lively audience of dedicated genre fans who will lap up the mesmerising concoction we have prepared for them."

This edge-of-your-seat thriller is a captivating cat-and-mouse game that plays out over the course of one night, where you’re never quite sure what will happen next.  Disturbed single mother Joyce (Tracey Ann Wood) must protect her home from mysterious stranger John (Ryan Wichert), but her struggle to hold onto her sanity could doom them both.

'The Redeeming' was shot in Somerset, Southwest England, UK in January 2014 during the terrible flooding and storms.  Rising floodwaters trapped the cast and crew in the house featured in the film.

Brian says of the shoot, “We channelled the isolation and claustrophobia of our predicament to ramp up the tension in the film.  Many scenes were shot by candlelight, which adds to the magical atmosphere of the film."

Lead actor Ryan Wichert (star of Germany’s Grimme-Preis nominated WDR TV show “The Unlikely Events of…”) adds, “The script was really gripping and unpredictable.  That whole play of what is real and what is in Joyce’s imagination.  That was a very exciting journey for the audience to go on."

Lead actress Tracey Ann Wood (star of the UK’s Royal National Theatre) enthuses, “I’ve had a ball playing Joyce!  The house almost represented her mind, and the different rooms different parts of her personality."

After 'The Redeeming' plays the festival, you can watch it on iTunes, Google Play and Amazon Instant Video and it will roll out across other VOD platforms in due course.

For fans of big-screen films, we are also setting up a crowd-funded screening in London’s West End in February or March.  Details will follow."


Ao-Terror-Oa: Press Release: "H2Ow​ ​Productions​ have launched New Zealand’s first ever anthology horror web series Ao-terror-oa.

Short film Road​ ​Trip​, along with its behind the scenes video are the first of six horror short films and exciting related horror content to be released online over the next six weeks.

Available at and on their H2Ow Youtube Channel Road​ ​Trip​ tells the tale of a classic Kiwi summer road trip, visiting amazing locations in a cramped campervan with good friends. But what happens when your campervan turns from a pleasure vehicle to a prison…. and how long do you have to be confined in a small space together before your best mates become your deadliest enemies?

The Ao-Terror-oa​ anthology (A play on Aotearoa - the indigenous Māori name for New Zealand) is a delightfully dark and perverse look at everything Kiwi - from Rugby (New Zealand’s brutal national sport) in Haka​ ​Atua​, the great outdoors in The​ ​Ranger​ or ‘fun in the sun’ with series closer Burn Time​ - after you see Ao-terror-oa​ nothing about New Zealand will appear the same again.

Jointly funded by NZ​ ​on​ ​Air​ and​ ​Google/Youtube​ as part of their Skip Ahead fund, series producer Hweiling Ow describes Ao-terror-oa as an incredible opportunity to tell horror tales that are impossible to set anywhere else, while still presenting them directly to horror fans worldwide.

Ao-terror-oa is directed by Peter Haynes (T​ ​is​ ​for​ ​Talk​,​ ​AFK​) and Nick Burridge, and co-produced by Johnathan Guest, Jocelyn Bunch and Monique Hoseason. Ao-Terror-oa​ also features a wealth of Kiwi acting talent, including Calum Gittins (Mortal​ ​Engines​, 6 days​, The​ ​King’s​ ​Speech​), Tian Tan (Crouching​ ​Tiger​ ​Hidden​ ​Dragon​ ​2​, Born​ ​to​ ​Dance​), Jordi Webber (Power​ ​Rangers​ ​Ninja​ ​Steel​) and Brittany Clark (Doctor,​ ​Doctor​).

Following the release of Road​ ​Trip​ ​the remaining 5 shorts in the Ao-Terror-Oa​ anthology are: Haka Atua​ (release date: November 3 NZDT), Tourist​ ​Trap​ (release date: November 10 NZDT), The​ ​Ranger (release date: November 17 NZDT), Milk​ (release date: November 24 NZDT), and Burn​ ​Time​ (release date: December 1 NZDT).

Screening alongside the shorts on the series’ YouTube channel will be two additional mini-series, Hweiling​ ​Watches​, where producer Hweiling Ow (whose stomach for watching horror doesn’t quite match her talent for thinking it up) hilariously reacts to watching horror films while hooked up to a heart monitor, and​ ​Basement​ ​of​ ​Horror​, where Jules and Yolanda from Auckland based special effect makeup company BODYFX​ give makeup tips in their own unique style.

Basement​ ​of​ ​Horror​ ​launches October 30 NZT, with Hweiling​ ​Watches​ launching November 3 NZT, and new episodes and behind the scenes for the shorts will release weekly as part of 6 Weeks of Horror

View the shorts and signup for updates from the production team at Subscribe on Youtube at Follow on Facebook at Check out their Instagram at"


The Gatehouse: Press Release: "An ancient curse is unlocked in The Gatehouse, on VOD 12/5 from Uncork’d Entertainment.

From award-winning director Martin Gooch comes a bold and arresting gothic horror feature that’ll stir the senses and spike the neck hairs.

Jack is a struggling writer recovering from the death of his wife. His daughter, 10-Year-Old Eternity, loves digging for treasure in the forest behind her house. In a coincidental turn of fate, Jack agrees to undertake a writing project about the ‘legend of the black flowers’ at the same time that Eternity discovers a mysterious object in the woods, and the forest wants it back. They’ve unlocked an ancient curse and must now fight for survival.

Scarlett Rayner, Simeon Willis, Linal Haft, Paul Freeman, Hannah Waddingham, Alix Wilton Regan, and Melissa Knatchbull star in a Martin Gooch film, available 12/5 on Digital from Uncork’d Entertainment."


Killer Kate!: Press Release: "LOS ANGELES (Nov. 2, 2017) – Feld Films proudly announces that principal photography for the horror comedy KILLER KATE! will begin Nov. 6, 2017. Set to shoot in Los Angeles, KILLER KATE! was written by Daniel Moya (Rental) along with Elliot Feld (General Education), who will also direct the film. It stars Danielle Burgess (“The Deuce,” “The Sinner”), Larry Cedar (“True Crime: The Menendez Murders,” “Deadwood”) and Tiffany Shepis (Victor Crowley, Tales of Halloween).

“We’re extremely excited for KILLER KATE! to get started,” said Elliot Feld, who not only serves as director of the film, but also as CEO of Feld Films. “After diligently crafting the script, scouting locations, and completing casting, this project has been a labor of love, one we’re excited to bring to life next week as principal photography begins.”

In KILLER KATE!, Kate attends her estranged sister's bachelorette party at the request of their dying father. The weekend, held at a remote cabin booked on a home sharing app, turns into a savage life-or-death struggle that pits family against family, and past against present.

The film is being produced by Alexandra Feld (Phoenix Forgotten), David Feld (Siren), Lawrence Feld, and Jesse Pruett (The Prince).


Feld Films is a commercial and feature film production company based in Los Angeles."


Whispers: Press Release: "'Whispers' secures its UK and Ireland distribution through High Fliers Films. High Fliers recently released the Samuel L. Jackson thriller Reasonable Doubt.

'Whispers' stars Keeley Hazell, Craig Rees & Barbara Nedeljakova. The movie is set for an April 1st release."

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