STARVE ACRE: "When their son starts acting strangely, a couple unwittingly allow dark and sinister forces into their home, awakening a long-dormant ancient evil rooted deep in the countryside."

  • Written & Directed by: Daniel Kokotajlo
  • Starring: Matt Smith and Morfydd Clark
  • Produced by: Tessa Ross, Juliette Howell, Derrin Schlesinger, Emma Duffy
  • Based on the book by: Andrew Michael Hurly

In Theaters and On Demand July 26, 2024


ATOMIC MONSTER AND BLUMHOUSE EXPAND THE M3GAN UNIVERSE WITH SOULM8TE: "Atomic Monster and Blumhouse are developing SOULM8TE, an original film that expands the M3GAN universe, with a new technological twist. The film is dated for January 2, 2026.

Kate Dolan (You Are Not My Mother) will direct the film. Dolan rewrote an original draft written by Rafael Jordan (Salvage Marines), with the story by James Wan, Ingrid Bisu and Jordan.

In this erotic thriller, a man acquires an Artificially Intelligent android to cope with the loss of his recently deceased wife. In an attempt to create a truly sentient partner, he inadvertently turns a harmless lovebot into a deadly soulmate. The film is in the tradition of the 90s domestic thrillers but with a modern, technological twist.

SOULM8TE is part of the universe that includes M3GAN, which has grossed over $181M in global box office, and M3GAN 2.0, which is set to open on June 27, 2025. Allison Williams and Violet McGraw are onboard to return for the sequel.

James Wan and Jason Blum will produce SOULM8TE. Michael Clear and Judson Scott, of Wan’s Atomic Monster banner, will executive produce, along with Ingrid Bisu. Alayna Glasthal is the executive overseeing the project for Atomic Monster.

"Fundamentally, I view this film as an exploration of relationships and loneliness," expressed Dolan. "Despite technological advances, there are enduring human truths we cannot escape, and I am looking forward to delving into those depths."

“SOULM8TE is a thrilling and seductive addition to the M3GAN universe. We’re excited to partner with Kate to bring this story to life with her unique cinematic vision and point of view,” said Wan.

Kate Dolan is represented by Independent Talent Group, Exile Entertainment and Jackoway Austen Tyerman Wertheimer Mandelbaum Morris Bernstein Trattner Auerbach Hynick Jaime LeVine Sample & Klein.

Rafael Jordan is represented by Mike Sword of Broadcasting Diplomacy.

James Wan is represented by CAA, Stacey Testro International, and Myman Greenspan Fox Rosenberg Mobasser Younger & Light."


ACROSS THE VEIL: "Prepare to immerse yourself in a tale where the veil between reality and fantasy is thinner than ever. Introducing "ACROSS THE VEIL," a riveting vampire romance that promises to captivate the hearts of both the living and the undead. This highly anticipated feature film stars the renowned TikToker, actor, and writer, The Vampire Jack Townson, known for his magnetic presence and compelling storytelling.

An Unforgettable Journey Beyond Time and Space

In "ACROSS THE VEIL," viewers will follow Annie Lionheart, a spirited and skeptical writer from New York whose disbelief in the supernatural is dramatically upended. A bizarre accident thrusts her into a shadowy dimension filled with monstrous beings and ancient magic. In this perilous new world, Annie meets the enigmatic and powerful vampire, Jack Townson – the formidable Lord of the Degenerates. Their encounter sets the stage for a love story that is as haunting as it is enchanting.

A Fusion of Romance, Fantasy, and Gothic Horror

Inspired by the timeless romance of "Beauty and the Beast," the whimsical adventure of "Spirited Away," and the clever humor of "The Princess Bride," "ACROSS THE VEIL" delivers a cinematic experience that is both thrilling and deeply emotional. Annie's courage and wit are put to the ultimate test as she navigates this dangerous realm and the darkly charismatic vampire who rules it. Will she win Jack's heart, or will the shadows consume her forever?

A Fan-Fueled Phenomenon

"ACROSS THE VEIL" has already made waves in the indie film scene, thanks to an incredibly successful Kickstarter campaign. The project hit its initial goal of $12,000 in less than two days and has since more than doubled, raising over $25,000 in just one week. This overwhelming support underscores the film's unique appeal and the dedication of its growing fanbase.


Join the Revolution in Storytelling

"ACROSS THE VEIL" isn't just a film; it's an invitation to a community-driven narrative experience. The creators are committed to making audiences feel like they are part of the story, blending the eerie allure of gothic horror with the enchantment of a fantasy epic. The film's immersive qualities promise to ignite the imagination and defy conventional storytelling norms.

About The Vampire Jack Townson

Jack Townson, with his following of half a million on TikTok, has become a cultural icon in the gothic and horror communities. His transition from social media sensation to film star is a testament to his versatile talent and the profound connection he shares with his audience.

Don't Miss the Magic

As the premiere of "ACROSS THE VEIL" approaches, stay tuned for exclusive sneak peeks, behind-the-scenes content, and special events. This is more than a movie; it's a movement, and we can't wait to share it with the world.

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Cross the veil and discover a love story that transcends time and space. "ACROSS THE VEIL" is coming soon."


TRACTION PARK MASSACRE: "Terror Twins, LLC reveals the main cast and select images from the feature film, “Traction Park Massacre,” starring Kai Thomas Schulz and Bodhi Schulz from “American Horror Story” as the leads playing the Terror Twins, Emil and Otto. The film is an ode to 80’s slasher movies, along with genre classics, like “Evil Dead,” “Friday the 13th,” “Saw,” et al, inspired by the legendary amusement and water park, Action Park in New Jersey. Co-directed and written by Adam Dubin (Murder at the Front Row, A Year And A Half In The Life Of Metallica) and Douglas diMonda, who visited the park in 1983, which was known for its dangerous rides and quickly gained a reputation of “Accident Park” and “Class Action Park.”

“Doug and I went to the original Action Park with two friends and each of us got hurt on a different attraction, and we witnessed others getting hurt too. One visit was enough!” said Dubin. “We were waiting in line for the Tarzan Swing. Everybody was watching people swing off to fall and land in a pit of really cold water below. They were watching not to watch them swing, but to see if they’d get hurt. Which Adam did. He attempted to do a backflip off the swing but didn’t quite make it, landing on his back an audible smack to the amusement of everybody on line as they all went awwwwww!” remembers DiMonda.

"Traction Park Massacre" was shot and edited entirely in Georgia and stars Scarlett James, Tori Sen, Jacob Kaufman, Helene Henry, McKalin and Lucas Hyde and is a audacious joy ride that brings together two groups of strong characters isolated in the abandoned amusement park and at the mercy of the Terror Twins. The film will feature a soundtrack chock-full of classic metal, and a bold 80’s inspired score from Alex Skolnick of Testament.

The iconic Action Park featured various water attractions, including a wave pool called the "Grave Pool" due to its strong currents and numerous rescues, and the "Cannonball Loop," a water slide with a vertical loop that caused many injuries. “I remember Doug and I seeing the original Cannonball Loop at Action Park in 1983. We were both pretty daring back then but even we looked at each other and said ‘no way!’ Luckily it wasn’t a problem because the ride was clearly closed for good. It was just standing there looking menacing,” said Dubin and DiMonda added “I said to Adam ‘nope, no fucking way.’ We did some crazy stuff, but there’s crazy and then there’s stupid.”

ACTION WONDERLAND, the fictional park in the feature film is a dangerous local waterpark burned to the ground fifteen years ago supposedly killing twin ten-year olds OTTO and EMIL VON METZGER giving rise to urban legends. But the TERROR TWINS are alive and they hunt those thrill seekers foolish enough to attempt to find the remains of the abandoned park.

A group of young people head to the area in Mark’s RV including Mark’s girlfriend Candy, Jamal and his girlfriend Lisa and her best friend Jamie. Along the way Jamie and her friends attract the attention of an outlaw biker club led by the ruthless Napalm. The bikers follow Jamie, Lisa, Jamal, Mark and Candy to the area to steal the RV and dispose of the young people. But little do they know that Terror Twins, Otto and Emil have other plans for them. The entire group of young people and the biker gang are set upon by the twins, who have rigged out the area with traps and games based upon the old, dilapidated rides.

The vibrant film production scene in Georgia has played a crucial role for “Traction Park Massacre,” with the film crew, camera, lighting, grip, SFX, post production and the team at the Georgia Film Office. A significant effort was made to cast local acting talent, resulting in a cast that is over 95% local and exceptionally skilled. The post-production work was handled by Atlanta based MOONSHINE POST-PRODUCTION and BOOM POST AUDIO, both of which provide services on par in New York and Los Angeles."