Have you ever had a roommate who just wouldn't pay their share of the rent? Three friends face this dilemma in Matthew John Lawrence's short film Larry Gone Demon, but the only problem is that their fellow housemate is seemingly straight out of hell. You can watch their blood-splattered struggle in its entirety right here on Daily Dead, and we also have an exclusive clip from Last Girl Standing, as well as a new VR video from #Room301.

Watch the Short Film Larry Gone Demon: "A frenetic, punk-rock nightmare centering on one asshole of a roommate.

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1st PLACE AWARD – 2015 Horrorvision Film Festival
1st PLACE AWARD (Short Horror-Comedy) – 2016 International Horror Hotel Film Festival
BEST HORROR FILM – 2015 Coney Island Film Festival
BEST SHORT HORROR FILM – 2015 Vortex Film Festival
FUNNY BONE AWARD – 2016 Portland Horror Film Festival
BEST EDITING – 2016 IndieWorks: Best of Fest
RUNNER-UP: AUDIENCE AWARD – BEST SHORT – 2016 Boston Underground Film Festival
GOLD SPOTLIGHT AWARD – 2015 Atlanta Horror Film Festival
SILVER WHISKERS AWARD – 2015 Indieworks: October
SEMI-FINALIST – Colorlab’s Summer Shorts Contest
NOMINATED: BEST COMEDY & BEST COMEDIC SCENE – 2015 Action on Film International Festival"


Watch an Exclusive Clip from Last Girl Standing: "Classic slasher films often feature a young, usually female hero who alone manages to survive the carnage - but the films end there without showing the lasting effect the trauma has on that hero. The gripping new film LAST GIRL STANDING takes things that one step further, revealing the ongoing horror of life after near death. It arrives on DVD and digital platforms on November 1, 2016.

Five years ago, a masked killer brutally murdered a group of friends. Since then, Camryn, the lone survivor, has struggled to reclaim her shattered life. Wracked with guilt and paranoia, Camryn leads a depressingly lonely existence until Nick, a new co-worker, befriends her and attempts to integrate her into his group of friends.

But just when she might be ready to start a new life, Camryn's past comes back to haunt her. Can she ever have a life again, or is she destined to be alone?

Part slasher movie, part character study, LAST GIRL STANDING is the impressive feature debut of writer-director Benjamin R. Moody, whose widely seen short films include "Skyrim Intervention" and "A Very Arkham City Christmas." It's a penetrating and intimate look at what happens to the survivors of nightmares that seem to come straight from horror movies.

The vibrant cast includes Akasha Villalobos (Now Hiring, the upcoming Camera Obscura) as Camryn, Danielle Evon Ploeger (Wind & Rain), Brian Villalobos (Saratoga Lights) and Jason Vines (The Man From Orlando).

LAST GIRL STANDING had its world premiere at London's FrightFest, and Akasha Villalobos won as Best Actress at both the New York City Horror Film Festival and Tucson Terrorfest.

"A captivating depiction of survivor's guilt and post-traumatic stress, and a very entertaining movie," wrote Luiz H.C. at Bloody-disgusting.com. Fangoria's Ken W. Hanley said LAST GIRLSTANDING "offers one of the most engrossing subversions on the genre in quite some time." Nerdly's Phil Wheat called it "a new take on the slasher genre."


Watch #Room301's VR Adventure "Escape from Calypso Island": "In celebration of today’s holiday and #Rocktober, Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson and Seven Bucks Productions present "Escape from Calypso Island", a 360-degree virtual reality adventure in another dimension when you step through #Room301 that launched today at:
Note: To watch at the highest resolution, please click the small gear in the bottom right of the YouTube player and select ‘8k.’

The Rock also greeted unsuspecting YouTubers to enter #Room301 as a ghostly hotel concierge in a mega collab video at:
‘The Rock’s Haunted Hotel 360”

and look what happens when these YouTubers perform a seance to turn The Rock back from a ghost at:
The Seance in #Room301 with The Rock & His YouTube Friends!

The videos are part of the horror-inspired, virtual reality production program by YouTube Spaces worldwide, in partnership with Blumhouse Productions and renowned producer Jason Blum.

Other #Room301 videos from program, include, but not limited to:

What’s in the mirror? Chachi Gonzales (1.1M subs) does a choreographed solo dance routine in the hotel room, but when power surges begin, creepy figures appear in the mirrors. She’s not alone…. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=e7K8LVc2Vmw&list=PLU8wpH_LfhmsT3E1wmWvKSBx4kUGT-RLd&index=10

Will KrazyRayRay (2.7 subs) with ChloeCouture (2.1M subs) make it through her own horror movie? Not long after her and her bestie ChloeCouture check into their hotel, they're attacked by a masked man with a chainsaw!

Check out other #Room301 videos on the official playlist at:

Check out other #Room301 360 videos on the official playlist at:

About YouTube Spaces Halloween 360 in VR Program
Surprises are in store no matter which way you turn with this year’s YouTube Spaces horror in 360 virtual reality program! Over 100 top YouTube creators from around the world produced 360-degree VR videos shot on terrifying cinematic sets - a hotel room simply known as room 301, inspired by the nail-biting Blumhouse film aesthetic at YouTube Spaces in Los Angeles, London, Tokyo, Berlin, Toronto and New York that answer the question: What is your worst fear?

The #Room301 spookiness kicked-off a week ago in a 360° VR mega-collab video directed by Jesse Wellens from PrankVsPrank and DownRangeGaming with some of YouTube’s top creators, including FuriousPete, Gabbie Hanna of The Gabbie Show and LaToya from LaToya Forever and many more of your favorite stars when they received a key from Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson to enter hotel #Room301 -- also known as YouTube Purgatory -- that inevitably lead them to experience their worst fears.

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