Indie Round-Up

2011/07/10 17:33:26 +00:00 | Jonathan James

Each weekend, we include indie release news that is sent our way. If you'd like to be featured in our next indie round-up, send us an email.

Dealership Does Carpenter: The web series Dealership paid homage to John Carpenter's The Thing for their season finale: "When a terrible illness descends on the town, the boys of Barkley Auto will do anything to protect themselves from the virus and each other!" You can watch the finale or the entire web series at:

Vickie Van Helsing Released: A young adult novel from Solomon J. Inkwell called Vickie Van Helsing has recently been released. "It’s about a high school senior named Vickie Jenkins who discovers she is the descendant of Abraham Van Helsing just in time to save her little town from a newly resurrected (and highly pissed) Dracula." You can find out more about this book and its author at:

New Video from LaFinAbsolute du Monde: A new music video from LaFinAbsolute du Monde has been released. Be warned that this video does contain nudity. You can watch it at:

We covered their music release in a previous round-up and you can find out more by visiting: