A seemingly safe weekend psychology excursion becomes a sinister experience for a group of unsuspecting college students in Cate Devaney's The Mad Hatter, and with the new horror film now available on VOD from Blue Fox Entertainment, we've been provided with an exclusive clip to share with Daily Dead readers!

You can check out a hypnotic haunting in our exclusive clip below, and to learn more about The Mad Hatter, visit:

Directed by Cate Devaney from a screenplay by R.V. Romero and Devaney, The Mad Hatter stars Armando Gutierrez, Samuel Caleb Walker, Michael Berryman, Isadora Cruz, Nick Miller, and Rachel Brunner.

Synopsis: "Henry and three classmates join their professor for a weekend psychology study at the ‘Mad Hatter’ mansion, supposedly haunted by those who died at a lavish party in the 1880s. Henry is hopeful that the study will cure him of his horrific nightmares about the drowning of his sister but as the weekend progresses, the students begin to question their own sanity as one by one, they disappear."

  • Derek Anderson
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