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Lost-SkeletonWe're back with another edition of the Indie Spotlight, highlighting recent independent horror news sent our way. Today's feature includes a new poster for L.A. Slasher, details on Headless, casting update on Welcome to Purgatory, trailers for Truth or Dare and Red Sleep, and more:

New Poster for L.A. Slasher: "Sales agency Circus Road Films has picked up Martin Owen's horror/satire feature "L.A. Slasher." Glenn Reynolds' Circus Road is handling domestic sales. The film stars Danny Trejo (“Machete”), Mischa Barton (“The O.C.”), Dave Bautista (“Riddick”), Eric Roberts (“The Dark Knight), Drake Bell (“Drake & Josh”), Brooke Hogan (“Hogan Knows Best”), Tori Black (“Not Another Celebrity Movie”) and Marisa Lauren (“Superhero Movie”), with the of voice of Andy Dick (“News Radio”) as the 'L.A. Slasher'.

Produced by Jeffrey Wright and Daniel Sollinger (“Girls Against Boys”), “L.A. Slasher” is a biting, social satire about reality TV and the glorification of people who are famous for simply being famous. It explores why it has become acceptable and even admirable for people to become influential and wealthy based on no merit or talent - purely through notoriety achieved through shameful behavior. Incensed by the tabloid culture which celebrates it, the ‘L.A. Slasher’ publicly abducts a series of reality TV stars while the media and general public in turn begin to question if society is better off without them.

Says producer Wright, “We are really quite pleased to work with Circus Road Films in bringing our film to audiences. Given the L.A. Slasher’s growing social media presence – the Twitter page alone has 75 thousand followers and is growing every day - there is clearly an interest in this subject matter, and I think audiences will love our director’s clever and visually kinetic examination of America’s cultural obsession with faux-celebrity.”

Sales agents Glen Reynolds and Sebastian Twardosz will be handling the film for Circus Road Films."

To learn more about L.A. Slasher, go to the film's Facebook page at: or check out the film on Twitter at:



Welcome to Purgatory Casting Details: "Cupsogue Pictures is pleased to announce that actress Jillian Murray has been confirmed as one of the lead roles as the character of ‘Danni’ in its upcoming action/fantasy motion picture ‘Welcome to Purgatory’.

Murray, who is best known for her roles in ‘Wild Things: Foursome’ (2010); ‘Never Back Down 2’ (2011); ‘The Graves’ (2009) and ‘Bad Ass’ (2012) opposite Danny Trejo, will star as ‘Danni’, a young woman who suffers an untimely death after an accident and arrives in an afterlife in the midst of war. Murray will star alongside a cast that currently includes Nathan Jones (‘Troy’, ‘Mad Max: Fury Road’), Jack O’Halloran (‘Superman’, ‘King Kong’), Tory Kittles (‘Olympus Has Fallen’, ‘Next’) and Stephen Marcus (‘Lock, Stock and Two Smoking Barrels’, ‘Quills’), and will be executive-produced by horror-legend Scott Spiegel, and directed by British director Gene Fallaize.

‘Welcome to Purgatory’ follows three new arrivals – Willis, Taylor and Danni - as they navigate this fresh vision of the Afterlife, helped along the way by trusty Guardian Paul. They find the afterlife in ruins amidst a growing war between Good and Evil. All the rules of the Afterlife have been broken, and they must find a way to make things right, before Heaven is ruined for the rest of time.

Scott Spiegel, Tony Cook and Victoria Fallaize will be producing the picture for Cupsogue Pictures, which was written by Tony Cook, Gene Fallaize & Marcus Ako, and Gene Fallaize will be directing.

Filming is due to commence on ‘Welcome to Purgatory’ at the end of 2014 at Pinewood Studios, England, ahead of a theatrical release in 2015."

For more information on this film, visit:


New Truth or Dare Trailer Released: "Six college kids find Internet stardom when they make “Truth or Dare” videos with violent twists. It’s all fun and games until their number one fan decides he wants to play…"


Headless Gameplay and Release Details: "Independent games developer and publisher ‘Double Smith’ is proud to announce the worldwide release and availability of Headless! to the Google Play™ and iOS® digital app stores! Available today as a FREE download sponsored entirely by in-game advertising, this hilarious endless runner is ready for action with its bloody gore-geous artwork, shocking comedic gameplay, and buckets full of blood!

In Headless! - Players are challenged to see how far they can survive by tapping to fly and tilting to accelerate for extra bonuses. Along the way, bags of blood can be collected to survive and it is critical to keep a cool head while dodging deadly obstacles such as blades, saws, and other life-threatening objects. Featuring plenty of unlockable upgrades and some really cool power-ups, how far can you run!?! Cool graphics, intuitive controls, and online leaderboards is part of the fun.

The FREE version of Headless! is available for download.

A special version exclusively for the Apple iPad will be released soon!"

To purchase this game, head over to iTunes or Google Play.


First Details and Poster from The Lost Skeleton Walks Among Us: "Where The Lost Skeleton of Cadavra was set in a rural area and The Lost Skeleton Returns Again the jungle, The Lost Skeleton Walks Among Us is firmly in suburbia. Yes, everyone's favorite all-powerful skull could be living right next to you. We find rock scientist Dr. Paul Armstrong and his wife Betty leading the quiet life in the suburbs alongside next door neighbors Kro-Bar and Lattis who have decided to live on earth under the names Hildon and Clackie Pottadew.

Meanwhile obsessed renegade East Neulmanian scientist Dr. Neesha Krome has bought the fragments of the Lost Skeleton's crushed skull and managed to piece them back together (sort of) using a highly sophisticated method of tape, bandaids and elmer's glue. The Lost Skeleton forms an alliance with her to take over the world, once his full powers are restored. But for that they need atmosphereum and Neesha quickly detects a source for the powerful element in the peaceful Blendview neighborhood.

They move in right next to Paul and Betty and to fit in undetected, Neesha places her skull partner inside an automaton that happens to look exactly like deceased government agent Reet Pappin, a resemblance most confusing to the Armstrongs. After the strange new couple (going by the names Charko and Nettie Panamalanman) ingratiate themselves Betty takes it upon herself to find the awkward Charko/Lost Skeleton/Reetomaton a job, though he seems qualified for very little. At the same time, Animala, sensing a disturbance with her keen animal senses, makes her way from the Amazon. Jungle Brad, now City Brad, shows up in his new job as plainclothes policeman. Seems he's investigating a series of Radiation Murders that have taken place in Blendview, somehow unbeknownst to Paul.

Sure enough, we are soon witness to the nocturnal prowlings of a mysterious monster that leaves traces of radiation at the scene of each crime. Atmosphereum, Jerranium 90, a powerful criminal organization, a stalking creature, the return of General Scottmanson, the president of the United States, uncomfortably awkward neighbors--all things come to a boil, leading to a fever pitch of stark raving terror and a duel of giant monsters that rains destruction upon the once peaceful Blendview, promising the world will never be the same. But rather, different.

Written and directed by Larry Blamire. Executive Producer: Mark Allen Stuart. Producer: Michael Schlesinger. Monsters: Cleve Hall.

Cast in order of Appearance: Betty: Fay Masterson. Neesha Krome: Alison Martin. Paul: Larry Blamire. Kro-Bar: Andrew Parks. Lattis: Susan McConnell. Garmy Kurston Mupf: Michael McKean. Tremmer Boiland: Fred Willard. Handscomb Draile: Robert Deveau. The Reetomaton: Frank Dietz. City Brad: Dan Conroy. Sgt. Joe Fleming: Brian Howe. General Scottmanson: H.M. Wynant. President Trafton: Monte Markham."

For more information, go to:



Valley of the Sasquatch Casting Details: "After losing their home following a devastating loss, a father and son are forced to move to an old family cabin. Neither reacts well to being thrown into this new world. The son's attempts to relate to his father are complicated when two old friends arrive for a weekend of hunting. This trip into the forest will unearth not only buried feelings of guilt and betrayal, but also a tribe of Sasquatch that are determined to protect their land.

The new horror film Valley of the Sasquatch is gearing up for production this month in Washington State. The film recently added some new faces to the cast that will be familiar to fans of 2012’s Gut.

Jason Vail played the lead role of Tom in Gut, a psychological horror film which met great success on the festival circuit before coming to home video last fall. In Valley of the Sasquatch, Vail will play the role of grieving father Roger Crew. Joining Vail on the film will be his Gut co-star Miles Joris-Peyrafitte, who will be portraying Roger’s son Michael.

Vail and Joris-Peyrafitte join a cast that includes David Saucedo (Paranormal Activity: The Marked Ones), Bill Oberst Jr. (Resolution), and D'Angelo Midili (The Invoking).

Valley of the Sasquatch is a co-production between The October People and Votiv Films."

To learn more, visit the film's Facebook page at: or on Twitter at:


White Pig Teaser Trailer Released: "A killer shakes up a whole country going on a bigoted racist mass murder spree. Who is he?

Only one woman knows the White Pig. They are about to meet..."


Zombie Translator Details: Created by Jachin Rupe, the zombie translator uses "Top zombie linguists are working around the clock, unlocking the secrets of the exciting and profound zombie language.

New linguistic knowledge is programmed into the zombie translation algorithms as it is discovered."

To find out more, go to:


Malignant Soundtrack Release Details: "The Malignant soundtrack album has just been released. It features the film's dark, minimalistic score, the songs from the bar scenes, and never-before-heard bonus tracks created for Malignant by composer Mark Lee Fletcher.

You can find it on all other major online music stores, including XBox Music, Google Play and Vudu.

Then check out the music in the movie Malignant. Available in North America on all major cable and digital VOD platforms as well as iTunes, Google Play, YouTube, PlayStation, VUDU, Amazon Video and Xbox."

To learn more about this soundtrack, head over to iTunes.


First Trailer for Red Sleep: "An escaped prison inmate makes a deal with a U.S. military drug experiment in exchange for his freedom. After taking on a new identity in Los Angeles, the side effects from the drug and his past catch up with him.

Written and Directed by Andre Welsh. Starring: Chioke Jelani Clanton (Cuff Me if You Can), Ron Kaell (Trauma), Jessica Sonneborn (House Across the Street), and Don Stark (That 70's Show).

Also Starring: Jessica Roth, Ahku, Mitch Costanza, Jenny Pellicer, Leanne Wilson, Tobias Mehler, Phillip Jeanmarie, Aaron Massey, Ryan McCann, Jo-Anne Krupa, Michael Coons, Kyle Koromaldi, and Sholonda Shaw."


Sanctuary: Quite a Conundrum DVD and VOD Release Details: "What starts as a typical pool party soon turns violent when neighbor Mark (John Lucas) shows up unannounced – completely naked and brandishing a gun. Forcing Mimi to admit to their failed tryst, Mark turns the gun on himself and falls dead into the pool. From that flash point starts a nightmarish odyssey for everyone involved. Soon, secrets will be divulged, alliances will shift and friendships will be tested. As the evening wears on, it becomes apparent that someone within their group might have tasted blood before.

Sanctuary: Quite a Conundrum, the indie film that took the festival circuit by storm, garnering both critical and audience acclaim, comes home when Midnight Releasing, the leading purveyor in home entertainment horror, releases the thriller August 26th on DVD, VOD and digital download. With a fresh, hot young cast and a story that defies description (we’ll try, though), the winner of numerous festival honors will be available throughout North America via multiple platforms. DVD availability is set to include Walmart and most other retail and rental chains. On the digital side, the film will be available on all major and minor cable VOD channels as well as major internet platforms including iTunes, Amazon Instant, Vudu, Google Play, Xbox Video, Sony Entertainment Network, and others. DVD pre-book on July 15th.

The directorial debut of Thomas L. Phillips, who also wrote, edited and produced the film, Sanctuary: Quite a Conundrum paints an unforgettable and truly bizarre picture of suburbia – with a brush dipped in blood! BFFs Mimi (Sasha Ramos) and Tabitha (Erin Nicole Cline) are holding a party at Mimi’s house while her father is away on business. Inviting boyfriends Dutch (Joe Coffey) and Sean (Chris Greene), Mimi even allows her younger sister Kylene (Emily Rogers) to invite her boyfriend Harris (Anthony Rutowicz)."


Watch Meat Cycle: "The strangest fairy tale ever told, a man's attempt to charm his wife with meat puppets goes horribly wrong.

My latest short film Meat Cycle just screened at The Boston Underground Film Festival and The Montreal Underground Film Festival (during both of their respective “midnight movie” blocks) but more deliciously (it’s a juicy cut, after all) it’s just been released to the public, come what may."

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