FX Artist Tom Devlin Brings His SyFy ‘Face Off’ Fan Favorite Creation to Life in Feature Horror-Comedy ‘TEDDY TOLD ME TO’: "Acclaimed FX artist Tom Devlin has finished production on his feature directorial debut “Teddy Told Me To”, which is currently in post-production.

The horror-comedy – which was directed by Devlin from a screenplay by Vincent Cusimano and Lola Devlin, was filmed on location at his celebrated Boulder City, Nevada roadside attraction Tom Devlin’s Monster Museum. Tom Devlin and Kayla Bushell produced, with special makeup effects by Devlin and Walid Atshe.

Revolving around the plight of a pair of haunters who set out to resurrect a shuttered Halloween haunt with a bloody past, “Teddy Told Me To” brings to the screen one of Devlin’s fan-favorite character makeup creations: the titular slasher “Teddy” (which he originated in 2011 in SyFy’s popular special effects makeup reality series “Face Off”.) Topher Hansson and Kamarra Cole star as the beleaguered haunter duo, along with genre notables Felissa Rose (Sleepaway Camp), Trent Hagga (68 Kill), Warrington Gillette (Friday the 13th Part 2), CJ Graham (Friday the 13th Part VI) and Lisa Wilcox (A Nightmare on Elm Street 4: The Dream Master). Michael Shields portrays Teddy.

Additional cast includes “Teddy Told Me To” co-writer Cusimano, Lily Devlin, Matt Osborn and Peter Stickles, professional wrestlers Papa Shango, Sinn Bodhi and Beast the Butcher, adult film actors Kiki Daire, Daisy Ducati, and Tabitha Stevens, and YouTube personalities JustinScarred, Jacob the Carpetbagger and The Grim Life Collective. John Massari (Killer Klowns from Outer Space) provides the film’s score.

“As a lifelong fan of horror films - slasher flicks, in particular - I felt it was time to tell my own story that’s a throwback to the fun slasher flicks of my youth,” says Devlin of “Teddy Told Me To”, the first film of an intended trilogy centering around his murderous take on the teddy bear. “I wanted to make a film that doesn’t take itself too seriously but plays well on a spooky October night or a fun summer sleepover. We filled it with gory effects, colorful characters, and the mandatory 3 B’s. It’s a love letter to not only the films that have inspired me – and their punk rock ethos, but also to the haunters of the world, and we hope it’s a hell of a good time!”

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OFFICIAL TRAILER FOR 1970'S SATANIC SLASHER FROM DERANGED MINDS ENTERTAINMENT: "Today, the award-winning duo behind Deranged Minds Entertainment released the official trailer for their second feature-length horror film, "Inverted."
Deranged Minds says, "Inverted" is a psychedelic, grindhouse-esque slay-fest that feels like it would be the offspring of "Rosemary's Baby" and "The Lord's of Salem." The film follows an off-the-grid satanic cult in the 1970s that kidnap a diverse group of individuals to recruit for the Holy War against the second coming of Christ. The victims have a choice to join the family or fight to survive one of the most brutal satanic cults in the annals of American history...The Inverts.

Mother Alma Fines (leader of the cult) is portrayed by Susan Lanier, star of Wes Craven's 1977 cult classic, "The Hill's Have Eyes." Other notable cast members include Maria Olsen ("I Spit On Your Grave: Deja Vu"), Jeremy Gladen ("I See You"), Hannah Keeley ("No Game Like Foxes") and Destinie Orndoff ("Red Eye".)

"Inverted" is an original story by Orndoff with the other half of Deranged Minds (Tristan Clay) directing. Although the duo had zero prior experience in filmmaking when diving head first into their first horror feature in 2016, they say their passion was the fuel they needed to get over every roadblock that came their way as 18-year-olds directing a crew and cast nearly twice their age. Deranged Minds added,

"Our first feature felt like we jumped into water we couldn't touch and then we tried our best to get to the other side. Making horror films has always been something we've wanted to do since we were kids so that urge and pure passion lit a fire under us that is impossible to extinguish. We self-taught ourselves everything we needed to know and just did it."

Deranged Minds Entertainment was founded in 2015 by 18-year-old aspiring filmmakers, Tristan Clay and Destinie Orndoff. The dynamic duo became friends at an east coast horror convention earlier that year and quickly decided to work together to make their childhood dreams of becoming filmmakers a reality. You can watch their first feature-length horror film, "Red Eye" for free on Tubi here.

For more information about "Inverted" and the release, you can "like" the official Facebook page here.

You can also watch the official trailer for "Inverted" here.

Limited tickets are currently available for the World Premiere of "Inverted." Deranged Minds says, "Think you can survive the house of The Inverts? Purchase your tickets to the World Premiere of “Inverted.” Immerse yourself in a macabre evening with the cast, crew, and creators in attendance. Screening at the historic Esquire Theater in Cincinnati, OH on Saturday, July 30th at 7pm." Seating is limited, tickets are available here."


WHEN I CONSUME YOU: "When I Consume You marks the third feature for New York-based filmmaker Perry Blackshear following his award-winning psychological horror feature debut They Look Like People and celebrated sophomore effort, the aquatic supernatural horror romance The Siren. All three of his films have been widely embraced and praised both on the festival circuit and upon release, with They Look Like People winning a Jury Honorable Mention at the 2015 Slamdance Film Festival upon its premiere.

Blackshear again teams up with creative collaborators MacLeod Andrews, Evan Dumouchel, and Margaret Ying Drake for When I Consume You, who, alongside Libby Ewing, deliver a heartfelt family drama about grief and redemption. Ewing and Dumouchel play brother-sister duo Daphne and Wilson Shaw. Troubled since childhood, the two have struggled to find stability as they’ve grown older, and while Daphne seems to have finally gotten her life together, the darkness that’s followed their family all along begins to close in more aggressively than ever before.

A unique urban folktale set and filmed in Brooklyn, When I Consume You confronts the vulnerabilities that people struggle with every day through a genre lens to create a chillingly intimate indie horror nightmare.

The film is written, directed, and lensed by Blackshear, who also produced alongside Andrews, Dumouchel, and Ewing."

Out On VOD August 16 From 1091 Pictures


CAMPING TRIP: "Fuica Film Pictures and 8Cube are delighted to share the new trailer and poster for their upcoming horror, Camping Trip. The sinister thriller will be available on Digital Download in the USA & Canada (via Gravitas Ventures) from 16th August.

Camping Trip stars Leo Zola (Leonardo Fuica), Caitlin Cameron, Hannah Forest Briand and Alex Gravenstein and is directed by Leonardo and Demian Fuica, who both make their English language feature-length directorial debuts.

In the summer of 2020, two couples decide to go on a COVID era camping trip after months of being in lockdown. The freedom of nature and the company of their best friends offer the group a rare sense of normality, but though secluded, they're not alone. Nearby, during a botched drop off, two goons decide to go rogue; inadvertently, implicating the campers. What started as a fun-filled vacation quickly turns into a test of loyalty and survival. Suddenly the pandemic is the least of their worries.

The film was shot during the height of the pandemic in 2020, meaning requiring strict health and safety procedures were required, but this was not the only obstacle to overcome as shooting was also forced to halt for a day when a scene sounded so real to the nearby member of the public, the police were called!"