In today's Horror Highlights, we have trailers for The Magnificent Dead and 3 Dead Trick or Treaters, details on Ed Marx editing Death Camp, and news about John Cusack and Christina Ricci joining the cast of Distorted.

The Magnificent Dead: Press Release: SGL Entertainment is pleased to announce that they have just released THE MAGNIFICENT DEAD an epic western horror film. With a budget of more than a million dollars, this movie has been waiting for more than seven years to be released, but now the wait is over.

Directed by Shane Scott and starring Alexis Celeste Elliott, Jack Wilson, Lavelle White, David Lampe, Gilbert Austinamie Teer, Ric Maddox, Ayla Judson, Venda D’Abato, Sam Anderson, Margaret Hoard, Rick Perkins, John Arkinson, Steve Uzzell, Fred Ellis, Mark A. Hernandez, Joseph Fotinos, Chaille Stidham, Michael Sorrells, Julian Haddad, Karl Anderson, John Weathers, Marita De La Torre, Christian Haddad, Adam Simon, Kale Peel, David Dalke, Donald P. Mcwary, Kodie Nagy, Cal Skinner, Walt Roberts, John T. Monk, Crissi Rocha, Georgia Parsons and Linda Almanza

SYNOPSIS: The Magnificent Dead takes place in the 1870’s in the small Texas town of Rosewood where local rancher Jared Hamilton and his men have declared war on the town, using fear and death to prevent a new railroad line from coming through. Guided by a priest, Father Julian the desperate town leaders decide to hire a group of six gunmen to help clean up the town. These gunmen are legendary, as they are afflicted with Leprosy and fight with reckless abandon and ruthlessness, for they have nothing to lose, as they are already dead.

The movie is now available on Blu-ray and DVD at all major online retailers like Walmart, Best Buy, Target, etc… as well as Amazon Prime and Google Play via our Distribution partners MVD Entertainment, Allied Vaughn and Indie Rights Movies."


Christina Ricci and John Cusack to Star in Distorted: Press Release: LOS ANGELES, CA (May 22, 2017) - Minds Eye Entertainment, in association with Bridgegate Pictures and Invico Capitol announces Christina Ricci (“Z: The Beginning of Everything”), John Cusack (“Love and Mercy”), and Brendan Fletcher (“The Revenant”) will star in the thriller DISTORTED, a film directed by Rob W. King from a script written by Arne Olsen. Production is set to begin on May 28th in Kelowna and Vernon, British Columbia.

DISTORTED stars Christina Ricci as Lauren Curran, an artist who suffers from bi-polar disorder and who is recovering from a devastating personal tragedy—the loss of a child. Plagued by disturbing memories and fears for her own safety, Lauren and her devoted husband Russel (Brendan Fletcher) decide to move from a perilous neighborhood, to the luxurious, safe and beautiful surroundings of The Pinnacle, an apartment building that boasts ultra modern design features and integrated security systems. But Lauren begins to suspect the building has a dark side to it. She seeks the help of Vernon Sarsfield (John Cusack), a phantom-like investigative journalist whose interest is cyber conspiracy. Together, they begin to suspect The Pinnacle’s mysterious owner may be using the building’s state-of-the-art control systems to subliminally subjugate its unsuspecting residents.

“Christina, John and Brendan bring incredible talent to this project,” says Kevin DeWalt, Producer and CEO of Minds Eye Entertainment. “We’re honored to work with such a high caliber of actors and can’t wait for fans to join our characters on this mind-bending story.”

King recently directed THE HUMANITY BUREAU, a sci-fi thriller starring Nicolas Cage. He also wrote and directed the four-part Netflix original series, “Tokyo Trial” (Marcel Hensema, Irrfan Khan), now streaming worldwide.

DISTORTED is a Minds Eye Entertainment production, in association with Bridgegate Pictures and Invico Capital

Voltage Pictures will handle international rights for DISTORTED, with Minds Eye International managing domestic and Canadian rights. Executive Producers include Guy Griffithe, Allison Taylor, Jason Brooks, Darren Benning, Frank White, Nicolas Chartier. Kevin DeWalt and Danielle Masters will Produce, with Andrew Holmes and Ben DeWalt Co-Producing.

Feature film production on DISTORTED will be made in multiple formats including BARCO Escape and Virtual Reality and is made possible through the Creative Saskatchewan Screen-Based Media Production Grant Program, with the participation of the Province of British Columbia Production Services Tax Credit and Canadian Film or Video Production Tax Credit.

Ricci is repped by ICM Partners, Management 360 and attorney Melanie Cook of Ziffren Brittenham LLP. Cusack is repped by ICM Partners, attorneys Steve Burkow and Ben Rubinfeld of Ziffren Brittenham LLP and Howard Denenberg of Much Shelist PC. Fletcher is repped by Tyman Stewart of The Characters Talent Agency and Ben Levine at LINK Management. King is repped by Linda Saint of The Saint Agency.


Ed Marx to Edit Death Camp: Press Release: "HOLLYWOOD, Calif. – May 16, 2017 – August Sun Productions announced today that Ed Marx will be editing the upcoming horror feature “Death Camp” currently in post-production. Marx is a horror film stalwart known for his work on “Jeepers Creepers 1 & 2,” “Swimming with Sharks,” “Unfriended” and Orson Welles “It’s All True.” Marx is an award winning editor whose career has spanned four decades of commercials, videos, trailers, television and feature films. Foreign distribution will be provided by Acort International ( and “Death Camp” will be released in the fall to terrorize audiences at the Halloween box office.

"Ed Marx participation on “Death Camp” is the key in bringing together a vision of horror that audiences of today demand. He has a vision to see then put together the pace and tempo a film like “Death Camp” demands,” said the film’s director and producer Robert J. Locke. "With a lengthy career that has consistently provided audiences with fright and terror, Ed is exactly the editor it takes to satisfy a ravenous demand for horror. To say we are thrilled to be working with Ed is an understatement."

About Ed Marx:

Ed is an award winning editor whose career has spanned four decades of commercials, videos, trailers, television, and movies.  He relocated to LA from Chicago and transitioned out of ad world in 1992.  Since then, he’s edited horror franchises (Jeepers Creepers 1and 2, Hatchet 2 and 3), Indie Films (Humboldt County, Swimming with Sharks) and Orson Welles (It’s All True). Marx is represented by Ivana Savic of Grant, Savic, Kopaloff & Associates. (

About August Sun Productions:

Robert J. Locke launched August Sun Productions (ASP) in 1997 which has produced feature scripted projects and documentaries for multiple formats. ASP’s first feature film "The Family Web" was a finalist for best film at the 2000 Zoie International Film Festival and “One Long Day received an official selection at the 2004 Philadelphia Documentary & Fiction Festival. ASP’s feature horror film "The Legend of Bloody Mary" was purchased by Lionsgate. ASP produced in web-based series “Schoooled” starring Seamus O'Brien, Judy Tenuta and Bergen Williams. ASP is currently finishing post production on the sports documentary “Journey into Freestyle Wrestling" and currently in development for the sequel to “Death Camp.” (  ("


3 Dead Trick or Treaters: Synopsis: "After stumbling upon the graves of three murdered trick or treaters, a small town paperboy discovers a series of handwritten horror stories tacked to the children's headstones. Penned by a deranged pulp author driven mad by his craft, the stories chronicle grisly tales of Halloween rites, rituals and traditions. Absent of dialogue and heavy on atmosphere, 3 Dead Trick or Treaters is a horror anthology unlike any you've seen before."

Director's Statement: "3 Dead Trick or Treaters is a fusion of mood-driven experimental filmmaking and kitsch Halloween imagery. In whole, the project is an expression of isolation and the anxiety that comes with it; characters struggling with morality under horrifying circumstances. This is merged with my love for dime store monster masks, silent storytelling and underground music."

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