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We're back with another edition of the Indie Spotlight, highlighting recent independent horror news sent our way. Today's feature has first details on multiple projects including Night of the Living Deb, The Broadcast, Dial 9 to Get Out, and House of Forbidden Secrets, a monster themed giveaway from The Hub's Spooksville, artwork from The Walking Dead Tribute, trailers for Infliction and Damned Love, and much more:

Night of the Living Deb Casting News: "Night of the Living Deb is an indie movie in development from producer Kyle Rankin (Battle of Shaker Heights, Infestation). Attached actors include David Krumholtz ("Numb3rs," This is the End, Ray), Michael Cassidy (Argo, "Men at Work," "The OC"), Ray Wise ("Twin Peaks," "Reaper," "Mad Men").

It's a female-driven action-horror rom-com set in the world of a zombie apocalypse on Christmas.

The crowdfunding campaign is gaining popularity for its unusual approach: rather than the typical plea to camera or standard movie trailer format, the campaign's pitch video is presented as found footage about the making of a Kickstarter project - which is unpleasantly interrupted by a zombie apocalypse.

Wise, who has acted in five of Rankin's previous films said: "We have a hilarious script, a fabulous cast, and Kyle knows how to make the most of a micro-budget. I just hope people's excitement about the video translates into enough backing for the actual movie."

The filmmakers hope to shoot in Maine this June, then return home to Los Angeles for post-production."

For more information, and to find out how to support this film, visit: or on Facebook at:


[Spoiler Warning] The Walking Dead Tribute Art Details: "Illustrator and comic book artist Kirk Manley has been creating a series of tribute pieces for several episodes of Season 4 of AMC's The Walking Dead.

These works are posted online Friday and Saturday before the new Sunday episode."

For more information on artist Kirk Manley, and to see the rest of The Walking Dead Tribute series, visit:


Blood Kiss Cannes Premiere Details: "Ailing Emmy Award-winning writer/producer Michael Reaves is heading to the Cannes International Film Festival in France help market his vampire-themed film “Blood Kiss.”

“I’m thrilled to bring our vision for ‘Blood Kiss’ to Cannes and bring it one step closer to fruition,” said Reaves.

Reaves will be joined by the “Blood Kiss” producing team at the annual festival taking place May 14 to 25 in the south of France.

The film has been getting much attention in part because award-winning author/screenwriter Neil Gaiman, will be making his acting debut in the film. He is known for the popular graphic novel “Sandman,” and the films “Beowulf,” and “Coraline.” Also joining the team will be acclaimed comic book artist Tom Mandrake who will create original artwork for the film.

“We’re excited to have Michael and Tom join us and our other colleagues in Cannes where we hope to take a next step with ‘Blood Kiss,’” said Daniela Di Mase, the film’s producer.

Reaves is known for his prolific writing and producing which included scripts for such shows as “Star Trek: The Next Generation,” “Sliders,” “The Flash,” “Father Dowling Mysteries,” and many others. He has also received an Emmy Award, the Howie Award as well as the prestigious Hampton’s Prize, along with nominations for various other awards.

“Blood Kiss” is set in 1940s Hollywood with a classic film noir tale of a sexy jazz singer in distress and a private investigator who gets a little more than he bargained for when he takes on a case involving mysterious vampires.

With Reaves’ declining health, his friends felt this would be a great way to show their appreciation and fulfill his dream of bringing “Blood Kiss” to the silver screen.

The film is set to begin shooting this summer with release tentatively set for next year."

For more information, visit:


Happy Camp: "In the vast wilderness of the Klamath National Forest lies the small logging community of Happy Camp. With a population consisting of only a few hundred souls, this mysterious mountain town has become world renowned for its staggeringly high number of Missing Persons Cases.

Walt and Sandy Tanner adopted a young boy named Michael at the age of 9 and brought him home to Happy Camp where the couple were raising their young son, Dean. Upon Michael's arrival, the two boys shared an immediate bond and for the first time in Michael's life, he had a family. After living in Happy Camp for only two years however, tragedy struck on the afternoon of October 22, 1989 when Dean Tanner was abducted from the family's home. Michael, outside with his brother at the time, and the only witness, oddly had no recollection of the violent crime.

20 years later, a grown Michael Tanner has mustered the courage to face his past in an effort to remember what actually happened to his brother on that fateful day. Under the provocation of his girlfriend, Anne, Michael has reluctantly agreed to have his journey documented by a professional film crew. However, what Michael, Anne and the crew uncover are dangerous secrets about Happy Camp that will change their lives forever...

HAPPY CAMP is directed by first time filmmaker Josh Anthony. The film stars Anthony, Anne Taylor, Michael Barbuto, and Teddy Gilmore and was written by Antony, Taylor, and Barbuto. It is produced by Flower Films and Hogtown Productions.

HAPPY CAMP has a running time of 74 minutes. Gravitas Ventures will release the film on VOD and across all other digital platforms on Tuesday, March 25."


Media Studies Teaser Trailer Revealed: "Currently in pre-production, Media Studies follows three students making their end of year exam piece... who get involved in all sorts of trouble.

Think Grease meets The Wicker Man... actually don't!"

To stay up-to-date with this film, visit:


The New World Horror Teaser Trailer: "The New World Horror is a full-length Wisconsin-based film shooting in the summer of 2014. A stylish take on the zombie genre, with a nostalgic feel and respect towards cinematic details, it tells the story of eight strangers who find life turned upside down when a demonic virus from hell transforms those at a local Tea Party rally into zombies.

It’s Night of the Living Dead-meets-Evil Dead as the survivors band together to fend off the approaching End Times. We are premiering our teaser trailer on our website and also launching our Indiegogo campaign that same day."

To watch the teaser trailer, and to support the film's progress, go to:


Infliction Trailer, Screening, and Release Details: "Fox Trail Productions announces the one-time only screening of the controversial film “Infliction” at the Anthology Film Archives on Saturday April 5th, 2014 at 5pm. Produced by award-winning filmmaker Jack Thomas Smith, whose feature film “Disorder” was released by Universal/Vivendi and Warner Brothers, “Infliction” is a dark and disturbing assembled footage film that documents two brothers’ murder spree in NC and the horrific truth behind their actions.

“Working on ‘Infliction’ left me troubled and haunted,” says Jack Thomas Smith, who will be attending the screening. “It left me thinking about people’s actions or lack thereof and the inevitable domino effect. We all walk our own path in life, which shapes and defines us. What happens to us today, good or bad, will affect generations to come.”

Jack Thomas Smith will host a Q&A session after the screening. Admission is $8.00 and tickets can be purchased in advance or at the door.

“Infliction” will screen in select theaters across the country in the spring and summer of 2014."

To learn more about the screenings, or the film itself, visit: or on Facebook at:


First Details on The Walkers Among Us Documentary: "With The Walking Dead franchise at the peak of it’s popularity, Documentarians Cris Macht and Ian Vacek explore and examine why humanity is obsessed with the “zombie apocalypse”.

Cris and Ian interview fans that have been there since the comic book debuted in 2003 to the living rooms of the casual fan of the TV show across America, as well as everything in between including Cosplayers, Collectors, A fan that built his own Daryl Dixon Motorcycle, A pilgrimage to the filming locations in Georgia, The Convention Circuit, Cast and Crew members, and more!

The film also explores that fans of the show are more than just crazy zombie lovers, it examines that community and friendships are formed over their love for the series as well as that fans have hope that humanity will always prevail in the worst case situations."

For more information, visit:


New Episode Details for Lee Martin's The Midnight Hour: "We've all been there: blackballed, sabotaged or ousted from a job sometime in our lives. But in April's all-new episode of "Lee Martin's The Midnight Hour," employees get more than just pink-slipped. They get murdered.

In season six's eighth episode, "Night Shaft," warehouse employee David (Kevin Hartzman) is covering the security monitors after the regular security guard is fired thanks to damaging accusations of incompetence are made by a crafty female shop worker, Nicole. Late that night, David is shacked up in the security office with girlfriend Jeanette when he happens to see Nicole being attacked by a man in a long black coat on the monitors.

David leaves, coitus interrupts, to save Nicole, but too late; her throat has been cut and the mysterious man in black is gone.

What follows is a convoluted tale of sex, mystery and murder as the case seems to be "closed" just as David realizes it is still wide open.

This episode of the cult TV series premieres Saturday, April 4 and repeats every Thursday and Saturday throughout the month."

To learn more, visit:


Season Three Details from The Dead Hour: "After a year's hiatus, the third season of the horror anthology series "The Dead Hour" has finally arrived. The show has launched it's first episode of the new season entitled "Hunted", a dark thriller about a group of eager young workers looking to climb the corporate ladder, but get sucked into a deadly game for their lives instead.

Four more episodes will follow later this year to round out the season.

"The Dead Hour" is an online indie horror anthology series. The show centers around a mysterious and sexy radio DJ who brings her audience dark and twisted stories each week. All webisodes from seasons 1 & 2 of the critically acclaimed series can be seen for free [online]."

To watch previous episodes, and to receive more information on the third season, go to:


Demon Resurrection Trailer: "Demon Resurrection is a micro-budgeted indie project, meant to emulate the look and feel of '70s exploitation/horror films, and it features all the requisite exploitation elements including plenty of sex, gore and monsters, all wrapped up in what is hopefully a fairly engrossing and satisfying story."


First Details on The Broadcast: "The Broadcast tells the story of a young man [who] races home to save his family from the 1938 alien invasion, as Orson Welles’ “War of the Worlds” has him fearing the worst.

We begin shooting in late April, and in the meantime, we're using Indiegogo to help fund the film through crowdsourcing."

For more information on The Broadcast, visit the film's Facebook page at: as well as its Twitter page at:


Dial 9 to Get Out Video Details: "A temp trying to survive - and an executive about to make a killing. A feature film packed with black comedy and a touch of horror.

A Kickstarter for my third feature film, the horror-thriller-black comedy "Dial 9 to Get Out" [has launched]. [Here's] a 2-minute animated

for the movie."

For more information, and to help with the film's progress, go to:


Summerland: A Ghost Story Soundtrack Details: "Original Soundtrack to Kenneth Gerleve's "Summerland: A Ghost Story", an art installation showing Febrauary 15th through June 15th, 2014 at the Loyola University Museum of Art (LUMA) in Chicago.

Combining elements of children’s picture books with Gothic tales, artist Kenneth Gerleve presents a thirty two-panel narrative installation. The work is a tale of a family of spiritualist mediums who live inside a house built for otherworldly communication. Similar to the work of Edward Gorey, the installation is macabre yet humorous, while acknowledging death and celebrating life. Summerland is excerpted from a larger work in progress, an experimental, serialized graphic novel, The Osiris Mechanism. The exhibition features atmospheric instrumental music written and performed by recording artist and composer Ross Crean.

Crean used his experience in film composition to follow Gerleve's story and make a soundtrack for "a film in tapestry". Focusing on stringed instruments, piano, and voice, he challenged himself to get as many different sounds from those instruments as possible by incorporating experimental techniques used in his film work. Crean's intentionally drifts away from the usual Wagnerian use of leitmotif, his thematic attachment not solely done through melody, but also by instrumentation and timbre."

To learn more about the composer, Ross Crean, go to: To purchase the soundtrack, head over to iTunes


First Details on Graphic Novel, The Rattler: "10 years have passed since Stephen Thorn’s fiancée vanished without a trace, and he has grown into a prominent, if bitter, victim’s rights crusader. Despite the cold trail and lack of leads, he stubbornly refuses to give up the search. And then…he begins to hear her voice in the strangest of places.

Pursued by his own organization and questioning his sanity, Stephen embarks on a grisly journey to save his long-lost love. As he unravels the truth of her disappearance, the body count rises and Stephen finds himself ensnared in a trap that has been set for him long ago.

The 96-page story will be presented in grayscale with red highlights and printed in a 6 by 10 inch softcover edition. In the vein of John Carpenter and Dario Argento, The Rattler is an atmospheric thriller that delivers strong characterization, a dark sense of humor and moments of abject terror."

For more information on either the film, or ways to support this project, go to:


Release Details for The Tour: "Two American tourists (Cameron & Dorff) visit the grounds of the haunted Darkmoor Manor but are unable to gain admittance. Later that day they are met by a handsome and charming local (Gordon) who tells them how he can get inside the infamous house. Upon entering the manor, they are met with untold horrors.

A new haunted house short film, called The Tour just finished filming. Alex Mathieson and Damon Rickard are directing from a script that they co-wrote together. Jessica Cameron (Mr. Hush, Camel Spiders) and Heather Dorff (What They Say, Dry Spell) star in the film along with Tom Gordon who is primarily known for stage productions in Europe including Julius Caesar and Dealer's Choice. This movie marks the third collaboration of Cameron and Dorff, the first being Intrusive Behavior, and the second being Cameron's award winning directorial debut, Truth or Dare."


From Hell's Album Release Details: "From Hell is a new horror concept heavy metal band. Their debut release on Scourge Records on April 8th, 2014 is called Ascent From Hell and it is as heavy as it is epic! From Hell is the brainchild of George Anderson aka Aleister Sinn, the live narrator of this horror story. This project began in 2007 after his previous band Down Factor with then drummer Ramon Ochoa, Brooks Rocco on guitar and Waylon Ford on bass broke-up. Interested in putting a different type of band together that was not involved in politics, George formed From Hell to tell horror stories in the vein of King Diamond. Every song is in some way linked to all of the other songs and when each album starts, they don't stop until the very end.

After several line-up changes, during the recording of the first album, George enlisted some amazing players to record with him. For this debut recording, metal icons Paul Bostaph from Slayer on drums, Steve Smyth from Nevermore on lead guitar and Damien Sisson from Death Angel on bass were recruited to make this record happen. This album is as dynamic as metal can be! Also participating in this recording is Phil Bennett of the iconic rock band Starship, playing piano on the track Dead Reckoning and a 22-piece choir, The Pacific Mozart Ensemble on four other tracks. Establishing new ground, this record has the first recorded blast beat by Paul Bostaph, orchestrated with shredding guitar solos from Steve Smyth and heavy melodic & syncopated bass by Damien Sisson.

Produced by George Anderson and Steve “Snake” Green, guitar player from Skinlab, a Century Media recording artist, this recording is a theatrical 70 minutes long with segues in between each song to give additional detail to this horror story. With songs like The Walking Dead, Soul Crusher, Nun With A Gun and Ascent From Hell.

As one can imagine, with so many legendary players in its ranks, it is hard to schedule live performances. There is a CD Release/Listening Party and signing event scheduled for early April 2014 in Oakland, California. From Hell will tour the West Coast and select East Coast markets to support the release of Ascent From Hell in the summer and fall of 2014. From Hell’s show will include a few different guest performers and members of the band who play in other bands will perform as their touring and recording schedules allow."

To learn more, visit the band’s website at: or


Maldito Amor (Damned Love) Teaser Trailer: "A group of school teenagers see their prom night gets ruined by the assassination of their teacher Marion who got brutally murdered just 2 days before the big event by a faceless maniac. This will ruin the plans of Arturo (Sebastián Badilla) who was waiting for that exact moment to declare himself to the girl of his dreams, María Elena (Trinidad de la Noi), who just suddenly started a relationship with a mysterious magician called Tatán (Nicolás Luisetti). Arturo will start a friendship with Beatriz, the most popular girl in school to get María Elena jealous, what Arturo doesn't know is that the faceless maniac has more deaths in its way between these kids school partners, and that he and Beatriz will have to begin solving the mysteries for all the wrong reasons, and in the meantime, also, try to survive from the hands of the killer.

This is a "Neo-giallo" kind of affair, with mystery, suspense, romance, and horror thrown in the way. Tomorrow we're releasing the first teaser trailer, it's very important here in Chile because the main actress is very well known here and it's her first movie.

Directors: Hermanos Badilla (Gonzalo y Sebastián Badilla). Badilla Brothers."


Spooksville's Monster Dress-Up Photo Giveaway Details: "The producers of “Spooksville,” Jane Startz Productions and Front Street Pictures, invite parents and kids (ages 13+) across the country to participate in the “Monster Dress-up Photo Giveaway.” Participants will be able to like or follow the show’s social media platforms as well as submit a monster photo using #SpooksvilleMonster. One (1) potential winner will be drawn for a chance to receive a giveaway goodie basket provided by the producers of “Spooksville,” Jane Startz Productions and Front Street Pictures.

How to Enter: Beginning at 9:00AM ET on 3/22/14 until 5:00PM ET on 4/4/14 (the "Submission Period"), participant may enter into the “Monster Dress-up Photo Giveaway.” Participant must follow all five (5) steps below to enter and are Subject to Official Rules [].


Poseidon Rex Trailer and Release Details: "A small, secluded island off the coast of Belize suddenly finds itself terrorized by a deadly predator from the planet’s distant past, when deep-sea divers accidentally awaken an ancient evil. Jackson Slate and his team of underwater cave explorers unearth much more than long-lost Mayan treasure while plumbing the depths of a world famous blue hole. They disturb a creature that’s been hibernating for over 60,000 years - a rampaging behemoth of death and destruction not only at sea but also on land.

Available in theaters and on iTunes April 18, 2014.

Directed by Mark L. Lester and written by Rafael Jordan, Poseidon Rex stars Brian Krause, Anne McDaniels, and Steven Helmkamp."


House of Forbidden Secrets Screening and Casting Details: "Cult Horror Director Todd Sheets returns to the genre with an ambitious, shocking film that is sure to please fans of Horror everywhere. An original, compelling story, full of twists and turns, House of Forbidden Secrets is sure to be a standout of the genre, bringing fresh ideas to the Haunted House formula. Featuring practical special make-up effects, not the overused computer generated effects we see in most genre films these days and an amazing musical soundtrack from Italian Maestro Fabio Frizzi, with the soundtrack CD already selling all over Europe and almost selling out in Italy. Fabio is a respected composer who has worked with major Italian Horror talent such as Lucio Fulci on films like the original classic ZOMBIE. Also, music was included from acclaimed Japanese composer Toshiyuki Hiraoka, House of Forbidden Secrets is truly one of a kind. A Horror film that will truly scare an audience, getting deep under their skins with creepy atmosphere and genuine moments of over the top Action. Original, action-packed and entertaining, House of Forbidden Secrets is a true thrill ride from start to finish!

The film stars Todd Sheets film regular Antwoine Steele in the lead, with acting support from several talented actors of film and television, such as Lew Temple (Walking Dead), George Hardy (Troll 2), Allan Keyser (Night of the Creeps), Howard Maurer and Dyanne Thorne (Ilsa - She Wolf of the SS), Ari Lehman (Friday The 13th) and Lloyd Kaufman (Troma Films). Also in support are up and coming talent such as Nicole Santorella, Paxton Tarbell, Millie Milan, Brad Westmar and Iris Runyon.

“House of Forbidden Secrets” is now touring America, with screenings set in various cities including the Hollywood Theater in Pittsburgh. The film is gaining fans everywhere it plays, getting rave reviews and winning awards."

For more information on the film, or future screenings, go to:


Z-Boat Novel Details: "Brian Kingston, a captain with good intentions but a heavy drinking problem, jumps at the opportunity to make more money than he can imagine on a deep-sea dive aboard the search and rescue submarine, The Betty Loo. He quickly discovers just what he’s gotten himself, and his crew, into. The Betty Loo will be going to suicidal depths on a mission to rescue The Peacemaker, a sub once thought to be unsinkable. After receiving an anonymous threat on the day of departure, Brian is left with no choice but to continue on the mission.

But the depths of the sea aren’t the only problems ahead. Upon arrival to The Peacemaker, he realizes that though not all the bodies are dead, there is no one to rescue. The crewmembers, both old and new, have to trust one another and fight for their lives against the adapting undead or join them in the floating graveyard that is The Peacemaker."

To learn more about the novel's author, Suzanne Robb, or how to purchase the book, visit:


Satan Reborn Novel Release Details: "Heaven and Hell protect us from what is about to be unleashed…

Lucifer has tired of the war between Heaven and Hell. In the Throne Room of the Most High, he asks if he may be forgiven and join the ranks of the Angelic once again. The Lord rejoices, forgiving the wayward Angel and bringing him back into the fold he so longed for. Realizing that the Mantle of Satan must be worn for the Lord’s plans for humanity to work, God and Lucifer must find a successor. A mortal is chosen; a man who has been behind the veil of reality and knows some of the innermost workings of the war between the saved and the damned.

Stephen Biro, author of “Hellucination” and “Dialogue with the Devil,” presents the final chapter of the most mind-bending, no-holds-barred theological Christian trilogy ever written. Be forewarned. Due to the philosophical nature of and graphic depictions of violence in these books, you may never look at life the same way again.

Unearthed Books, In conjuncture with Unearthed Films is proud to present that last in the Hellucination Trilogy, "Satan Reborn". Written by the president of Unearthed Films, Stephen Biro.

Satan Reborn is both available in two alternate covers, one limited to 200 copies, signed and numbered available only [online] and a mass market version. Satan Reborn is also available for the Kindle, iPhone, and iPad and most other book readers and phones."

For more information, go to:


Disco Exorcist and Mold VHS Release Details: "Wild Eye Releasing, one of the first genre labels to embrace the retro format, is excited to announce that two of their best-selling titles are now available on VHS as part of their ongoing partnership with neo-VHS pioneers Horror Boobs. Richard Griffin's The Disco Exorcist and Neil Meschino's Mold! have been released as limited collector's edition VHS tapes and VHS/DVD combo packs with exclusive new art.

From the makers of Murder University and Exhumed comes this blood, boob and bellbottom-soaked tribute to '70s exploitation sleaze. Rex Romanski is a 1970s disco swinger who loves and leaves the wrong woman - the wicked black magic priestess Rita Maria. And now it's up to Rex to undo the scorned Rita's rampage of revenge, murder and destruction before she claims more lives, and possesses the soul of the woman he loves.

Neil Meschino's Mold! is a gloriously gooey take on 1980s sic-fi horror classics like Street Trash and Night of the Creeps. A classified government project is underway to create a new weapon - a fast-growing strain of mold designed to wipe out cocoa fields - the only problem is, this mold also feeds on human flesh. And when the murderous mildew is mysteriously released in a secret lab, it wages its own war on a group of unsuspecting scientists and military officials, who are forced to fight their way to safety while trying to contain the mold before it is unleashed on the world."

To purchase this combo pack, go to:


Sixth Annual Friars Club Comedy Film Festival Announcement: "The Friars Club today announced that the Sixth Annual Friars Club Comedy Film Festival (FCCFF), to be held the week of April 1‐5, 2013, will open with the World Premiere of Gravy. The festival is a star‐studded celebration of the comedy genre that fosters the next generation of comedy filmmakers and offers them a platform for presenting their work, and to fill a void by paying tribute to a genre that is often overlooked.

The opening night film, in which Psych star James Roday makes his directorial debut, is an irreverent horror‐comedy that boasts a terrific ensemble of actors including Sarah Silverman, Gabourey Sidibe, Gabriel Luna, Sutton Foster, Michael Weston and Paul Rodriguez. They all become engaged in a life‐and death battle after some customers order up a special cuisine.

“We’re excited to bring back the film festival, due to popular demand,” said Eric Johnson, Executive Director of the Friars Club Comedy Film Festival. “For an opening film, we’re looking for something unique, daring and funny, with a fresh and original take on the comedy genre, and James Roday’s film hits all the marks.”

The Festival’s Centerpiece Film will be the premiere of the Howie Mandel co‐directed documentary Committed, in which Mandel follows comedian Vic Cohen for over 13 years in his quest to become a successful comedian.

The festival will close this year’s edition with the NY Premiere of Bill Plympton’s Cheatin’, the latest dazzling work from the legendary Academy‐Award nominated animator.

The Friars Club continues its commitment to comedy by nurturing new voices in entertainment through the film festival that promises five days of networking, parties, and laughter. The festival offers filmmakers the opportunity to introduce their work to leading executives, comedians, and industry professionals. The Friars Club, known widely for its roasts and "110 years of antics," has a roster of
members including the industry's top comedians and entertainers, from Frank Sinatra and Billy Crystal, to Whoopi Goldberg and Jerry Seinfeld."

For more information on the line up of films at this year’s Friars Club Comedy Film Festival, visit: or on Twitter at:

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