Directed by Craig Hinde & Marc Zammit, Witch will be available on Digital and VOD on April 30th, but we have a clip you can watch right now!

"In the year 1575, Johanna stands trial for the murder of her parents and accusation that she is a witch. During her court session, Johanna makes an outrageous claim that another townswoman, Twyla is her “real” mother and a fellow dark magic conspirator. Twyla’s husband William attempts to come to her defense."

  • Directed By: Craig Hinde & Marc Zammit
  • Screenplay By: Craig Hinde
  • Story By: Craig Hinde, Marc Zammit, David Baboulene
  • Produced By: Marc Zammit, Craig Hinde, Tony Zammit
  • Starring: Sarah Alexandra Marks, Russel Shaw, Ryan Spong, Fabrizio Santino, Daniel Jordan, Mims Burton, Anto Sharp, Danny Howard, Nell Bailey, Nick Tuck, Jame Hamlet and Ella Starbuck
  • Distributor: Amcomri & 101 Films
  • Production Company: Skylark Vision
  • RunTime: 110 Minutes