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2014/04/06 17:48:37 +00:00 | Tamika Jones

We're back with another edition of the Indie Spotlight, highlighting recent independent horror news sent our way. Today's feature includes a clip from Alice D, a call for submissions from the London Horror Festival, trailers for Fractured, Too Young to Die, and Ghostline, first details for Imaginapped and Grimmerson Manor, and a Q&A with Jacqui Holland:

First Clip from Alice D: "In the late 1890s the Davenport House was a famous and successful brothel, until a young prostitute named Alice killed herself there. After her death, the brothel became haunted by Alice's ghost, and was eventually abandoned.

More than a century later, the old structure is renovated into a beautiful mansion. It is still rumored to inhabit the ghost of Alice. Despite this, the new owner; the rich and arrogant heir to the Davenport fortune, decides to throw a wild party for his first night in the house."


London Horror Festival Call for Submissions: "Hidden Basement Productions, fresh from the success of their sell-out show 'What Monsters Do' at last year's festival, and ‘The Puppetry of Flesh’ in 2012, are thrilled to announce that this year they will be taking on the production and running of the London Horror Festival and that the festival is now officially open for submissions.

Now entering it's 4th year, this annual celebration of horror in the performing arts is going strong, and 2014 is promising to be bigger and better than ever! With previous programmes including a mix of theatre, radio, film, cabaret, lectures and comedy, the London Horror Festival is an exciting 3 week event promoting new and innovative work in the arts, supporting London fringe theatre and dedicated to thrilling and chilling London audiences throughout October!

Highlights from last year’s festivals include:

‘Grand Guignol – Screams of Terror’ by horror theatre masters Exeter Alternative Theatre, Hidden Basement’s ‘What Monsters Do’ – bringing the short horror stories of ‘Hellraiser’ legend Nicholas Vince to the stage, macabre sketch comedy villains Casual Violence’s sell out performance of ‘House of Nostril’ , master story teller Marty Ross’ chilling production ‘21st Century Poe: Falling for the Ushers’’ and Artwork Opera’s unsettling operatic adaptation of Henry James’ ‘The Turn of the Screw’.

Back again for 2014 will be the acclaimed Wireless Theatre Company with Stage Fright – our annual competition to find the best short horror radio play. And for the first time ever, the London Horror Festival will be hosting a short horror films competition – with winning entries screened at the festival. Submissions for both will be open soon.

The London Horror Festival 2014 is once again back at it's official home - the Etcetera Theatre, Camden and running from 13th - 31st October 2014.

Application deadline: 1st July 2014.

Keep up to date with all the latest festival news by following us on Twitter @LndnHorrorFest."

To learn more about the festival, purchase tickets, or complete an application, visit:


Fractured Trailer Released: "Fractured tells the story of Dylan White, after awaking from a coma with no idea who he is Dylan creates a safe and and normal life for himself. It doesn’t last long: horrifying visions start to interrupt his waking moments. Following clues that take him to the dark and blood-splattered underbelly of New Orleans, Dylan meets his arch nemesis Quincy (Vinnie Jones) and soon finds that both his life and soul are in danger. Fractured is a trip to the dark side, noir-style: bad men, bad dames, bad sex and bad intentions.

Adam Gierasch's noir horror thriller Fractured (formerly known as Schism) starring Callum Blue (Dead Like Me), Vinnie Jones (Lock, Stock & Two Smoking Barrels, X-Men: Last Stand) Ashlynn Yennie (The Human Centipede, The Human Centipede 2), and Nicole LaLiberte (How To Make It In America) will be released day and date in theaters and everywhere digitally on Friday April 11, 2014."


Zombie Sam: "The Zombie Sam project by now started in early 2011 by Zombie Sam guitarist/composer/arranger/soundtrack composer, Zombie decided to create something all by himself, linking his huge passion for horror and "Tim Burton" style movies, dark soundtracks and ambient sounds with his heavy and massive guitar riffs and orchestral sound. On 5 March, 2012 he released his first official EP "Zombie Sam" (via Murdered Music/Coroner Records) who's been produced completely by Alessio Neroargento and mixed and mastered by Ettore Rigotti in The Metal House studios (Disarmonia Mundi, Destrage, Blood Stain Child, Slowmotion Apocalypse and many others).

In October 2012, he decided to make a full album called "Self Conscious Insanity", a new musical genre created by the passion for soundtracks and industrial music. [It is] a strong expression of music created and arranged in various ambiences (fable, fairytale, Horror, Halloween and electronic). This Album has been produced by Alessio Neroargento in the "AExeron Media Studio" and mixed and mastered by Ettore Rigotti in The Metal House.

"Self Conscious Insanity" is available worldwide from 4th June, 2013 in digipak and digital download. U.S.A. and Canada distribution via eOne."

For more information on Zombie Sam, or how to purchase the new album, go to the Facebook page at: or on Twitter at:


New Northstar Teaser Trailer: "Northstar is set in a post-apocalyptic wilderness where a mysterious Cataclysm has wiped out most of the population in a single day. The story picks up a few years after this event, and follows a group of survivors that have managed to eke out an existence. We focus on a father in this group who has been trying to revive his daughter after she went into a coma on the same day everyone died. This girl becomes the center of intrigue when a woman appears from the woods and claims the child is important. The problem is, this strange woman has been followed by a much larger military force that represents what's left of the Government, and they are hell-bent on securing the woman and whoever learns a secret she may be holding about what caused the Cataclysm. Lines are drawn, loyalties are tested, and a conflict that will determine the fate of the country is waged in the north woods."


First Details on Short Film, Imaginapped: Stian Hafstad is a filmmaker from Norway currently working on [his] Columbia University MFA thesis film, Imaginapped. "Imaginapped is set in a world where imaginary friends are real, and every kid has a superhero or monster following them around as an extension of their personality.

When Olivia’s imaginary friend is kidnapped, she has to suck up her pride and ask the scheming boy next door for help. But in order to get her imaginary friend back, she has to learn to have faith in someone other than herself.

The project won the Off Hollywood RED Camera Package Development Award at the 2013 Columbia Film Festival."

To learn more about this short, and to support the film's progress, visit:


House of Manson Teaser Trailer: ""House of Manson" chronicles Charles Manson's life from his childhood up until his arrest following the raid on Barker Ranch months after the infamous Tate/LaBianca murders that sent a shockwave not just through Los Angeles, but through the entire world.

The film was written and directed by Brandon Slagle, who was recently deemed the "go-to-gore-guy" by the Hollywood Reporter during their coverage of the European Film Market. While not a "gory" film, "House of Manson" is poised to take a more intense approach to the subject matter than previous film and tv iterations have. The film was produced by Britt Griffith, (co-star of Syfy's Ghosthunters), who also produced Slagle's previous directorial effort, the dark creature feature "Dead Sea", set for retail release in the United States and Canada in May.

Actor Ryan Kiser (Truth or Dare), stars as Charles Manson, having previously played the role in the acclaimed short film "Lie". Rounding out the cast is Reid Warner (Oren Peli's Area 51) as Tex Watson, Chriss Anglin (Call of Duty: Black Ops) as Ronald Hughes, Devanny Pinn (The Black Dahlia Haunting) as Susan Atkins, Serena Lorien as Patricia Krenwinkel, Erin Marie Hogan (Paranormal Entity) as Linda Kasabian, Suzi Lorraine (Music and Lyrics) as Sharon Tate, Tristan Risk (American Mary) as Abigail Folger, as well as Julie Rose, Adrian Quihuis, Mel Turner (Deadliest Warrior), Jason McNeil, Ryan Cleary, Keith Kraft (Beowulf), Trish Cook (Dark Tide), Tawny Amber Young, Max Wasa, Darius Devontaye Green, and many more.

Charles Manson has been a hot topic as of late due to the recent parole of family member Bruce Davis, as well two upcoming television series - one from Rob Zombie and Bret Easton Ellis, and the other from NBC, starring David Duchovney. Additionally, this year marks the 45th Anniversary of the Tate and LaBianca murders."


Casting Update for Dead Afterlife: "Former WCW World Heavyweight Champion, Diamond Dallas Page is the latest horror movie superstar to get attached to the upcoming feature film, DEAD afterlife. This is going to reunite DDP with Bill Moseley and Michael Berryman, from Rob Zombie’s The Devil’s Rejects. DDP had played the role of a bounty hunter named Billy Ray Snapper, one half of the Unholy Two alongside Danny Trejo (Rondo) in Zombie’s movie. It’s unknown at this time what character Page will play in DEAD afterlife, but whatever it is, heads are sure to turn. DDP has made a remarkable transition from professional wrestler to movie actor, and he’s currently on fire with his fitness smash hit DDP Yoga, recently featured on ABC’s Shark Tank.

In addition to Diamond Dallas Page, there has been two other recent attachments to the movie, David Gere and Mindy Robinson. David Gere (Woodhaven Films) joins producers Michael Joy and Marie Lemelle. David has also worked with DDP on the science fiction thriller, Sensory Perception. On the acting side of things, David Gere will be playing The Funeral Director while Mindy Robinson arrives at the funeral as a guest named Peggy Lee. Together, they will surely hope to avoid the vicious zombie onslaught that is awaiting them. Mindy can also be seen on the TBS hit series, King of the Nerds.

If you’ve been asking yourself, what is all this DEAD afterlife buzz about? Well, imagine watching your own funeral as a ghost and then the unthinkable happens, your undead body climbs out of your coffin and starts killing and eating your friends and family. What would you do? What could you do? Pharmaceutical Scientist, Donald Conlee faces this conundrum after he’s murdered and is administered his own “Awake”, super drug. His death was only the beginning of his problems. The Gatekeeper has given Donald a time limit to return his Zombie self to the ground – or else his soul can never gain access into Heaven. To complicate matters, he finds out that his murderer is at the funeral and his girlfriend is in grave danger. How can a couple of disgruntle gravediggers and a hearse driver help Donald’s lost soul find the way? Or maybe the real question is how can the spirit world defeat the living dead?

Together, Director Jared Cohn (Jailbait, Buddy Hutchins) and Writer Michael Joy (Operations Manager at, bring to you a zombie / ghost mash-up the likes the horror world has never seen and a dream cast that will certainly give any genre fan nightmares. DEAD afterlife stars, Michael Berryman (Hills Have Eyes), Kane Hodder (Friday the 13th Movies), Bill Moseley (Texas Chainsaw Massacre II), Austin Idol (Wrestling Icon), Bill Oberst Jr. (Lincoln vs Zombies), Liana Mendoza (A Haunted House), Trae Ireland (13/13/13), Dave Vescio (The Divine Order), Andy Gates (Haunting on Cellblock 11), and the announced new cast attachments of Diamond Dallas Page, David Gere, and Mindy Robinson!"

For more information, visit:


First Details and Trailer for Ghostline: "Life takes a terrifying and unpredictable turn for Tyler & Chelsea when they begin to receive phone calls from a seemingly unstable woman who insists that Tyler's her ex-boyfriend.

Stars Rachel Alig, Zack Gold, Burt Culver, Mark Benjamin, Justin Little, Raquel Elizabeth Ames, Tim Clifton, Andrea Bensussen, Pia Thrasher, Tami Dickerson, and Brandon Mata.

Written and directed by Dean Whitney. Produced by Dean Whitney and Judy Whitney for Undaunted Films."


Too Young to Die: "The film itself follows the struggles of children surviving a zombie outbreak rather than adults.

We are about to go live next week on Kickstarter with an awesome zombie movie called Too Young To Die. The idea came about as being a parent myself I know my worst nightmare is to know my kids would be out there alone to tackle zombies.

You will be able to see posters, the teaser, and get to know [more] about the movie at the website."

For more information on Too Young to Die, visit: and


Flesh For The Beast: Tsukiko's Curse Trailer: "Here's the new official trailer for the six-episode Flesh For The Beast: Tsukiko's Curse. The series is coming soon!

Shooting on location in Northern New Jersey and New York City, the new series will introduce audiences to a new team of paranormal investigators whose task it is to explore the dark occult fringes of reality. The new trio consists of Maho Honda as Tsukiko, a beautiful Japanese girl and a highly sensitive psychic; Daniel Patrick Smith as Parsons, a skeptical science-based researcher with an obsession for the paranormal and Charlotte Pines as Fortune, a free spirit and new-age mystic with just enough science to keep her grounded. Each episode will feature strange, eccentric characters, eerie atmospherics and an unsettling mix of horror, gore and eroticism. The show will concoct a frightful brew of J-Horror and Reality horror thrills.

We are also excited to announce the first sneak preview of Flesh For The Beast: Tsukiko's Curse at the upcoming Chiller Theatre Convention in lovely, pastoral Parisppany, New Jersey on Friday April 25th and Saturday 26th at 10pm both days!"

For more information on this series, or the first preview, go to:


Zombie Dawn DVD Release Details: "In 2006 a mysterious incident at a remote mining facility unleashes a zombie horde with an appetite for human flesh. It decimates large portions of the cities and countryside. The only course of action is to rapidly enclose the infected areas and seal them off from the rest of the remaining, living population. Now, 15 years later the tattered remains of the government and the mining corporation responsible where the initial event took place want to find out what happened at the mining complex. The solution is to covertly send in a group of mercenaries led by a cynical but no-nonsense Colonel and investigative scientists into the quarantined zone to find answers. A mission that ultimately turns into a fight for survival.

Eagle One Media is proud to announce its award winning horror film Zombie Dawn is now available on DVD and for rent or purchase on all major digital platforms such as iTunes, Play Google, Amazon Instant, Xbox, and Sony Playstation."

To learn more, go to:


Grimmerson Manor First Details: "“Grimmerson Manor” tells the story of when guests are stranded in a remote hotel during a wind storm, they find themselves at the mercy of an unknown killer determined to murder every last soul.

Las Vegas based company Strong Image Films LLC has acquired the movie rights to Vick L. Neal’s horror thriller feature film entitled “Grimmerson Manor”. Rob Marchitti of Strong Image Films will direct the film."

For more information, and to keep up-to-date with this film, go to: and


New Poster for The Church Released: "After agreeing to sell the church to make way for a new development, the church board and the development team are met with supernatural disapproval.

New poster has been released for the nearly complete horror/thriller film The Church starring Bill Moseley (The Devils Rejects), Lisa Wilcox (A Nightmare on Elm Street), Clint Howard, Ashley C. Williams (The Human Centipede), Keith Stallworth (Step Up 3D),  former WWE star Vito Lograsso and many others! Written and Directed by Dom Frank."

To learn more about The Church, and to view the newly released poster, go to: or


Zombie Novel, Disease, Release Details: "Humanity’s war against unending hordes of zombies has been lost in M.F. Wahl’s debut novel Disease. Wahl’s novel brings us into a world where the living dead seem comparatively friendly to the demons that can live inside a survivor’s mind.

“I’ve always felt that all the good zombie stories were really about people,” says Wahl. “Horror and gore is a must for any great zombie novel, but true darkness is bedfellow to the living.”

Disease will be released in the summer of 2014. It will be available as an eBook for all major formats, as well as an audiobook."

To stay up-to-date on the book’s release, to view the book cover and author's bio, visit: or on Twitter at:


Indie Spotlight Q&A with Jacqui Holland

Thank you for taking the time to talk with us. To start things off, can you tell us how you first became involved in the film industry?

Jacqui: I first became involved in the film industry as an actress. Like many others I moved out to LA to pursue my acting career. I had double majored in Theatre and Screenwriting so I soon started writing as well and producing my own content.

Out of all the roles you've portrayed in either film or television, what has been your favorite or most enjoyable?

Jacqui: My favourite role I have played was the role of Sandra Bryce in “Dead Ringer.” Sandra is an obsessed sociopath who is pretty much bat shit crazy. This was the first time I got a chance to play a crazy person in a film. I had way too much fun with it, to the point I was almost concerned ;)

You've been in several horror films, and you co-wrote Silent But Deadly with the film's director, Jason Lockhart. What has been your experience being as a female working in the horror industry?

Jacqui: My experience working in the horror industry has actually been great. I find as an actress there are lots of great roles for actresses in horror films which is why I made a slight shift from the comedy world. I do find that in Comedy writers tend not to write funny roles for attractive females because they think that doesn’t exist, which is just silly to me. So, with Silent But Deadly Jason and I added a lot Comedy elements to our film.

What was the writing process like for you? Do you find writing easier or more difficult than acting or producing?

Jacqui: I think the two hardest parts of filmmaking is writing the script and finding the money. Writing a script can be difficult because it doesn’t happen over night. You can spend months working on a script and then scratch it because it didn’t come out the way you thought it would. When Jason and I wrote “Silent But Deadly” we actually locked ourselves inside his apartment for 4 days straight. We bought our favourite snacks and turned our phones off. Acting is definitely my favourite part of the process but it can prove difficult when the conditions are unbearable. I must admit it’s hard to give a convincing performance when you’re half naked in 46 degree weather.

What are some of your favorite horror films? What was the movie that made you want to pursue a career in the horror industry?

Jacqui: I’ve always loved horror films. Some of my favourites are “Carrie” (the original,) The Omen series, and recently “The Conjuring.” The movie that really made me want to pursue a career in horror was “Rosemary’s Baby” I loved Mia Farrow in that.

You have a new production company... How did that venture come about and can you tell our readers more about it?

Jacqui: Yes, this past September we shot a feature called “Two Faced.” I was involved with that film from start to finish and it was one of the greatest experiences of my life. I became good friends with almost everyone from that film. After we were done shooting one of the other producer’s Ken Tayloe, the first AD Ben Rotast and I all decided to combine forces and create more films like “Two Faced.” So our company specializes in horror/thriller films with gore, T & A, and an actual high concept story.

What projects do you have lined up currently and what types of projects are you looking to get into down the line?

Jacqui: At the end of April I will be shooting a Werewolf film called “Shewolves.” Then I leave for Mississippi in May to shoot a Detective Jack The Ripper film called “The Ritual” I play Detective Amanda Jenkins. My company is also looking to produce a few films this year as well, so a lot will be coming out in 2015.

Knowing what you know now after having been in the business for many years, what advice would you give to our readers who are looking to break into the horror industry?

Jacqui: My advice as an actress would be prepare to get bloody!

To learn more about Jacqui Holland, visit:

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