Take a bite into details for the Vampire: The Masquerade - Blood Feud board game Kickstarter, which kicks off today's Horror Highlights. Also in today's Highlights: an audio clip from the third episode of DUST: Horizons, international release details for the groundbreaking Australian horror comedy Nightwalkers, and details on a new deal between Terror Films and the Dutch streaming service Horrify.

Vampire: The Masquerade - Blood Feud Kickstarter Details: "A brand new type of game! Part MegaGame, part Board Game, part RPG! Blood Feud is a Strategic Diplomatic, Tactical game for 4-32 Players!

“It is a dark, dark night on the streets of New York City as war is taking place, blood is running through the streets, and your time is now… The opportunity to seize the city is within your sights. All you need to do is take charge, pounce upon your enemies, negotiate with your “allies”, and take hold of your ambitions. Become a character in the immortal universe of Vampire the Masquerade, like a Vampire or a Human…”

“Who will you crush beneath your heel to get there? Who will you employ as your ally to help reach your goals? Who will stand in your way and challenge your ascension? And who must you kill to get there?”

Pledge Levels and KS Exclusives…

With a box bursting full of components, Blood Feud a Mega Board Game is a game you can really get your teeth into. The gameplay is created around the players, with a variety of different narrative-driven scenarios and free to play modes. Described as a “Player Driven Social Experience” creating an all-new gaming experience! There's also EPIC Scenarios in Story Mode!

Join us Kindred the Core Game is set at an Exclusive rate for backers & the Deluxe and Collector Edition is available on Kickstarter now!

Deluxe and Collector's editions of the game will ONLY be available on Kickstarter and will never go to Retail!

Kickstarter Link: https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/everythingepicgames/vampire-the-masquerade-blood-feud-a-mega-board-game?ref=dscko6 "


Listen to an Audio Clip from DUST: Horizons: "Welcome to DUST: Horizons, an anthology of immersive science fiction audio dramas ranging from classic tales by pioneers of the genre to thought-provoking stories from the emerging voices of today. Open your mind. Listen carefully. The future awaits.

“DUST Horizons” features classic science fiction literary visionaries such as Philip K. Dick (Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep?) and Ray Bradbury(Fahrenheit 451, The Martian Chronicles), as well as emerging speculative fiction voices such as Alex Irvine (Supernatural: John Winchester's Journal), R.K. Nickel (Guilds and Glaives), Alan O’Doherty and Phoebe A. Xavier.

“DUST: Horizons” third episode, Pendulum is by the legendary Ray Bradbury: When an inventor’s creation accidentally kills all of the world’s top scientists, he is sentenced to live out the rest of his life within his very invention. Pendulum was Ray Bradbury's first published story, co-written with Henry Hasse."

To learn more, visit:


Nightwalkers International Release Details: "Centuries ago a great war was fought between two vampire clans. Lazarus, the first of the Daywalkers searches for a vial of blood, his blood, that has been taken from him by the Judas clan. Unable to find the vial, Lazarus disappears.

Eight hundred years later in Western Sydney, Vampire slayers Sam and Charlie Corey have been brought to Blacktown’s Skyline Drive-ins by a long-time informant and a constant thorn in their side, Johnny Slayer. With the increase of Vampire related activity in Western Sydney, the slayers discover the Master of the city is on the hunt for an ancient artifact that would give any vampire invincible powers.

The slayers race against time to stop a vampire apocalypse. #NightwalkersTVShow

Watch ABC COMEDY on iview: http://iview.abc.net.au/channel/abc2

We're serious about comedy.

ABC COMEDY is a new comedy destination on your TV, your devices and your social feeds, bringing together the best of Australian comedy and entertainment to make you laugh anytime you like, day or night.

ABC COMEDY programming airs from 7.30 pm to 2 am daily on channel 22 on your digital TV, channel 134 on Foxtel or channel 126 on Optus. Live stream us on ABC iview from 8 pm to 2 am AEDT daily."


Horrify's New Programming Details: "U.S. based genre distributor TERROR FILMS has closed a multi-picture content deal with Dutch Streaming service HORRIFY. The terms, which were negotiated at AFM between Terror Films President of Worldwide Distribution, Joe Dain and Horrify Director of Content and Programming, Lemke Roos will include 20 films such as the highly successful “Hell House LLC” franchise, the politically charged “Savageland”, Australian horror film, “Inner Demon” and the critically acclaimed ride-share thriller, “End Trip” – among others.

“This new partnership is one more step in expanding our digital footprint on a global scale. As we increasingly see less and less opportunity to secure sales for indie horror films in the more traditional foreign markets, these direct platform relationships help us diversify without the need for a 3rd party distributor”, stated Terror Films President Joe Dain.

Horrify, which launched October 30th, 2018 has since become an instant success and is the largest horror-only steaming SVOD service in the Netherlands with currently over 350 different movies, series and original productions to choose from.

The films are set to premiere on the streaming service in 2020.

To learn more about Terror Films, visit www.terrorfilms.net

To learn more about Horrify, visit https://horrify.nl "

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