Though he is only on screen for a brief scene, fans of 1990’s Predator 2 will always remember the Elder Predator for showing respect to Mike Harrigan by passing on his flintlock pistol with “Raphael Adolini 1715” engraved on the shaft. Now Sideshow Collectibles and Hot Toys return that respect with their Elder Predator Sixth Scale Figure, a new entry to their Movie Masterpiece Series that they gave us the opportunity to check out.

Though the Elder Predator doesn’t fight in Stephen Hopkins’ film, the figure’s orange and black box cover art depicts the warrior with teeth bared in a ready-to-rumble style. Inside the box, the figure lays dormant as if he were stretched out in a hyper-sleep pod with an arsenal of weapons and clawed hands sitting in arm’s reach. Sideshow and Hot Toys equip the Elder Predator with attachable weapons aplenty: one sword, a pair of blades, the aforementioned pistol, and four interchangeable palms (in addition to the two already attached fists) lie ready to be used in the next hunt.

Sculpted and painted by Joseph Tsang and featuring 22 points of articulation throughout a 14-inch height, the Elder Predator is a sight to behold when standing upright. Spiked ridges border the pale flesh that stretches back from the creature’s sloping brow to meet blue rubber dreadlocks dangling from the back of his head. Decorated with tribal accessories, the soft dreadlocks are a nice tangible touch that allows for a little out-of-this-world hairstyling, as you can drape the dreads over the shoulder plate armor for a wilder look. Also included with the figure’s weaponry is a hair band for braiding together those lethal locks. Though the head and mandibles are non-detachable, the head can be swiveled for a chilling Michael Myers-esque tilt and the mandibles are frozen in a memorable snarl beneath spooky sunken sockets.

Mounted on the Elder Predator’s left shoulder is his trusty cannon. The front end of a curved metallic pack, the cannon is attached to a pop-up hinge that also swivels to take out enemies trying to flank the Predator’s left side. Painted a tarnished gray that gives this longtime warrior a battle-worn look, the armor on the shoulder, waist, thighs, knees and legs is a nice contrast to the patches of mottled pale flesh. The sharp-eyed collector will even notice scratches and jagged punctures on the plates, each one surely having its own story from this Predator’s centuries of combat.

Additional indicators of the creature’s long life of death dealing are the two necklaces adorned with beads and skulls—the latter seemingly of the alien variety. The necklaces dangle as a wicked warning above netting, leather-like waistbands, and the strap of a bone-enshrouded pouch that puts a macabre spin on the modern-day murse. The bottom waistband is a little loose to hold what will be the most intriguing accessory for fans of the movie: the flintlock pistol. “Raphael Adolini 1715” is legible on the shaft’s golden plate and the curved gold handle fits into an interchangeable right palm for collectors looking to see the Elder Predator in gunslinging mode or those just fascinated with the gun’s backstory from Dark Horse’s Predator: 1718.

No worries if you prefer the blade to the barrel—a bone-handled sword can be pulled out of a human-skull decorated sheath at the right hip. The sword is graspable in an attachable left hand and has the basic build of Jason Voorhees’ machete of choice, although its cut-in, carved edges give it a more lethal look. Complimenting the sword are two sharp-to-the-touch blades that can be inserted into the right forearm armor. The blunt ends slide into matching slots, giving the Elder Predator another way to slice into his enemies.

The blades, gun, and the imposing build of the Elder Predator itself can be shown off in a variety of ways thanks to the 22 points of articulation. Though the Predator’s legs aren’t as bendable as your average action figure, they can still be shifted to balance on a flat surface and the feet can flex to find a good grip on the Predator 2 platform. The real flexible fun, though, lies in the arms, which can be arranged from an open-arm “come and get it” pose to an across-the-chest clenched fist.

From the dreadlock-draped cranium to the clawed toes, Sideshow Collectibles and Hot Toys have produced another solid entry for their Movie Masterpiece Series, properly immortalizing a character that left a lasting impression on Predator 2 fans with his thoughtfulness and mercy. Released in August, the Elder Predator Sixth Scale Figure is now available for $224.99. If you’re a Predator fan on the fence about picking this up, just remember what the Elder Predator once advised Mike Harrigan: “Take it.”

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Elder Predator Sixth Scale Figure by Hot Toys

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Sideshow Collectibles and Hot Toys are proud to announce the Elder Predator Movie Masterpiece Series Sixth Scale Figure.  This fan favorite hunter fromPredator 2 features highly detailed armor, weapons, and accessories, and will be the perfect addition to sci-fi collections worldwide!

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