As Evans County residents sipped their coffee while the sun spilled over the horizon and onto their small Pennsylvania town one April morning in 1966, they could not have had the slightest idea that over the next 24 hours, they would be faced with the ravenous zombies, aliens from the far reaches of space, and worms that like to wriggle into your ears once your pulse peters out.

The remarkable stories of these eclectic townspeople have made for some damn fine reading over the previous four issues in Double Take’s Night of the Living Dead: Revival series, and with the #5 issues out today, readers can witness the first phase of these incredible story arcs come to their conclusions. But the end is really a new beginning for these stories and their characters, and what happens in these final issue #5 panels will surprise (and likely delight) readers, including both those who are fans of George A. Romero’s Night of the Living Dead (upon which the series is based) and those who are newcomers to the world of the flesh eaters.

Sr. Story Editor and writer Michael Coast continues to work his magic across several series in the Revival universe. Case in point: Soul #5. Since waking up the morning after a hellish night in a farmhouse, Ben, the protagonist from the Night of the Living Dead movie, experiences more lethal Groundhog Day-type moments, but he begins to detect a pattern in his macabre time warp, and even gains two unlikely allies that take the series in a very intriguing direction. Coast has made some bold moves with Ben in the Soul series, making his story one of the most delightfully bizarre (and thought-provoking) of the bunch.

Coming close to Soul, though, is Home. Also penned by Coast, this series has been a constant source of entertainment thanks in no small part to little Lisa Foster's witty remarks and unfiltered profanity that can only be heard by her ears. The Foster family is structured as a pillar of normalcy amongst a town crumbling in chaos, but what they undergo in issue #5 will change what you thought you knew about this series, and as a bonus, the final panel is special enough to hang above the fireplace and admire all year long.

The Double Take team sets their sights on new creative territory in Dedication #5, which establishes a fresh tone and makeover for some familiar faces, while Spring #5 addresses more questions about the intelligent alien visitors from above. The Slab and Medic series, meanwhile, continue to impressively blend science and grisly gore as Dr. Grimes searches for an answer to the macabre madness around him (which is impressively and realistically displayed by art director/lead storyboard artist Stan Chou and his team), and everyone's favorite (and wonderfully imperfect) special agents face their biggest challenge yet in Z-Men #5.

The Night of the Living Dead: Revival #5 issues pack the panels with plenty of answers to long-burning questions, while also leaving enough ambiguity to keep readers looking forward to what the future holds. And no matter what direction these characters take moving forward, the future looks bright, ambitious, and downright deadly in Double Take's ever-widening universe.

  • Derek Anderson
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